The duke
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As I slowly open my eyes I feel a sudden pain in my stomach 


(Guard)-''get up, drink this and follow'' the guard says as throws me a glass bottle with a green liquid inside.

a healing potion

drinking the bitter tasting liquid I quickly follow the guard


Walking through the halls I remember that today is the day the duke comes back and we are to show are worth to him

Thinking about it, I haven't seen the duke before, mother was ordered to die was what I heard from the maids gossip

Finally reaching the training ground I hear the guard captain Ordering us to line up 

After that

(Guard captain )-'' Lessing up men, we are going to show our strength to the lord by having a hunt, the soldier with the rarest hunt gets a better weapon''

sweet I can win this if this was a fight I would have lost

(Guard captain )-''get ready and meet outside in thirty minutes to welcome the lord'' 

After that I was taken by the maids bathed and dressed in a dark brown leather armor with a white wolf running after its own tail, then I was taken to the front gate

out there were maids, butlers, guards, the guard captain, me, Leafa and miss Sylvia

huh, I wonder where she went yesterday 

After a ten minute wait a white carriage came up to the gate and stopped. Suddenly the door opened and the Duke my 'father' came out then, the Duchess and finally my half sister

the Duke has white hair, white wolf ears and tail with a fit body and sharp eyes while the Duchess has a pair of colorful wings and multicolored hair and my half sister has white hair, white wolf ears and tail just like the duke, she looked to b around five years old

As they came closer they saw me and the Duke and Duchess expression changed to one of pure disgust while my half sister had a curious look on her face

(Duchess)-''What is it doing out of its cell'' she said in a haughty tone

OH, so she's a bitch, good to know  

(Duke)-"Dearest now is not the time to talk about this''

And so they went to the mansion and didn't come out until a while later

The duke and my half sister which I found out from some maids having a conversation is called Iris

While the guards are either walking or on horses the Duke and Iris are on a massive white wolf


Name: Blanc  Race: Lesser Fenrir lv:510 Title: Soul-kin
mag def:4,000      

Don't piss off the wolf, got it

I can't even see his skills

Looking further at the status I saw the title soul-kin

Soul-kins are beings born from the soul of a person using a certain spell while it is rare to succeed when It does the being will be as strong as you and the race will one that is fit for the spell caster. The soul-kin and caster have some shared exp 

As we continue to walk through the forest we eventually reached a clearing where the duke made a pedestal with earth magic

(Duke)-''As you all know this will be a hunt and the person with the rarest catch will be receiving a sword but not any sword but a magic sword'' as the duke said that, a commotion erupted from the guards

(Guard ?)-"My lord why are you given out something so rare for such a simple competition''

(Duke)-''I got bored and so begin!''

with that everyone ran through the forest