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‘‘In this world of Athena, there is an empire , an empire so large that it takes up more than half of an entire continent ,it is called  Fenrisúlfr.  Fenrisulfr is a country ruled by beast-kin with Fenrir-kin as it’s highest ranking race and see the black horned wolf-kin as an insult to their deity’s name, Fenrir. 

*The book closes*

(Raphael)-”haa, it's about time for training to start ”

It's been 8 years since my reincarnation here, after 4 years in the cell, my training started.

Yes, they were trying to train a 4 year old and guess what, I get ‘punished’ for not doing what they want, the punishment is torture.

Yes they are torturing a four year old.

 Well, anyway the training contained literature, arithmetic, swordsmanship, hand to hand combat and magic and from what I’ve learnt magic is both difficult and fun but swordsmanship is better and I might be a battle junkie.

Okay okay, I am a battle junkie, plus the face they make when finally lose to a 8 year old was amazing and the satisfaction after finally winning is amazing even if I was cheating by using lots of mana though, I do wonder how they haven't caught me yet, meh

*foot steps*

(Guard 1)-'' get up and out, you disgusting freak'' said 1 of the two bear-kin in front of the cell as the other opens the cell 

as we walk through overly massive halls, we see a group of maids talking. As we walk further the maids stop talking and bowed until we passed them, while they were getting back up they all looked at me with disgust. While l have gotten used to it, it still hurts.

(Raphael)-''Come on, I'm not that disgusting''

(Guard 2)-''shut up, you fucker '' he say's as he hits me in the gut 

(Raphael) -''all righty all righty''

If your asking 'if your being treated like this why not just try to escape?', well I tried to escape before but it didn't end well, ugh I still get  shivers from just the thought about it, and if your saying 'Why not just get stronger and escape?' because I'm not the only one getting stronger. From the results of the Appraisal skill I was forced to get, it seems that everyone here grows at least 2 times more than me which is unfair and caused by the gem around their necks, probably. oh and from every thing I've learnt the most interesting thing is that every person here has a system, well not a system just  low class version of it that's called a status and I think  it's because of  my blessing that l got from that god, The system (which l started calling Siri BTW) won't say shit though so l don't know and honestly don't care.  

As we continue to walk we leave the building and go to a training grounds

(captain)-''alright men, now that the mutts here lets begin''

hey hey, it's not my fault

(captain)-''now to begin 60 laps to 6,000 push-ups to 6,000 sit-ups to 10,000 sword swings and finally sparring''

yes, this is the kind of training they give to a 8 year old. I call child abuse

(captain)-''this will be your regimen for the next 6 months. When that is over we will be showing our skills to the lord and yes the mutt is in'' 

from all around me I could hear people saying complaints and another's were just glaring at me

Hey, it's me who should complain this is torture for an eight year old

(captain)-''Now begin''

And so I began and somehow did it 

yeah I did it, fainted 7 times though

yeah and every time they just heal me wake me up and ell me to start over, I used a crap ton of mana though and I have a magic class next so that going to be a pain


As we were walking through the halls I could feel the atmosphere change, the mana in the air became thicker and thicker until it felt like were in sea of pure mana as we walk up to a large black  door  as we walk closer, The door opens pushing an even bigger wave of mana  around us throwing us into a coughing fit

(elf)-''wow you beast-kin really have a lot of sensitivity to mana if even the specially trained are in a coughing fit''

the elf there must be my new teacher. If your asking why I need a new teacher that's because I killed the last one 

Why? That's because the fucker tried to rape me

And for some reason he was really weak

now tat the mana dissipated a little I could see the elf a little better, she had long blonde hair, green eyes and was wearing a green dress

If your asking body type, think of the hottest girl you've ever seen, make her hotter than that

As I was thinking this I was pushed into the room and the door was closed

guards were gone so it was only me and the elf

(elf)-''now introductions first, I'm Sylvia Silfa and your name is Raphael correct?''


(Sylvia)-''I need to know before starting to teaching you so what are the elements your good at?''

(Raphael)-''fire, water, dark, null, lightning, and ice''

(Sylvia)-''So today we will strengthening control and compacity for mana and before finally teaching you some spells and skills''

(Raphael)-''yes miss"

And so six months passed