The King of hell is free
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A tall man stood in place confused. He was somewhere unfamiliar, but he didn't let it show on his face. He fixed his blond hair and admired his beautiful face, he was glowing quite literally. Lucifer looked from side to side confused that he could no longer feel his father's persistent presence. Was he finally free from that omnipotent self-righteous douche? One minute he was playing having an orgy the next he was here. But where is here? A blank white space quite like where his father emerged.

Would the prince of darkness have to make his own creation. He readied his fingers for a simple snap to create a universe, but something caught his eye. A good-looking woman looked at him confused. She wore a pair of white wings, not nearly as white or beautiful as his own but still. Was she an angel? No Lucifer knew all his brothers and sisters.

Lucifer conjured a mirror and made himself a suit. He quickly admired himself and then went to the being.

"Did my father send you to bother me?" Lucifer gauged the being for a reaction but none came. "Do not waste my time, I've no care for my father's antics. Either state your purpose for bringing me here or begone."

The angel like being went from confusion to anger.

"You dare to speak to your god like that?" She boomed ejecting power.

Lucifer picked up on her intent of superiority. Nothing pissed Satan off more than another pushing their dominance over him. He snapped his finger and the woman's mouth sewed shut in a painful display.

"You presume to be my god? I've no god" From his body the horrors of hell ejected and the image of evil came forth. A sight unexplainable to any being presented itself to the woman who shrunk back in confusion and horror. If she was anything other than mortal her very existence would cease to exist or burn up at the sight of his form.

The woman held up her defenses and disappeared.

Noticing this Lucifer finally let up. "I've explained myself, now it's your turn. Come out of your hidey hole" The mere thought of his demands melded reality and the white came crashing down.

Satan was presented in front of a group of varying beings. They exuded an aura of godliness, it was nothing compared to the prince, but he cared not for such an insignificant detail. They were ants to his feet.

The group turned to Satan showing neither confusion nor fear. A man stepped up and held his hang to Lucifer.  He felt the man push his power onto himself.

Such an act was punishable by his own standards. So Lucifer erased the man, his being burned into the void of nothingness.

Now he looked to the others.