Power of the rule
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He came closer, eyes fixed onto my right eye, gun trained towards my head. “Now I might be wrong, but that looks like a rule doesn’t it pal? Where’d you get that?” I looked at him in silence “guess you are “reborn” now huh, maybe you can’t fucking speak no more.” He took a shot at my legs, the pain shot through my body, and I screamed in pain, “Guess you can speak pal, tell you what, gimme that eye of yours, and I’ll let you go.” He came closer and closer, fear began overtaking my body, and I screamed in desperation “STOP” the police officer froze as if time stopped for him, he strained his eyes to look at me, “what the FUCK did you do to me!?” I stared blankly at him, unsure of what I just did myself. Then, his arms and legs began moving again. “ Well, I don’t know what that was, but I want it boy, now it’s either you gimme your eye, or I gauge it out myself” My mind raced, I screamed stop, and he froze, is this my ability? If so, can I use other words? “FALL” the officer lost his balance and began falling, My heart raced with excitement, and I wondered, can I add more? “Accelerate” the officer began falling at a high speed, and in a fraction of a second, he crashed into the ground, crushing his skull, and killing him. 

The crowd looked at the officer’s dead body in silence, I looked around, and there were phones and cameras fixed onto me from all sides, I hid my face, and limped away, the crowd began making way, and I limped back into the alleyway I came from. A large man stopped me in my tracks, I looked up, his glare was fixed onto my right eye, and he spoke. “That eye, that looks familiar.” I stared at him blankly, “DIE” I stared at him blankly, and nothing happened, guess this was the extent of my powers, “Die? You’re a feisty one aren’t ya, lemme take a better look at your right eye buddy.” his hands moved towards my face, “STOP” the large man froze, he looked at me, confused, I looked at his hand, “Weight.” his hand dropped as if a massive weight was holding it down, I limped past him, and he grabbed my shoulders with his other hand, “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME!” He screamed, I looked at his left arm, “Float” his arm began gently lifting off of my shoulder, and I continue limping past him. The large man began screaming, and I looked back, his weighted arm was released, but his floating arm continued heading up, dislocating his shoulders, and lifting him off the ground, then the floating stopped, and he fell to the ground with a loud thud. I sat down on the step of stairs further inside the alleyway and winced at the pain, I looked at my injured leg “Heal” Nothing happened, I sighed, and started thinking, my power works on any person I lay my hands on, but I can’t say “die” or “heal”, that doesn’t work, I began wondering if I can make objects, I looked at my hands “Bandage” nothing appeared, I scanned my surroundings, and looked at a trash can, “Float” the trash can began floating upwards, “Accelerate” the trashcan zoomed up towards the sky, I continued to eye the trash can, “Fall” the trash can began to drop from the high altitude it reached, Accelerate” the trash can crumpled to the ground at a high speed, spilling its contents around it.