Chapter 26 – Battle Simulation 101
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Night shoned the whole campus. After 6 PM, they were kicked out of the dome, but Jon was still discontented of his progress today. But he already knew the problem, that he didn't feel as powerful as before. It's because of the fact that almost all of his energy ran out on his fight against Magnum. For some reason, Magnum could still tolerate that much power from Jon, which makes Jon understand how much of a threat Magnum is. 

Jon bid goodbye to both of them. When Diego confronted them back there, they didn't dare to resume training, Jon already saw the problem and he needs more power. 

While on his way to his Dorm, he was left pondering of how he's gonna improve the energy output. Taking energy from electrical outlets won't be enough to face Magnum. He needs more power for stronger attacks. Then he felt cornered, he still had a trump card... The Machine, the unlimited energy that he tried to make at the Homecoming. That was actually enough to drove Magnum away. But he couldn' do it. Not with the constant eyes that the Director had on him. He needed help... and there's only one other student, aside from him who can make The Machine with the help of his blueprints, of course. 

Jon's whole body shook, he couldn't help but cringed. "I can't believe I'm thinking of her. Yuck!" 

TING! Jon received a message from Freddy Goodman. He looked at it and saw a 3D Hologram of the Echo Locator. Fred clearly knows that Jon is their only chance of pulling this machine into action. Jon doesn't have a problem doing it, but it may take some time. Understanding an unknown machine, and trying to complete a device that others said would be impossible... Well, Jon also did made an impossible machine so he already has the confidence.

He studied the machine and found out its uses. Jon was impressed, this kind of Machine would prove useful on military, especially on spying. Echo Locator has the ability to detect movements from its radius, any sign of unfamiliar movements would raise an alarm. A Perfect detection defense. The great thing about this is that it registers an ally's footsteps and keep it to his memory. So any impersonators would be caught immediately. 

After some time, he finally found what's wrong with the machine. The reflection, an echo only works when the sound waves are reflected back. So no reflection, no...

That's it! 

He figured it out now! 

Jon immediately stood up. He began clearing the living room, making it spacious than before. Then he knelt on the floor and raised his index finger. 

'I should still have a little bit of...'

TZZZCHT! A faint electricty noise came out from his index finger. He closed his eyes then began moving down his finger with a soft tap on the floor. It created ripple on the floor that he could only see in which he saw the whole living room, barely. 

'It works! It still wasn't like the way before but It works!' Jon cheered. 

He grabbed his jumper cable from his room and began electrocuting himself, grabbing as much energy as he could. 

The reason why Jon was successful this time was that, the echo was meant to be a message. Jon was supposed to be the sender and the receiver. The problem last time he tried was that he only sent the 'message' but he didn't received the 'message', meaning for the echo to work, it needs to reflect back. 

Jon tried again, he closed his eyes and with his finger running with electricity greater than before, he tapped on the floor again. 

Jon couldn't help but smile. He received the echo completely and with his eyes closed, he could clearly see the whole living room. Even certain areas like under the couch and under the table. But It still looks dark, he couldn't see beyond the living room. On his mind, it looks like a candle at the middle of the dark room, it only illuminated its surrounding but not the whole room entirely. And for that, he needs a bigger candle, a bigger and stronger energy source. 

There's two ways for him to acquire a stronger energy; first was to use the power from the school, and doing that would take almost a year just to get to the same power level as he did before, and the last one would be to create another Machine.

Jon just discarded of the idea from now and went to continue practicing his newfound ability. Tomorrow would be the ideal time to practice this ability, since tomorrow will be his first Basics of Martial Arts class.

He spent the entire night practicing. Ever since Jon was young, whenever something caught his attention, for example a new game was released, in just a few hours or even minutes he would get better at it. He always consider that his EVO powers, even though it wasn't. He kepy thinking of himself that he was special, that he was different, and now he is.

Before he went to the bed, he modified the jumper cables again to continue releasing power to his body while he was sleeping. So that when tomorrow comes, he would be prepared.

Tuesday, the day is specially different from Monday. There's no Weekly Assembly so all students were headed straight to their classes. Jon wasn't looking forward to it though since he knew Aubrey was gonna be there. Analysis of Algorithms was all about the softwares of machines, their codes and their purposes. Jon already knew this kinds of basic stuff, so instead he pretended to listen and kept practicing his Echo Ability. Then an idea sprung to his head, he smiled viciously like he's plotting to ruin someone's day. He decided to keep his mouth shut for the whole class. The students who also went to the Advanced Robotics were shocked that Jon was quite today. He was after all the one who started their little debate against Aubrey. 

