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Sounds flooded the entire world, Web searches for the rules, videos of God flooded our websites, bank savings were spent buying supplies to find these rules, and chaos ensued. I was one of the people who were too stunned to process what just happened, and as I walked home, I spotted a rule, I was not the only one. Suddenly, a crowd of people sprinted for the rule, didn’t matter what age, young, old, anywhere in between, even animals, squirrels and dogs sprinted for the rule, and I too, made a dash for it, when suddenly, a loud BANG was heard, all movement stopped, and eyes turned towards the source of the sound. It was a police officer, his gun was out, and he had shot the man closest to the rule, he screamed “PUT YOUR HANDS UP! I DON’T WANT TO SEE A SINGLE MOVEMENT FROM ANY OF YOU!” the house pets, cats, dogs, squirrels, mice, all made a dash for the rule, and all hell broke loose. The mice were crushed under our foot, small animals were kicked away, the officer unloaded his gun into the crowd, but there were too many of us, so he dropped his gun and made a dash for the rule as well. Then, a car crashed into the crowd, killing and injuring dozens of people on its way towards the rule, the crowd focused their attention on the car for a split second, moving out of the way, the driver got out and made a mad dash for the rule, but it wasn’t there, the crowd stared at the spot where the rule was, unable to comprehend how the rule disappeared, and I limped out of the crowd with the rule in my hand, clutched tightly. 


When the car came driving into the crowd, I was one of the people hit by that car, and I was knocked back towards the rule, I grabbed it when the attention shifted towards the car, and I got out of there silently. I found an empty alleyway and opened my hands, the golden and shining rock in my hands was one of the rules, I frowned, Where was my ability? God made sure to advertise this new ability that would let us rule over the others, so where was it? Then the blood from my hand touched the rock, making it glow brightly, and the stone melted into my body, suddenly, a surge of pain shot through my entire body, and I lost consciousness.


When I opened my eyes again, I didn’t remember anything, where I was, how I got there, there were three things I knew, Find the chalice, Cure my mother of her coma, and the last information was my new name, “Narrator” I looked up, my clothes were bloody, but I had no wounds, did I kill someone? Was I killed and currently living in the afterlife? I stumbled onto the streets with questions burdening my every step, as I walked, a crowd began forming around me, I looked around, their eyes seemed to be fixed onto my face, I started feeling around my face, trying to figure out what they were looking at, there was nothing, I looked around, when I was looking around confused,  a kid spoke up, “mister, is that a rule as one of your eyes?” I scanned the surroundings and sprinted towards a car, when I looked into the side mirrors of the car, a normal dark brown left eye, and a glowing, and golden, gemstone-looking right eye stared back. I covered my right eye, but it was too late, a gunshot was heard from the crowd, and hit the car next to me. I looked towards where the sound came from, and it was a police officer, the crowd quickly dispersed in fear, and the officer with his gun trained on me slowly approached. “ Take your damn hands off that eye pal.” I slowly uncovered my eye, revealing the golden gemstone that rested inside my right eye socket.