Chapter 1: She bothers me
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"........ And then I went for that store, where they were selling these overpriced stuff............"

Ah another typical day, in my life. I am not someone who you would call popular with girls but, for some reason this girl always comes and talks to me.

And the things she talks about, I don't have a speck of idea about it.


Now that I think about it, it's already been ×× days since school started and I still have not made friends in this new class.

"Oi, are you listening to me.........."

But I think, I can do it. I just need to be more upfront with my hobbies, which are only gaming. Ah it's the releasing of the new avatar and skin—


My cheeks were suddenly pinched hard and I let out a weird sound. I looked around if there was anything who heard me. Fortunately, there isn't one. It's only me and the most popular girl in the whole school, Tachibana Miku.

"Hey! Pay attention to me! You won't become popular with girls at this rate."

"I don't even want to!"

"Why don't you want to have a harem full of beautiful women?"

I am not so sure about her, but she has some weird kinds of views on the society.

"Tachibana-san, you can't have a harem in this monogamous society."

"Well that XYZ-kun from other class has 3 girls after him? And he's like........."

Ah! So bothersome. I need to go home. I am getting late. I don't have any club activities so I spend my time here, doing homework or listening to this chatterbox.

She kinda seems to me like that of a talk-bot rather than a human being.

"I can feel that you are having pretty rude thoughts about me!"

"Nope! How can I have rude thoughts about the Goddess?"

"Ah!? Ye-yeah! A goddess like me talks to you! You should be grateful."

Her face is turning crimson. Maybe she has a fever that is causing it? I placed my hand on her forehead. But I didn't get much difference in temperatures as, I was sitting under the sun.

"Wha-!? What are you doing, baka!?"

Hmm. It's getting more heated up. I took my face near that of her's and swept away her bangs. I touched my forehead with that of her's. Her face was heating up quite fast.

"Looks like you need to go to the infirmary for a while. Hm? What is wrong?"


"Ba-ba? What wrong? Are you okay?"


"What's wrong with her?"

"She sure has it tough, huh?"

As soon as she ran away, Hasegawa Yukari, her best friend showed up. They were always seen together and it seems like they both are childhood friends. They are so close that sometimes they get mistaken for sisters.

"What is tough, Hasegawa-san?"

"Nope. Not telling you. That's a secret between girls."

"I see."

Somehow, whenever she's around it makes me feel at ease. She feels just like an elder sister. I tagged along with her to find Tachibana-san, because she said that it was partly my fault why she ran way. Well, for now, the only thing I want to do is, go home and have some sleep.

And then we met the biggest nuisance of the day, Uchimaki Haru. By the way, I am Ichinose Hayato, a first year at a high-school in Shibuya. Just seeing him makes me dizzy.

"Heyo! You guys on a date? Kyaah! I am so jealous!"

"Please stop that Uchimaki, Hasegawa-san is extremely creeped to see you."

"Nah! I was just joking. So where are you guys headed to?"

"Looking for Mi-chan. You want to join us. Whoever finds her gets a soda from me."

"Bring it on, punk!"

"Are a delinquent, or what?"

I hate to admit it but this guy, Uchimaki Haru is a childhood friend of mine, of some sort, which I never wanted. We were just stuck together until now, and only he considers me to be a friend of his. I see him as a nuisance.

"Hey, Ichinose, you know, your face and your mouth always seem to say different things."

"Wha-what, might be you talkin' 'bout?"

"Don't give me that accent now! You just thought that I was a nuisance, right?"

"Well I give full marks for a perfect guess. Yipeee!"

"That makes me sad. Yukari-chan. Please comfort me."

By the way, Hasegawa-san and Uchimaki are childhood friends too, but I never met her when she was a kid. It's a kind of confusing, right?

"I got a message. She's at the Starbucks. Sorry, no sodas for both of you ♥."

When a 2nd best beauty in the school and the 5th coolest guy talk in front of you, it surely makes you envy. I could see the both of them attracting a lot of stares from the crowd.

We reached at the store at about 5. I saw a mumbling Tachibana-chan, sipping coke sitting on the side table. She looked elegant but her expression was that of a child who had been refused to a toy.

Cring....... Cring........

The doorbell rings as soon as we entered the shop.

"Yu-chaaan! Help me!"

"Good day, Tachibana-san!"

"Eh, why the heck are you here Uchimaki-kun?"

"Of course, because I missed you a lot."

"Can you please not say something like that. Tachibana-san is making a weird face right now."

Ah! The people are looking at me now. 3 beautiful people and a lame guy like me. They must have been thinking that "What the heck is that kind of guy, doing here?" I am not sure about this, but I just want to creep into a hole now.

"..........-inose-san! Ichinose-san, where are you lost?"

"No, I was thinking that if Tachibana-san's health was alright?"

"Hmm.....? Worrying about her, huh? You like her?"

"Who doesn't? The whole school and the people from other school are after her also."

"Well then let's say, you like her too?"

What am I supposed to answer when you ask me that kind of question in the presence of the person himself. And for some reason Tachibana looks anxious too. I decided to play it safe, rather than giving a vague answer.

"I won't say like. Maybe it's just admiration, or something like that?"

"That's vague."

Nope it isn't. That's the answer that I thought after considering a lot of situations. Especially the one, I am, right now. But to think of it, what do I think of her?

"She's probably a bother, right?"

Clank...... Clank........ The glass that Tachibana-san was holding suddenly dropped down. I looked up from my drink and saw her. Tears started forming in her eyes. Welp! I made a mistake of voicing my thoughts outside my brain.

I looked at Hasegawa and Uchimaki. They were kind of giving me stares that said,"What the heck did you just say?"

"I-I will be back in a minute!"

She got up from the seat and paid at the counter, even forgot to take the change and then swiftly ran out from the store. Is she feeling shy?


" "Ichinose-kun, let's have a good, nice, long talk, okay?" "

But your eyes aren't saying that you are going to be nice to me!

Apparently, we changed positions and now we are sitting in a park. By the way I am kneeling on a stony ground. Hasegawa and Uchimaki are looking down on me!? Is this a S&M play!?

"Do you know what you said earlier?" Hasegawa was the first to speak.

"I did not meant it. In that way. Although it was bothersome........."


"Yukari, let's tell him the truth, okay?"

"No! Absolutely no! That's for them to find out!"

"Ah, I see."

"So you made her cry, right?"

Did I? She just did that on her own. Don't tell me.......

"She cried because you said that she was bothersome........."

"Eh!? Seriously! I never thought that! I thought that it was bothersome for me to get involved with her!"

Phew..... Played it safe.

"Anyways, go make up, with her! Here's the address."

Hey! Isn't this way too much wrong! How can you give the address of the most popular girl in the school to me. But it was forced upon me and the next moment I knew I was standing in front of her house.

It's the first time, me going to a girl's house. And that is of the Maddona's too!