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The larger man widened his eyes, and before he could react, Michael lunged towards him and took a bite out of his shoulders. The man screamed out in fear as Michael licked the blood around his mouth, and spitting the flesh and blood out. Instead of the blood hitting the floor, it began floating around Michael, the man stared at his shoulder as more blood began floating out of his bleeding shoulder, surrounding Michael. “I gained this ability today, don’t you think it’s neat?” Michael sneered at the cowering man before him. The man crumpled to the ground as the last drop of blood left him, unconscious, Michael stood above him with a ring of blood surrounding him, I tried to leave as quietly as possible, slinking away into the darkness. “Hey, the friend from behind that door, why don’t we have a little chat about staying quiet?” 


The blood that once surrounded Michael began flying towards me at an alarming rate, the blood grabbed me, and dragged me inside the room, closing the door behind me. “Let me introduce myself, my name was Michael, but I was reborn, and given the new name of Vampire.” I stared at him with my left eye “If you’re wondering if I burn up in the sun, I don’t, now why don’t you introduce yourself as well?” He looked at me expectantly, the blood began tightening its grip. “I can’t breathe in here, could you open a window?” I said, “fine, but I told you, I don’t burn up in the sun, and I love garlic bread.” he walked towards the window and began opening it. I flicked my hair away from my right eye and looked directly at the window Michael was currently opening, “ACCELERATE” the window flew in the direction Michael was opening it, shattering onto the wall, and crushing Michaels hands with it, glass shards began cutting his hand, and he cried out in pain. The blood griping me splashed onto the ground, Michael turned towards me, a fire lit in his eyes. “Judging from that eye, you found a rule too huh? What a small world” Michael smiled, “I’ve been wondering since yesterday if you could have the power of two rules ever since I woke up with these powers” he walked towards me, the blood on the floor began creeping up, “STOP” Michael stopped in his tracks, the blood once again splashed onto the floor. I stood up and began sprinting towards the door, I slammed open the door and sprinted down the hallway, entering the first open room I could find, and closing the door.