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While running through the forest I try to think of ways to win

(Raphael)-''I could use that?''

pushing condensed mana to the tip of my left hand's index finger. As the bead of mana got more and more condensed color started to go from a light gray to a shade that is almost black and then I shot it at a tree to which the tree exploded

Skill Acquired 
Mana hand gun-A condensed bead of mana forms on the tip of something your finger

That was a skill

this was a skill 

How had I not known this, None of the skill books has told me anything about this

Thinking about it, I try  to add an attribute and it worked and the skill leveled up a bit and  the strongest out of all of the seem to be darkness and they all seemed to have special effect with the element

Like the poison attribute would cause poison on attack and lightning is stun or burn and so but darkness was special, it absorbed everything like a black hole, a very small blackhole

This can be my one way ticket out of here, 'Why don't I run right now?' I thought as I felt a gaze behind something their watching me

why? I truly do want to find but there's no way its gonna be something good

Continuing to walk through the forest I find nothing,

(Raphael)-''There really is nothing here''

Continuing to walk through the forest I soon see common animals like rabbits, foxes and squirrels. As I went further inwards I saw a deer, a deer the size of a moose with a horn on it's snout and radiating a low amount of mana which is quite impressive for a magic beast


Closing in on the beast, when I noticed a presence or more like a group of presences, closing in on me. Feeling this I immediately ran to the closes tree to feed and it seemed the deer had also ran for the hills

Skill Acquired 
stealth-to hide from enemy/enemies 

finally getting the stealth is amazing but I can't seem to be happy here. As the group get's closer I see who they were; Guards, lets hope its not something bad

(Guard1)-''Where is that disgusting monster, we really should have followed him at the beginning. Can't wait to finally kill him''

'well this isn't something that sounds good'

getting ready for a fight, I realize that I wasn't given weapon and I can use mana hand gun I don't know how many times I can use it as  look around I see a spider and remember my childhood of weaving and like how spiders catch there prey with webs and how to use them better now in a world of magic I can probably use something similar like with mana or something, maybe with mana solidify haven't used it yet though so would need to train that when I get the chance, so lets run 

As I was going to run a sword went straight passed me and sliced my cheek 


(Guard)-''So that's were you were, thanks for coming out. Now guys, lets kill a monster!''

As he said that the other guards readied their weapons and got into a fighting stance

seeing this I did what any sane person would do spam my strongest attack and run

And that I did

I hoped that would do some damage and then I got a message that I killed some of them and leveled up a lot but I didn't stop running. As I was running a spear rushed across but this time managed to dodge the attack as three Guards came up to attack me and they did though they were shallow wounds using all the mana left in me I created three needles with mana solidify with poison magic on the tip and ran it through their necks killing them

I was surprised that I won but if others knew what I just did I'm certain that I would be killed

So I ran and ran for hours until I came across a plain. I stopped to take in the beauty of the plain, luscious green fields that seemed to go on for miles

Yet again I started to run

and I collapsed

Sorry If it feels a bit rushed