Aubrey in particular was the one who was surprised the most. She knew that Jon was also on this class. And knowing that, an argument would be inevitable. That's why she prepared last night on how to counter Jon's points. Seeing how quite Jon was today, she felt a little bit disappointed.

Jon and Shin went to the Commercial Area together, in where they ate their lunch. They discussed about Jon's new ability and was quickly interfered by Max, who also joined the conversation. Since yesterday, Max was adamant on helping Jon control his powers. He also has some insight of how and when to attack opponents. Shin questioned Max on where he learnt that, in which Max only replied. "If you're the son of the Head of the Security Division that handles super villians, you might learn a thing or two."

"Anyway, what's your next class?" Jon asked to both of them.

"Business Management" Shin replied.

Both of them were surprised. Never knew that Shin would be the office type. 

Max recovered from shock and said. "I'm up for Basics of Martial Arts." 

"No way, I'm also going." Jon said.

It was Shin's turn to be surprised. For someone at the Robotics Department practice Martial arts...

Shin also recovered and said. "It's nothing to get surprised about. Almost everyone would enroll at that class. Most of them were forced by their parents to atleast protect themselves to the dangers of this crime rising city. But I never would have thought you would enroll there." 

"Right, crimes are rising at alarming rate these past few years. And for that to happen in the city that one of the Original 5 stood... " Jon said gloomily.

"Well, Eternity City is one of the largest city out there." Shin said. "There's alot of opportunities that a criminal can do here." 

"This wouldn't have happen if the city actually have proper heroes." Jon said.

RINGGGGGGGG! The bell rang. The lunch was over and the students had only 45 minutes left to prepare for the next class. Jon used this opportunity to recharge one more time to his house and also change to his Physical Attire.

The second bell resounded all over the campus. All students were rushing to their classes including Jon. He arrived 5 minutes late but he was surprised the Instructor wasn't here yet. The Class was held at the gym due to its great amount of students. If Jon would guess, the amount would probably reached over 500 students attending the class, and that means multiple intructors. 

There were some familiar faces here and there but none of them were someone from the Hero Departments. They have their own martial arts classes specifically built for future purposes. 

A noise disturbed the chattering of the gym. It was a sound that came off from a tapped microphone. Standing at the stage were dozens of instructors wearing their physical attire. There were some wearing whistle hanging around their neck, clipboards on some Instructors, but the most noticable ones would be the flags that few were holding. 

The Instructor tapped on the microphone again since once wasn't enough to fully shut up all the students on the gym. This time the intructor finally caught their attention. He leaned forward and closer to the Mic and said. "Due to the amount of students taking the glass, we decided we will adjust the lessons for a bit. We will start dividing you into factions. In where we will put you in a Nullified Environment and your goal is to catch the opponents flag. Since it's a Nullified Environment, EVOs can't use their abilities and can only rely on your wits and raw power." 

The voice resounded the whole gymnasium. As the moment the Instructor finished his speech, the whole crowd started hissing, whispering and even shouting. They came here to learn how to defend and now they're sending us to a war-like game. Some of them doesn't even know how to throw a proper punch. 

The Instructors didn't mind. They even laughed at how naive this students are. Someone finally stepped forward to stop the shouting. He was wearing a baseball cap and was carrying one of the flag. The other Instructors didn't bother to stop him, no, they were anticipating what's gonna happen next. The Instructors began covering their ears, and their eyes were a give away that something was about to happen. 

PAAAAAAAAANG! The baseball cap Instructor opened his mouth and came out a defeaning noise. Loud enough for the students to actually cover their ears with their hands. The students standing near the stage was even pushed back a few feet because of the sound.

"You guys are adorable. I bet you didn't expect this, huh? Straight to a battlefield, instead of learning the basics first. That's how it is out there." he pointed outside. "Things will not always go what you expect. That's why you should be ready and prepared for anything." 

When he saw that the crowd finally shutted up, he grinned and said. "This is not Basics of Martial Arts anymore..." He paused. "Welcome to Battle Simulation 101."