Chapter 23: A Lost Memory Somewhat Recovered
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Jin Huang feeling lost, confused, and helpless. Unable to wake up. Trapped within his own mind unable to escape he for does not know how to get out. There is only darkness nothing else. He keeps on walking, but yet only darkness all around him it is terrifying and he can only keep on moving. Sense of time is gone.

“I’m your Uncle and I’ll be watching over you, Huang.”

Jin Huang stops walking after hearing a voice. Once he stopped the scenery was no longer dark now instead seeing a man with shoulder length dark brown hair and dark green eyes. He feels that his height has become much shorter. A little voice called out ‘Memories From The Age of Five’. He is unable to move or speak for now trapped within a long-lost memory that is replaying for him.

Afraid. Frightened. Terrified. He has a strong feeling what he may discover might be better left forgotten. His movement and speech not belonging to him. A first person point of view of past memory.

“Uncle will you read me a bedtime story tonight?” Jin Huang asked softly and he received a nod from his Uncle. They went to his bedroom, door closed, and Jin Huang nestles himself onto his comfortable bed. His Uncle looks at the bookshelf and pulls out a well-worn fairy tale book. His Uncle reading in an impatient tone of voice, but he was thrilled for finally hearing someone reading a story.

“Uncle I can’t wait until I grow up, heh. I am in an *censored* *censored* with the *censored* *censored*. I think Honghui will be really wonderful. I have read fairy tales and the *censored* are always so good and great.” Jin Huang said happily, smiling brightly, and looking innocently up at his Uncle. “What’s wrong?”

“The *censored* *censored* should be with someone who has true potential like my daughter.” His Uncle stated in a low firm voice and staring down at Jin Huang.

“Huh?” Jin Huang’s voice full of confusion and those dark green eyes looking fierce.

“You are my blood related nephew, but you are completely worthless. Why were you picked out of everyone else? Why was my daughter not picked? You are slow, dumb, and weak. The *censored* *censored* shouldn’t be matched with someone like you.” His Uncle said coldly and his face full of disgust.

“Honghui will like me.” Jin Huang said quietly in a determined voice and his body silently trembling feeling very afraid of his Uncle. It hurt being called 'Worthless', but it hurt his heart even more when being told that....The *censored* *censored* shouldn’t be matched with him.

“Not like you have the disgusting ability to become pregnant.” His Uncle snorted, but then a moment pulled the blankets away and pulled down Jin Huang’s pants. On Jin Huang’s right inner thigh a dark red circular mark standing out clearly due to his pale skin. “My older sister didn’t tell me about this…Then again I wouldn’t have said anything either if my son had the potential to become pregnant…so disgusting.”

Jin Huang shivered, his small hands reaching down, and trying to pull up his pants. His Uncle pulled the pants all the way off and tossed them onto the ground.

“I know what I’ll do so you will never be able to *censored*  the *censored* *censored* in the future. If my daughter can’t *censored* him then why should you be able to *censored* him.” His Uncle said in a whisper and grabs the edges of Jin Huang’s underwear. “Do you think Honghui will even want to meet you if he knows that you have been…..Your skin is so very soft and tender. Well, I don’t truly see you as my nephew for who would want to have such a defective nephew like you. Your parents don’t love you. Your parents don't care you. Honghui won’t want anything to do with you once I…”

Jin Huang loudly crying, his small body shaking, and he was unable to stop the underwear slowly moving down. Within seconds countless nanny bots sounded several alarms alerting the robotic guards. A large guard robot enters the bedroom and stabs Jin Huang’s Uncle in the back directly killing him preventing him from doing anything more to Jin Huang.

The long sword sticking out, the heart on the tip of the blade, and blood gushing out like a fountain. The large guard robot moves the dead body backwards making sure the corpse doesn’t fall onto Jin Huang.

Jin Huang feels his body becoming much smaller. His body become very furry and his frightened crying sounds became the cries of a frightened little tiger cub. The smell of blood is overwhelming. A bit of blood got onto his fur. The smell of death overwhelming his sense of smell. His mind goes completely blank. Once again everything is dark and Jin Huang very slowly walking again.

