Chapter 24 – A Walking Battery
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Shin was confused the whole time they were talking. Every time Jon spoke about machine this, and machine that, he gets even more confused. The only thing that Shin understood was that Jon is now an ENHANCED Human, which is a hard thing to believe. He asked again to make sure. "Let's try this again... The machine that you built malfunctioned and instead gave you powers?" 

"I know it sounds like it came from a comic, but it's true!" Jon pushed the fact. "You can actually see in my Student Profile that I wasn't registered as an EVO Citizen." 

Shin now finally realized that Jon was serious. He even knew that there were two students who got the Top 1 Scholarship that weren't an EVO, and one of those two is named Jon Storm. Accomplishing a feat like that is almost close to impossible. 

"Alright, you win. It's just crazy to think that I actually know an ENHANCED person." Shin said. 

An ENHANCED Human and an EVOLVED Human are like two sides of a coin. Although they have similarities, they are also totally different. An ENHANCED is a person who's not born with supernatural abilities, and instead acquired it after they were born. It can either be the result of Expriments, Cybernautics or even Pills that promised powers in return. They are the opposite of the natural born EVO.

Hell, Jon doesn't even know if he's actually an ENHANCED. All he know is that ever since he was young, he almost believed that he'a just a normal kid.

Shin finally snapped from his amazement and continued to ask. "It could be like a Dormant powers right? You just never noticed that it's there and---" 

"No it's not." Jon interrupted. "I also went to Elementary." 

Shin realized what Jon was talking about and finally believed him. At the last year of their Elementary year, they were given a test, each of them of whether they are an EVO or not. The reason the Government does this late is the fact that there were EVO that lies dormant. But it was observed that they couldn't pass the age of 12. In short, If you're an EVO, your powers should appear before you reach the age of 12. 

Jon saw that Shin finally gave up and believed him. "Yeah, I was even branded as Nullified." 

Shin almost choked on his breath. "Damn. Sorry." 

Onced a citizen is classified as Nullified, it means that their body is immune to any sort of Evolution and so does their entire generation. If someday, Jon would have a child, the child would only have a 5% chance of turning into an EVO. And in a society where people are dependent on their abilities, that would give the child a hard time. Jon was different, he was gifted with intelligence since he was young, that's why he made it this far. What if his child didn't have the same gift? If the child could live a normal life, then Jon would be contented.

"Sure, I can help you. But why though? Don't tell me you're gonna say that it's fate that you were given these powers and somehow, you'll turn to a superhero?" Shin said. 

Jon was left speechless. Yes he adored superheroes, he grew up living in a society full of heroes, but he never wanted to be one. 

"I had this crazy dream, where I was on school..." Jon was gonna continue but he hesitated and swallowed back his words. 

"What dream? What did you see?" Shin asked.

"... Nothing. Absolutely Nothing." Jon looked down, every time he remembers that dream, it's like a thousand needles piercing his heart. "As far as I could tell, I was the only person alive. Everything was... destroyed." 

"Jon it's just a dream." Shin comforted. 

"No! You don't understand. It felt so real. It's almost like I could touch it." Jon said. 

Shin saw that Jon was starting to shake, from his feet to his hands that was cupped together. 

"I'll do it. If that will calm you down. But we still need a place to do it. If your abilities is as destructive as you say they are, then we need a really durable place." Shin said. 

"Thank you, and don't worry, I'll handle the place. Just be there after club." Jon then left and was heading for his dorm. 

Now that Jon found a person that can teach him how to control his powers, the only problem is that his powers seem to gone off recently. He couldn't mustered any kind of electricity from his body. That's why he confirmed it again by electrocuting himself, using the fork to stick it to one of the outlets. The same result happened, he wasn't electrocuted at all. 

'Does it work like some kind of recharge or something?' Jon thought. There are still a bunch of unanswered questions regarding to his powers. If he wanted to have a better control to it, he needed to understand first how it works. 

TING! A pop up noise was heard from his iChip, but this time it was blinking none stop. He clicked the button of his iChip, and the window appeared. At the center was a telephone icon, and under it was a name. 

"Clark, you got my message." Jon is friends with Clark, who's the Top 1 Scholar of the Hero Department. As for the place he was looking for, Clark is one of the people who could provide him with that. 

"Yeah, about that place you mentioned, It'll only be free by 5 PM. No one will be using at that time, so you're free to go." Clark said. 

"Alright, I'll see you there." Jon then turned off his iChip. 

After that, Jon then focused on the space between his thumb and index finger. When a little electricity appeared that connected both of his fingers. Looks like his thought was right, his powers need to recharge! Then it finally makes sense! The reason why the machine that has the same power as a nuke didn't explode was because he used that energy as a battery. Somehow, that energy fuels his electricity powers. And if his theory is correct, he is the "Vigilante" that Pierce and Henry was talking about, because the day when he faced Magnum, he was still full of energy, but the day after that it disappeared, he is the one who drove Magnum away. The very same guy who created a crater on that wall. 

Jon was supposed to be surpised, he has the power that can match Magnum's. But shockingly, he felt afraid instead. He realized that the unlimited energy that powers him, the very same unlimited energy that has the potential to destroy the whole University, Magnum took it like it was nothing. If so, then what can kill this guy? 

In the span of an hour and a half, Jon already figured out a bit of how his powers work. He's like a walking Rechargable Battery and he hated when he thinks himself of that, but it's true. He charged himself using his altered version of a jumper cable, which was connected to the power outlet. The block around his house was giving out a faint light. 

After 2 hours and a half for clubs, the day is finally over for the students. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the University holds an Optional Class, every students can choose whether to attend or not, it won't affect their grades. But most students would prefer to attend for extra knowledge that they'll learn. 

Today's topic is all about the school, It's history, and such. A lot of students are actually anticipating these kinds of class, the University is afterall like a tourist spot for the many. 

"Look he's here." Clark said followed by a wave. 

Jon immediately noticed something was wrong, it was supposed to be only Clark and Shin, so how did Max ended up here... 

Shin caught the What's-he-doing-here look by Jon and he answered. "He, uh, actually wants to help." followed by a shrugged. 

Max noticed Jon's look and said. "Look I can help alright. I'm a varsity of the basketba---" 

"We should hurry up, the class won't be that entertaining. Some of them would leave early and come back." Clark interrupted. 

"You really rented out the entire Dome..." Shin gasped. 

The entire Dome was really huge. Last time it was used was for the class of the initiation of the new students from Hero Department earlier this day. It still has a leftover debris from their powers. The environment was different from the Homecoming Day, it's a bit of a mountainous side with a small pond at the side. It was no longer surrounded by water. 

"Woaah! This is so cool! Look! that's where I was seated last time!" Max pointed his index at the farthest seat at the back.

Shin just rolled his eyes and said. "Clark's right. We should get started." He then took out his school out jacket, leaving only a white polo shirt. He removed his black tie and dropped it on the ground with his things. 

With a smug look from Shin, he said. "You can still back out, Jon." 

"Wait, this is still practice right?" Jon replied.

Shin's left eye glowed as Jon said that. Like a small candle fire. It wasn't just his left eye, his left hand also glowed like flame. And it started to move, it was starting to form, it got longer, sharper and then it turned into a sword. A Katana specifically. 

"It's like a glow stick looking katana." Max said.