Letter 3 – 10/10/1977
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Dear Sam,

It’s great to hear that you’ve taken to college so well. Can’t say that I’m surprised though, you always were the one with brains between us. The Wooze was nothing but an old ass trying to make his life less miserable by making ours worse. I’m also so happy that you found the group you mentioned. I woulda been too scared to even approach them, let alone talk to them. But, you always did seem to take to people better than me. 

I don’t know if they let y’all watch the tv up there, but there was a great episode of Archie Bunker on last night. Archie and Edith had to go to one of her cousins funeral and meet her life-long “roommate” Veronica. You can probably already see where this is going, you always were smart about that kinda stuff, but ma and pa were completely shocked. Let me tell you, I’ve never seen a better guest on a show. Imagine getting to be her, a woman going with another woman, then just up and losing your girl like that. I felt so awful for her, especially having to deal with Archie. Still though she got to live the best of the best possible lives for a good piece. I’m sorry for rambling about all that, I know you ain’t gonna wanna hear about that. Hell, I bet you think I’m crazy since you’re running from all that. Archie was an ass in the end, stole the damn spoons, but Veronica was great. Never seen ma so upset as after that one. Don’t know what got her riled up but she was in a mood the whole night. 

Speaking of ma, ever since your letter she's threatening to send me up there with an army’s worth of banana nut bread for you. If she had her way I’d probably already have run a bed full of the stuff up there for you. I’m more than happy to, be nice to see you, but I wouldn’t do it unless you were okay with it.  Hate to use all that gas just to annoy you. Make sure to ask around to see if anyone else wants any if you do want me to come up, I’d hate to leave you short. 

Also, you know you don’t have to butter me up anymore right? Imagine me being a professional unionist. I’m just another hick who hates the boss, we’re a dime a dozen round here. Would be nice though. Help people and get paid for it. Wouldn’t mind it a bit. Write back as soon as you get the time.




P.S. - About New York, what do you expect from one of those liberal cities? I’m happy for her, but ain’t nothing gonna change around here. What do you expect, Covington to let homos have rights? I'll be dead and buried and so will my grandchildren before that happens.