Words vs Blood
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 searched frantically around the room, looking for any object I could use against Michael, I laid my eyes on the bed, and I had an idea. Michael came crashing into the room I was in, and he immediately saw the numerous pens, nails, needles gently floating towards him, “So you can make things float too? What was your reborn name? Adjective? English class?” I stared at him “I can only make those objects fly towards you at high speed, just try moving, I dare you” Michael chuckled, “wow, thanks for telling me all your plans dumbass, what’s stopping me from shielding myself with this blood? You think just cause it’s a liquid I can’t do anything?” Michael began moving the blood sheet that was floating above him to around him. Before Michael could make a hole for him to look through, I shouted “Accelerate!!” Michael in reaction expands his shield outwards, melting the objects in their way, then, a bed from above came crashing down onto Michael, breaking itself in half onto his head. Michael crumpled to the ground, losing the ability of fluent speech and movement, “YOU... FUCk... A-ASS” He tried to make the blood on the floor move, but he could only make it an inch off the ground before falling. “Wow, you actually survived that, was your skull thick, or did you leave some blood on the top of your head just in case?” I crouched down, splashing some blood onto his face. “Hello? I asked a question, Mr. Vampire.” I nudged his body with a half-melted pen, there was no response, he fainted. 


After a few days, I was discharged from the hospital, I began looking for my house, since I had my keys and my driver’s license, it was a breeze finding where I used to live. I opened the doors to my apartment, there was no one home, the pictures around the place were only of me, and my mom. I explored the small apartment on my own for a little bit and found where my room was, I immediately jumped onto my laptop, only to get stuck on the password screen, I can’t fingerprint scan myself out of this one. I began searching my room for any clue of what my password was, I put in my birthday, no luck, the all-powerful “password” password, no luck I began running out of options when I laid my eyes on a picture of me and my mom. If my deepest desire was to wake my mom from a coma, and she seemed to be the only parent I had, then maybe..? I searched around the house, and found a wallet that belonged to my mother, I inserted her birthday onto my computer, and it worked! I went searching the internet for any clues about the chalice. But either there was no information, or no one wanted to share any. I decided to research my future opponents, maybe other rules have been found, and they were stupid enough to show their power. I went to youtube and searched for “rules,” browsing the videos that were under the tag "rules" didn’t help. It was mostly some dudes acting like they were the resident rule expert, giving explanations on something that first appeared a week ago, but before I was going to give up, I stumbled upon a newly uploaded video, titled “RULE USER FOUND? (ALMOST DIED)” now, ignoring that title, I began watching the video.