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I started sorting through my pockets, I found a wallet, a key, and a cracked phone. I tried to open the phone, and the screen lit up, excited, I immediately called 911 and informed them of my leg and location. As I waited for the ambulance to arrive, I looked through my wallet: a credit card, a few hundred dollars, a driver’s license, and some other random cards. After waiting for a couple of minutes, the ambulance arrived. I was rushed to the hospital as soon as they saw my leg and bloodied clothes, I made sure to hide my eyes under my hood, the medics were confused as to why I insisted on keeping the hoodie on, But I was losing a lot of blood, and they quickly turned their attention onto my leg. After arriving at the hospital, I was assigned to a room in order to heal, I should be out in a few days they said, They mostly wanted to see if I had any other problems. As I wandered the halls of the hospital, it seemed that the hospitals were more busy than usual, the number of people sustaining injuries exponentially increased since this morning, and for good reason too, there were rumors of a rule in this area. After hearing these rumors, I covered my right eye with my hair, making sure no one saw the rule that is now my eye, remembering this morning, I didn’t want to have any more hiccups during my stay at the hospital. 


The day after I was admitted into the hospital, the air around the place began feeling weird. It was almost suffocating, the injured kept trying to get an early discharge to go back for the rule, fights broke out on the regular, and I seemed to be the only person here that didn’t want to know where the rule was. While I was coming back to my room after lunch, I overheard something, I thought to myself, “It was a fight again, I’ll come back later,” but I then heard their conversation, and it raised alarms throughout my body. “So Michael, that was your name, right? Where did you say you saw the rule?”  the larger man asked, with a fork in his hands pointed towards Michaels’s throat, “I- I saw the rule by the fountain downtown, I d-don’t know where the rule is, someone might’ve gotten it already” Michael stumbled to the ground as the larger man let go of him, “ the fountain downtown huh, I’ve got a couple of boys downtown who can take care of it for me, thanks for the info man.” Before the larger man could walk away, Michael spoke once more “did you not hear that someone might’ve taken the rule?” the larger man looked back, “I know this city like the back of my hand, I run most of this city anyway, If someone got superpowers downtown, I would’ve heard of it jackass, otherwise, I’m losing my touch” Michael looked up, and stuck his tongue out, revealing a golden gem placed in the center of the tongue, “guess you lost your touch big man.”