Chapter 27 – The Eternatius Camp
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The whole gymnasium was filled with different kinds of noises; some were complaining and some were utterly shocked that their mouths were hanging open, but surprisingly there were students who were actually glad. Their faces filled with excitement and anticipation of what's gonna happen next. These students were mostly from the Military Department. Since the Hero Department aren't here, they could finally show what they are capable of. 

After a while, the students just gave in. They had no choice. Even if they complain, it's too late to change classes now. The University would never let them. 

The Instructors were the one who led the whole thing. They were sent by groups on buses. The Director and some professors were there, just waiting for the students to get on the bus. Jon and Max devided to go to the same bus, and while they were heading to the bus, Jon caught a glimpse of the Director. Jon already knew what he's thinking. The Instructor told them that they'll be sent to the Nullified Environment, and his powers unnaturally works on these kinds of environments. 

In fact, the Director would want to pull Jon out of the Class, but that would raise suspicions on other students. 

On each bus, there were atleast one instructor. Brought together with them were piles of boxes. After confirming that the students were all seated, the bus driver went to his way, followed by the rest of the buses. 

The Instructor stood infront of them, there were still signs of scared and anxious on their faces. As for Jon, yes he was scared, but not because of the class, but because of people might know his secret. 

'Hmmm, If I could actually pull off this class without revealing my ability, the Director's trust would atleast increase.' Jon thought to himself. 

The Instructor began clearing his throat and said. "Alright, in 30 minutes the class will officially start. I'll explain the rules from here on out so listen carefully." 

The students snapped from their thoughts and paid attention.

"For starters there are 515 students enrolled on this class. That's why too much compared to last year, with only 167 students." The instructor paused and stared at the students. "But, out of those 167 students, only 24 were the ones who managed to learn anything. They disregarded it. They thought, why would we even bother learning this stuff if there were heroes out there protecting us. That's where they're wrong... and I think you know what I'm talking about." 

The whole bus was quiet. They know how much the Eternity City has changed. This year's crime percentage spiked up to 60%. With the appearance of these criminals, the city has never been the same. 

The Instructor continued. "So that's why we decided to change our way. And we thought that the best way for students to cope of what's out there is experience. Realizing what happens out there. Knowing the consequences of your actions, and taking responsibility of it." 

The Instructor saw that no one spoke, he finally got into the point and said. "All of you will be placed in one single environment. We will also group you into 5 per team, so that's 103 teams in total. Your goal is to get the other team's flag. You're free to do whatever means necessary to win." he paused for a second. "After all, when you're out there, there's no limitations... no rules to keep you safe."

One student raised his hands up, it caught everybody's attention. He didn't wait for the Instructor to allow him to speak. "Sir, what about those students who has physical conditions. For an asthmatic person like myself." 

After the student finished his sentence, all the students stared and waited for the Instructor's response. They were almost ready to do anything to get theirselves out of this situation. 

"So?" The Instructor said. "You think criminals out there will ask if you're asthmatic, and if you are, you think they'll just leave you alone?"

That's when the time the students finally gave in. They looked down and just waited for their grades to plummet.

"Now as for the rules, you will have an about 4 hours of quality time with other teams. Before the time runs out take atleast 1 flag from an opponents team. BUT!" He shouted that last part. "If you lose your own flag, you will be eliminated unless you acquire another one. So in total, you must have two flags in your position to pass." 

The Instructor's words pressured the students greatly. There are so many mishaps that could happen. Unreliable teammates, multiple teams that could ally together and target other groups, and many others. 

Jon could already see what they were doing. Aside from gaining experience, this simulation would also teach the students to calm their minds and strategize. Though he wasn't sure of the rest, they could panic however they want, but Jon was already starting to plan and figure out the different outcomes. 

He just wished that he could be grouped together with Max. Jon already knew what Max could do from their training session yesterday. Surprisingly, Max learned how to protect himself and hand to hand combats from his dad. Having Max on his group would greatly boost his chance of winning. 

"Now this is the interesting part." The Instructor leans closer. "We will only stop the simulation after the time runs out..." 

Finally the students couldn't keep their calm and some stood up and retorted. 

"This is bullshit!" 

"Just let us switch classes!" 

"So we still need to defend our two flags until the time runs out?" 

The Instructor ignored all the shouts and took his seat quietly. Some students kept complaining on the way there but they didn't receive any reply from the Instructor. But there were some like Jon who started planning their strategies. Max suggested that they would team up if they weren't grouped together. But Jon rejected the idea only until they would be able to figure out the personalities of their own teammates.

The bus finally stopped. The Instructor didn't bat an eye on them but instead went outside first. Followed by the students seated at the front.

The Eternatius Camp was another set of facilities. This was primarily used for training the Hero Departments and etc. Although The Dome can be used as a practice area, it wasn't built for that purpose. 

Jon got out of the bus and the first thing he saw was an upside down pyramid seemingly floating at the middle of a lake. There were some connected pathways made of marbled tiles here and there that surrounds the lake. The tip of the pyramid was hovering a few feet above ground. It was also spinning in a slow manner, showing its edges to the students surrounding it. 

At the flat surface of the pyramid, there were a few floating spheres. There were lasers coming out of it and was directed at the person who was hovering and dodging the lasers. 

Jon knew who this guy was. It was Eugene Houston. One of their year's Hero Scholars. 

"All students follow me." The Instructor interfered with their amazement of the camp. 

The students followed them to the upside down pyramid. As they walk on their way, they saw how structured and how neatly designed the camp is. At the other side of the lake, there were a bunch of students in an orderly formation jogging. Jon stole a glimpse and saw Clark Stanford leading the group of students, who seem to be yelling something to keep their energy high. 

After a few stares here and there, they reached the marbled tiles. They all waited for a moment before the tip of the pyramid finally separated itself from the rest. It didn't stop there, the tip seemed like it multiplied and hovered down to their way, forming a grand staircase. 

The students were awestruck of what they just witnessed. They followed the Instructors inside the pyramid and when the last student came in, the tip also came back in place. 

The whole area was white, the floors and the walls. Even though they just stepped inside, there were no dirts or any sign that they were outside. It's like the place magically cleaned itself. 

Then a sound was heard all over. The students looked where it came from, and saw the walls shifted and came out dividers that has racks of dark blue suits. It was the same suits that contestants used on the Homecoming Day afternoon event. They remembered that the suit was meant to reduce the pain they'll take from others. 

"Before you wear your suits, I believed that my fellow Instructors already explains the mechanics of the 'lesson'?" The Head Instructor said. And seeing that they were quiet and no one dared to speak up, he continued. "I'll take that as a yes. Alright. Onced you already wore your own suits, it'll automatically group you randomly. Like we said earlier... learn to adapt to any circumstances."