Chapter 25 – A Pitiful Spar
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If Jon didn't knew that they were practicing, he would have probably peed on his pants when he saw how aggressive Shin was. He even began to wonder if he did something wrong to him. 

BAM! A small crack opened at the ground. Pierced to it was a glow stick looking katana. It wasn't a detailed katana, with rust or anything. It was a pure yellow energy that keeps telling you to stay away from it. 

Jon saw that the katana was stuck to the ground, and that's when he dashed forward, with his fist raised aiming to Shin's face. Then it connected! Though he didn't feel something like a face would, instead it was something hard like a metal pole. Although it was a direct hit from a solid object, Jon didn't feel a thing physically but when he saw how flawless Shin got away from that, he got hurt... emotionally.

Shin got away using his ability, which he shifted the katana that was stuck at the ground and turned it into a metal pole that stretches and pushes himself far enough to get away from Jon. Like Pole Vaulting away. 

Shin has the ability that he calls "Multi Tool". Basically whenever he activates Multi Tool, it transforms into whatever that he imagines. But there is a catch though, he needs to have a precise knowledge of the object; such as how hard it is, how long it's gonna be, and how sharper will it turn out. Jon was even more amazed that he's actually doing this while at the middle of the fight. So whenever he's fighting, he's always thinking and that's like two minds thinking at once; one to observe your opponent, and the other is thinking about the details of how your objects gonna turn out.

When Shin saw that Jon was caught off guard and was still standing there close at the pole, he stopped stretching the pole and grabbed it with his right hand and raising it upward. 

PAAK! Followed by an "ARRRGH!" by Jon. It was a direct hit from the chin but Jon was only stumbling back for a few seconds.

"Oof!" Max groaned with a painful expression. Like he was the one who got hit. 

Clark shook his head and turned his back. "I can't watch this. I gotta go." and then he teleported to who knows where.

"Come on Jon, there's a bunch of ways we can test your powers. It doesn't necessarily have to be a fight." Shin shouted from a distance. 

Jon didn't reply but instead he spat on the ground and ran to Shin's direction. 

"Wohoo!" Max shouted 

Shin just rolled his eyes and sighed. He kneeled forward while his left hand was wide open at the ground. It started to glow in bright yellow and WOOOSH! 

Jon stopped on his tracks. He stared above where he saw Shin with his arms raised to the sky. 'Looks like he used the poles to push himself to the sky again.' 

Shin dissolves the pole and with his arms raised to the sky, he slowly brought it back down together. And as he does, his ability shifted to a massive hammer, about the size of a small house, was coming down towards Jon. Naturally, Shin shouldn't be able to carry something that big, but because he shifted his ability to a big hammer as his hands go down, the momentum carried it off. 

BOOOOOOOM! The whole Dome shook. It was like a mini earthquake inside. The Dome was built for this, so naturally, nothing will be destroyed and it was built so that all that's gonna happen inside will not be able to get out, and vice versa. So the mini earthquake stays inside the Dome. 

At the underground facility just below of the Dome, there were a few students showering. They were actually Seniors from the Hero Department. 

"What the...?" said one Senior.

"It's probably the younger Stanford. He said he's gonna borrow the Dome to train. Apparently he asked a few friends to help him." 

"Caine's brother? I didn't know Stanford were the Booster Types..." 

"They're not. As far as I know, they're the Specialis Types." A familiar voice came in and joined the conversation. He was still dripping wet after coming out from the shower.

"Diego? Where you going?" 

"I'm gonna check Number 1's little brother." Diego said after putting on his casual clothes.

The whole arena was filled with smoke. At the middle of it was a crater, shaped by the impact of the hammer that Shin created. It was slowly fading out and two silhouettes appeared at the center of the crater. 

Max jumped down from the bleachers and saw Jon sitting there gloomily while Shin was standing close to him. 

"What happened?" Max asked.

"Yeah, what happened Jon? The first time we met, you were so fast to avoid any of my attacks." Shin said.

"You were not using your powers." Jon replied.

"Your reaction speed was also top notch. Remember when Magnum threw that axe to me? You clearly saw it coming and reacted that fast." Shin continued.

"Did you really survive out there against Magnum?" Max interfered.

"Not helping." Both of them yelled. With what Max has said, he thought about what happened with Magnum. He remembered when he dodged Magnum's attacks easily while buying some time for the police to arrive. But now, he barely dodged that humongous hammer that was even slower than Magnum's attack. Jon was left contemplating.

"Against who?" They suddenly jumped up in surprised when they heard a voice near the Exit of the Dome. His face was covered by the darkness. 

Jon quickly stood up and reasoned. "Yeah against Magnum. It's... you know from this new VR game... Glory Days? It's uh... a superhero game, we played it last night, right? Basically you play as a hero and fight bad guys---" 

"Yeah I've heard of it. My sister works for the company." the man interrupted.

Jon cursed. Out of thousands of people here, why did the brother of the someone from the company has to be the one who figured out their secret. "Oh! So you do know---"

"Yeah, yeah. My sister also told me that it hasn't came out, yet. And they're trying to hide it until the E7 presentation. So how'd you know? Unless you're a beta tester..." the man said.

"I am! I am... But they're not. And uh, I-- We---" Jon was starting to panic. Henry clearly didn't want anybody to know about what happened. Jon done a lot of things that would cost him the trust of the Director, if he fails again, he didn't dare think of what's gonna happen next. 

"Alright, enough with the bullshit. Start talking." the man stepped forward and walked towards them. His face was now visible to others.

"You're Diego Rivera! Top 3 overall of the Hero Department." Shin said.

Max was even more surprised that his mouth was hanging open. No words came out from that mouth.

An idea sprung on Jon's mind. "You're Nina's brother? I never knew she had one."  Jon said his thought outloud. 

Diego stopped on his way for a second before proceeding again. Although Jon got the correct name of her sister, that doesn't mean he's really a beta tester. 

"You really rehearsed all of that?" Diego said. 

"What? No! Look this sunday, your sister asked me again to test the game. If you don't believe me, we can go together." Jon said.

It seemed to work though since Diego finally stopped on his tracks. He hesitated and contemplated for a few moments. "No, no need." Then he turned back with his head down as he went for the exit. 

After Diego was finally out of sight, Jon and Shin finally sighed. They glared at Max, who raised his hands like he's surrendering. 

"That was close! Damn, Nina really did help ne this time." Jon said. 

"How?" both of them asked.

"Nina kept talking about how she's living alone. About how her family is all ruined because of their father, and about how her relationship with her brother also died with their mom." Jon sighed. He felt like a bad person, using information from others to benefit himself. "Nina also said that with hundreds of messages that she sent, she received none back." 


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