Letter 1 – 09/29/1977
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Dear Sam,

I’m sorry for taking so long to write, but my work schedule has been crazy lately. How’s college treating you? It’s been, what, about a month now? I figure you’ve probably already got half the school wrapped around your finger. I heard about you and Jen through Mike and I’m sorry. No one deserves to have that happen to them. I really thought y’all would be the ones to make it, even if it was long distance.

Moving on, you have to tell me all about Ohio. How is the air up there? Is it really true that you can taste the air when the factories are pumping? How does the grass feel between your toes, especially compared to our bluegrass on this side of the river? I have a million questions I wanna ask, but I don’t wanna annoy you either. Please tell me everything. I can’t even picture what living in a place that big must be like. 15,000 people! I think I’d die from anxiety if I was up there. Too many people for my liking. To think that I thought Warsaw was big when we took that trip there last year.

I guess I should fill you in on the town happenings while you’ve been gone. You haven’t missed much. The football team still sucks ass, but I’m still dragged to their games every damn week. I don’t know why I still talk to Will. Everytime I do, he says something racist or just not right. Finally called him out on it last thursday and all I got for my trouble was a damn black eye. Still, come six on friday there he was honking his horn for me to get in for the game. We lost 40-0.

Work’s slow at the corner store. The union vote came back 7-2. RCIU are drawing up our contract at the moment. The new raise oughta make them feel bad for calling me a communist. Every single day. And in front of customers. Well, probably not, but I can hope. I just want Annie to apologize. I’d probably sooner see my ma quit smoking, but it’s nice to dream.

Ran into your parents the other day. They told me to ask you to write them back sometime soon. I didn’t tell them that you said you didn’t plan on writing them. Better to let them think you’re just busy. I know my opinion don’t mean shit, but I do think you should tell them. I know they’re Bible-thumpers, but still. Worth a shot. They shouldn’t hate you over that. It's just who you are.

Ma sends her best and so does Mary. We all miss having you around the house. Even pa, although he won’t admit it.

Write back soon,