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“WHAT'S UP GUYS, AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER VIDEO, BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOUR BOY, and BIG thank you to my patrons, you are what makes my videos possible, and I appreciate every single one of you!…” I sighed and began fast-forwarding into the video. He continued that charade of thanks and sponsors for a few more minutes before talking about rules. “So last week, I’m sure you bros all know this, but GOD made an appearance!” while he was rambling on about God, I noticed something strange, whenever he moved, he always made sure to cover his eyes. Now, I may be just paranoid, but the clip he showed interested me even more. The clip he showed of the supposed rule user was fishy, The only other person around, other than the rule user, was him. Secondly, the rule power this person supposedly wielded was strange as well, it seemed he had no control over it, the person in question had what seemed to be super strength, and he seemed very agitated, seeing as he was punching walls, and jumping on top of buildings, but he never left the camera frame. Even though the supposed rule user was obviously agitated, he never once tried to harm the person filming him, despite the fact that the rule user looked directly at the camera multiple times. 


He ended his video shortly after showing his clip, and out of curiosity, I went to check out his channel to see his activity. For the week rules have been introduced to this world, this guy has posted videos capturing a new rule user per day after the day God appeared? This was weird, what’s even weirder, was that this channel was created last week, but has amassed over a million subscribers on youtube? This was fishy, and I decided to pay this guy a visit. I rewatched all of his clips of rule users, all of them had either super speed or super strength, all different people, different ethnicities. The background of his films suggested he was in London, so I made my way down to the bank to get some money for travel. It seemed I was saving for something, with tens of thousands of dollars to my name, and judging from the number of uniforms I found in my room, I was skipping school for multiple jobs. I took ten grand from my account and purchased a flight to London. 


I was waiting for my flight at the airport, when a guy next to me came closer and whispered to me “pssst, hey, buddy” I turned my head towards him so I could see him with my left eye. The guy looked around, checking no one was watching, and he opened his trenchcoat, I turned my head away sharply, thinking he was some pervert, but he seemed to know exactly what I thought. “Don’t worry my dude, I’m wearing clothes, just wanted to show you something.” I turned around, and in his coat were rocks coated in gold paint. “You know what these are buddy? These are rules, they give you superpowers dude!” the guy exclaimed, I took another look, the paint was flaking off of one of his stones. I turned away, “hey man, c’mon, I’ll give you a deal, a hundred grand for one of these babies, what you say?” The guy got closer, “I don’t want them.” I replied, moving to a different seat. “WHAT? Everybody wants superpowers, how about I give you and your eyepatch a discount since I like your style? 50 grand, now that's a steal!” the guy moved closer again. Before I could refuse again, my plane arrived, “sorry pal, my flight’s here, maybe repolish those rocks again, the paints flaking off.” I walked away as he pulled out a spray can, it seemed he thought he could trick me, thinking I was half-blind with an eyepatch. What an annoying guy.