The world behind Ivan Pavlov
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✎ Takeo's most impure thoughts barely have time to hatch in his somewhat slow brain that a bright, almost blinding golden light that seems to emanate from Ivan Pavlov's portrait fills the room.

While his skepticism is no longer of any use to him, frightened by a situation he has never read about in a psychology book, James waves his white legs in the air. Anxious for a completely different reason, taking advantage of this light that penetrates the marshmallow fog, Takeo starts looking for his laptop, while during this time, Jenny removes the cat's corpse from her thighs and then, sensuously, she gets up from the old-fashioned sofa.

Her tall, slender figure bathed in that angelic light that manages to highlight her generous curves, leaves the school psychologist with no choice but to swallow his saliva.

Doing his best to ignore the smelly young man who paces his office and calls his laptop, James observes with an increased attention, Jenny who bends slowly to pick up the pile of bones remained on the sofa.

The beautiful currently from behind, unaware of presenting him her adorable little buttocks little covered, wakes up George who immediately, stands at attention and salutes this glorious performance.

Takeo very disappointed and somewhat depressed not to have been able to find his laptop, consoles himself however by admiring the deep well-filled cleavage of the girl that he hesitates to approach.

Unfortunately for the two admiring men, the best things always have an end too fast and very quickly, the beautiful whose face does not express any more its usual stupid expression, gets up then puts the corpse on her shoulder.

"Rasputin invites us to discover his territory. Follow me!"

To speak frankly, visiting the territory of a dead cat is not in James' primary concerns. Judging by the animal's appearance, the odds are that the place in question (if it is not the fruit of the imagination of the beautiful girl atrophied brain), is the tree under which he buried his pieces many years ago.

However, taking into account all these irrational phenomena that he, a school psychologist, is not able to explain, James cannot exclude that behind the door that appeared in the place where Ivan's portrait usually occupies, there is a very small probability that something else calls them.

This theory being only a little probable, it is more likely that too long confronted with the crazy girl, he is a victim of an illusion caused by the girl a little too obsessed with bones.

Another possibility suddenly strikes James' confused mind. Could he have consumed too much of his medicated candy and be as stoned as a poor student who has no choice but to sniff glue to relax?

As a good geek with limited brainpower, Takeo doesn't have these concerns. Having finally understood that his laptop didn't follow him here, only listening his beastly instinct, his red eyes now focused on Jenny's big breasts, tongue hanging out for a different reason than before, he has already abandoned his so precious gamer chair to head towards this mysterious door where, according to his confused thoughts, his Orc female is patiently waiting for him.

As if she was an apostle, placed right in front of the door, without a word, Jenny smiles then opens her arms towards the two men who still can't take their eyes off her.

Like a loving mother, she observes these somewhat strange men whose behavior could worry a person who, unlike her, has not always lived in an alternative world.

The young girl looks benevolently at James in sweat who is suspended in the air, consuming his last pills.

Closer to her, Jenny smiles broadly at the young man in the yellow boxers whose gaze is directed at a certain part of her body. If she could understand the meaning of this lascivious look, it is likely that Jenny would protest, but for the first time in osmosis with what surrounds her, more in adequacy with the reality, as usual, Jenny does not understand anything.

With Rasputin's urging which shakes his tail bones more and more vigorously, as if she had been sent here by God who had personally chosen her to accomplish a mission, Jenny is about to fulfill her destiny.

Elegantly, she turns around and places her hand on the handle of the candy pink semi-materialized door.


When her hand comes into contact with the indefinite material of the handle, a new phenomenon occurs that the James never learned in the courses he took in England. It is instantaneous, too fast for the human eye to perceive, but one thing remains real:

Where a moment ago Ivan was, now only a rectangle of golden light can be perceived.

"It is time to enter the real world."

What real world? If the real world of the beautiful long-legged girl is to make him a man developing autistic behavior, James refuses to pass this blinding light.

James' reality is governments that refuse to listen to the citizens who put them in office.

The reality of a modern man is the big companies that spy on the proletarian who made the mistake of trusting them through apps and the internet.

The reality is the rampant authoritarianism under the pretext of urban security or health issues. The deprivation of the most elementary rights as technology develops. The communitarianism, the manipulation of information by the media... This is the reality and this reassuring reality, James likes it.

Apart from the fact of moving away from his fat Martha as possible, however reluctant he may be to separate himself from his reality to possibly be confronted with the discovery of a different vision that could disturb his life, the school psychologist is betrayed by his shoddy armchair.

The cheap armchair provided by the High School swings from right to left, then without even considering James' point of view who particularly enjoys voting for a candidate who doesn't care what his constituents really want, he heads for the place where a few moments ago, there was a reproduction of Ivan on which last year, some little moron had the good idea to tag, James Kovach the glanshead.

James yells at his chair to stop, but the flying object doesn't listen.

Obviously, it is just an object...

Like the chosen one by the pile of bones that she is, Jenny disappears first in the light, then it's the dirty boy's turn and finally, while he's still fighting against the unwillingness of his cheap armchair, James enters the golden passage.

The psychologist of course thought of jumping but not being sure that his skinny legs would bear the shock, he could not bring himself to attempt this risky move.


"This is... Why the hell can't I smell gasoline in this place?"

In response to a James observing the vast field consisting of light green weeds, in order to reassure him, Jenny puts her hand on his shoulder.

"Welcome to Rasputin's world." 

"Oh, the old man has become young. Wait old man, I have a pocket mirror that has saved my life many times. Without it, I would have confused virtual and real many times. Take it, I'll lend it to you."

James doesn't much appreciate the fact that this jerk cut off the beautiful Jenny who, it seems, is finally endowed with some form of intelligence. Not wanting to argue with a punk and avoiding touching the hand that must have been lying around in various suspicious places, he grabs the small round mirror.

Alerted by the words of the punk, without wasting any time James directs the small mirror towards his face.

Despite the fact that the glass of the object is particularly dirty, as the school psychologist directs the small mirror in various directions, a small tear flows from his right eye.

It is indeed the pants that he himself bought 3$ in the Clems supermarket, his ridiculous shirt that could not be uglier could not have been substituted, as for the Rolmex that highlights his little white arm, it is undeniable that it is the original and yet...

"What miracle could have happened to make me 20 again?"

At that very moment, many things go through the mind of a James so moved that he manages for the first time in years to forget about his fat Martha.

As a new professional opportunity is suddenly offered to him, not being a school psychologist anymore, driving the beautiful Jenny to a cheap hotel would not be a breach of ethics, as for the purchase of an Italian suit...

Contemplating the reflection of the young man with skinny arms in the mirror, James' smile spreads on his lips.

More and more confident, already glimpsing a bright future, it is however at this precise moment that a fat woman in pajamas with a donut in her mouth and holding a television set in her arms is ejected from the rectangle of light which then disappears.

"Martha? Old bag, why do you come to ruin my life again?" ✏