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Have you ever wondered what God was like? The idea of an all-powerful being, breathing life, and existence onto his loyal creations, the idea has been there since the beginning of time, explaining natural disasters as “acts of god”, the unexplainable? God. That is the idea of God to us, the all-powerful, and albeit neglectful parent of all life and existence as we know it, but as we humans progressed, we stopped believing in an all-powerful being that will intervene and come to our rescue like a knight in shining armor, we started answering the tough questions, instead of chalking it up to the good ol’ God card. This is why we as a species thrived more than the other mammals, but, like a negligent parent coming home, God paid us a visit. Much is to be said about God’s appearance, God is neither female nor male. God is what we, the feeble human mind would consider, Perfect.


 As he descended from the heavens, God spoke their first words. “Boring.” As the crowds gathered, their phones and cameras pointed towards the creator, web searches, any way to find more information, we found that in every country, in every part of the world, God was there, he was here, and everywhere, he spoke in a language that was foreign to us, we didn’t know this language, yet we all knew what he said. everywhere, the top result for any search engine was the word “Boring”, the word was implanted into our hearts, our minds, it’s as if we forgot what the word meant, it’s as if we were given an answer to a question we have been asking all our lives, the mindless crowds, the entire world population, worshipped this God, world leaders came up, worshippers began praying, all to ask the creator questions, and he answered. “Silence.”, and at that moment, the winds stopped blowing, the countless noises of our world were drowned out, and God spoke once more. “I’ve watched over your existence on this world I’ve created, the idea of giving a creature I’ve created this much intelligence was entertaining for the last millennium. But your existence has grown boring, it lacks the spice and entertainment I need, I don’t want to watch humans shouting at other humans through your little devices, I need to see action, I’ve given you intelligence, and you use it to build a society that restricts that intelligence?” The world was dead silent as if the last order given by God was our life’s mission, nothing would make us utter a single sound, the only sound we hear are our own heartbeats, racing at the sight of our creator. God looks onto the masses and spoke again.


It seemed you humans are most entertaining when you want something and when you need something, I’ve given this idea some thought and came to the conclusion: if I want more entertainment from you, I need to make it myself.” The silent crowds looked onto the creator, every pair of eyes followed his every move, and as God opened their hands, stones came floating out, “There are a total of 100 of these stones, I call them rules, they contain a power all living beings can wield, and this power lets them rise above the other animals, When one of you come in contact with one of these stones, you will be reborn, You will have one memory from your past life, and that is your deepest desire, and a goal to find my hidden artifact somewhere in your world, and with this new power, explore, travel, and defeat anyone in your way to accomplish that one wish. If you find and give back the artifact to me, I will grant you that desire, is that simple enough?” the crowds, as if driven by some force all surged forward, grasping, and reaching for the rule stones, and when one of the crowd touched it, he disintegrated, God looks at the pile of ashes on the ground, and looked up “I didn’t say start now did I? This game won’t be any fun if you knew where these rules were.” the rules began disappearing one by one from his hand, and when the last was gone, a chalice appeared. “Look closely now, this is the objective, the artifact you need in order to fulfill your deepest wish, I thought this form was appropriate due to your track record of worshipping cups.” the chalice disappeared from God’s hand, and with that, God was gone without a trace.