Chapter 26: Meeting A Little Mouse
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[Hello, Host. Your main mission in this world is to stay alive for an entire night in a haunted palace.]

“Can I leave the palace?” Jin Huang asked while glancing around and there is no one around.

[Sorry, Host. I forgot to mention this haunted palace is a floating palace.]

“Do you mean floating like on water or floating up in the air?” Jin Huang asked calmly, but to be honest either way would not be able to leave. After all he does not have the endurance to swim long distances and no desire to drown. He is unable to fly and does not want to fall to his death.

[During the day it floats up in the air, but during the night it floats on the ocean. It will be gently going downwards to float on the ocean in just a few minutes.]

“Are there other people and NPC here?” Jin Huang questioned and he debates whether to stay here in this room or go out exploring.

[Yes. It is best to stay away from other players for one of the players are infected. Within an hour that person will become a zombie. A couple of NPC zombies will appear after that person becomes a zombie. It is easy for infection to spread.]

“Are there any ghosts?” Jin Huang asked and he felt this is the most important question.

[Yes, but no need to panic. There are ghosts. However they will remain hidden for they find it entertaining watching people become zombies, zombies eating people, people killing other people, and zombies.]

‘That’s great those ghosts won’t be appearing!’ Jin Huang thought happily and a big smile on his lips.

[Now time to pick your weapon: gun or sword or spear or an axe?]

“Axe.” Jin Huang stated after thinking it over for a moment. An axe appears a few feet away from him. A gun would be too loud and he is not good at aiming. A sword would be too heavy. A spear doesn’t seem ideal for beheading zombies and too long. So an axe is perfect.

[Now time to pick your item: A one time use needle to cure you if you become infected or a pill where if you become a zombie will not desire to eat human flesh.]

“Pill.” Jin Huang replied quickly and his nose wrinkled up at the thought of the possibility of eating human flesh. This world is not real, but still… “Do I take the pill now or at the moment I become infected.”

[You can take the pill now. The sooner the better (^_^)/* host because if you become a zombie…might not be able to take it. Staying alive your main mission whether you remain human or become a zombie. Night has arrived! Good luck, Host! I’m certain this time you will not be tempted to force yourself to stay in this type of world.]

Jin Huang decided to silently shut the system down without warning. His outfit went from being a military uniform and black combat boots into become a long white wedding dress and white high heel shoes. His waist long golden blond is put up in a fancy braid and on top of the fancy hair style is a wedding veil to his hips.

“I don’t mind the dress at all, but these high heels.” Jin Huang groaned to himself and felt a bit regretfully over picking the axe for if he had a spear then could use it as a walking stick. He sits on the cold floor and attempts to take off the high heels, but alas they refuse to come off.


Jin Huang heard a squeak, glanced around, and a cute little white mouse makes it’s way to him. The fur color reminds him of the little fox. The amber color eyes reminds him of the realistic dragon toy he has in the real world.

“Little mouse are you Honghui?” Jin Huang asked softly and carefully picking the small white mouse with his right hand. The little mouse nods his head. Jin Huang smiles, he puts the small mouse on his right shoulder, and picks up the near by axe. He slowly stands back up a bit wobblily due to the high heels.

‘It doesn’t seem like Honghui can talk can only squeak, but at least can move his head and if he makes any motions with his itty bitty mouse paws will have to look very closely.’ Jin Huang thought and he makes his way to the door. ‘Maybe Honghui is being punished for I had stayed too long in the first world.’

‘If only I could transform into a humanish form right now, but have to wait a few hours. I hope Jin Huang doesn't trip and hurt himself. I can only squeak right now…. unable to speak in the human language. I'm of no use to him right now.’ Liu Honghui thought and he lets out a little squeak. 

“Honghui it’s not your fault. I really didn’t want to leave you. It is unfair that you are being punished by your creators.” Jin Huang whispered quietly and then very slowly opening the door up. He does not feel afraid. He has Honghui. The ghosts will only watch and won’t show up before him. He had swallowed that pill so if he becomes a zombie won’t eat human flesh. He has an axe for protection against the zombies.

‘I hope I do not run into any players.’ Jin Huang thought and he notices there are only dimly lit candles in the hallway no other source of light. ‘I’m fine with NPC.’

I hope you all have been enjoying (^_^)/*

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