‘So this is why….to think this had happened to me. I wonder if I have more painful memories and that is why my memory is….’ Jin Huang thought numbly and if only certain words were not censored then could completely understand. He had no idea he can transform into a beast.

“Please wake up, Jin Huang.”

Jin Huang heard the voice of the little fox, he weakly calls out ‘Little Fox….Honghui’ and he finally wakes up no longer trapped.

“You have been in a coma for a week. My name is Doctor Wang.”

“Where is Fluffy?” Jin Huang asked weakly and his voice hoarse. After a moment he feels his cat rubbing the left side of his body and glanced down. “Fluffy.”

Fluffy meows in reply, purring, and feeling very happy that his owner is finally awake. Jin Huang tried to move his right hand, but there was a force keeping him from moving his right hand up and he looked over to his right side…

‘A little baby dragon. How cute. I wonder what this adorable toy is doing here? Did someone visit me while I was in a coma?’ Jin Huang thought and the cute tail wrapped around his wrist. ‘A realistic baby dragon toy. No one in the galaxy expect for those with royal blood have the ability to have a dragon as a beast form.’

“Who gave me this cute dragon toy?” Jin Huang asked slowly, his eyes not looking away from the small dragon, and those amber eyes look so very real as if this little dragon is truly alive. It is impossible for someone with royal blood to come and visit him in the hospital.

“I will be requesting some tests to be done to make sure you have completely recovered and in order to see if there was any damaged caused.” Doctor Wang said quickly and Jin Huang blinked his eyes for it felt like the doctor was fleeing for someone, but more likely in a hurry to make sure everything is okay after all in a coma for a week.

Fluffy was very tempted to bite the tail of the dragon, but resisted the urge and silently sulked for his owner’s full focus is on that dragon. For some reason the bad man turned into a little baby dragon once owner’s eyelashes started moving.

‘Hump. All that little dragon has going for it are those shiny blue scales. Owner’s favorite color is blue and he shiny things.’ Fluffy thought and he decides to take a little nap. ‘Soon the little dragon will fall out of favor with owner after all he doesn’t have fluffy fur only scales!’

Liu Honghui had turned into his little baby dragon form for he felt a bit panicked when Jin Huang’s eyelashes were moving for didn’t know how to explain himself. To think all he had to do was minmic the voice of the little fox and say 'Please wake up, Jin Huang' for his Huang to wake up from the coma.

‘I do not have any friends. My parents only visit on my birthday. They never ever visit me at any other time. My parents are really busy and most be doing something very important.’ Jin Huang thought and he lightly bites down on his lips. ‘Maybe this dragon toy is a donation to me? Perhaps one of the nurse’s or doctors took pity on me for no one visited me…’

“Well it doesn’t matter who gave me this adorable dragon toy.” Jin Huang muttered to himself and his wrist was released from the dragon’s tail. He picks up the little dragon, admires the shiny blue scales, and then looks downwards. Liu Honghui was experiencing a great mixture of emotions.

“Oh, wow. You are a male dragon.” Jin Huang said quietly and his eyes staring down between the toy dragon’s legs. “To think such deep detail was put into that….when making you little dragon.”

Jin Huang used his index finger to the thing between the little dragon’s legs, giggled, and then placed the dragon back down. Liu Honghui was in shock and stared up at the giggling young man.

“I wonder if all realistic animal toys are like this?” Jin Huang asked himself and he gives the little dragon a little pat on the head. “Well you are not a little fox, but….you remind me of the little fox…So I’ll name you, Honghui. Of course your nickname will be little dragon.”

Jin Huang: Aww what a cute toy.

Liu Honghui: ……

Fluffy: Bad man turned into a little baby dragon

Sometimes something so simple, but over-looked can give forth amazing results...

The beast form is decided before birth and for those who can change into a beast form: It will occur sometime during the age of five years old. There is no way to change into a different beast. About 75% of the human population can change into a beast form. There are two different forms for said beast shape: Baby and Adult. The size can be controlled to become smaller and can go back to their original size, but unable to become bigger than original size.