Freedom is whatever I want
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The Pantheon's confidence turned to horror. Lucifer was dumbfounded on why they were directing their hostility of him, he was a gracious being. Unlike his father, he believed in true freedom, free of worship and anguish. Lucifer was not a bad guy he was a punisher who was given the job of the bad guy. Who in their right minds would want to torment led astray humans for infinite eternities.

Their horror of him was also confusing, he had done no wrong. 

"Give him back you bastard" the woman from earlier yelled out deliriously.

A revelation hit Lucifer! It was a plausible cause for anger. But he had just punished the man in front of him. Come to think of it... his father wasn't here at all or anywhere for that matter. An omnipresent being not being in any one space could only mean one thing. A big smile widened upon Lucifer's face.

He was free

free from bias, free from his father, and free to do as he pleased.

"You're in luck! I'm in a generous mood" Lucifer snapped his finger and the man appeared again.

The man fell to the ground and vomited. His eyes were dulled and his spirit nearly broken.

Lucifer buttoned up his suit and smiled. "Toodles" The pantheon watched in disbelief as the prince of darkness disappeared.



Lucifer sent himself somewhere! Where was somewhere? Well... he didn't care for the specifics. He had no knowledge on where or when he was. He took in a sharp breath and twirled around slightly. Now all he had to do was create his own den of "Sin" the orgies and drugs will be everlasting. He will bring the inhabitants to bliss and eternal euphoria, a little "gift" of his.

The admission was free to boot, no worship, no sacrificing your happiness for virtue. Lucifer couldn't stop his grin from widening.


Lucifer didn't usually walk, either because he could fly or drive. Back in hell he created a few eternal roads where he could drive around to pass time, but now there was a pep in his step as Lucifer happily walked around. Every now and then he would come upon a lost soul or two and grant them salvation from the "fate" they were given. Such as curing the blind or helping the sick. Lucifer was a generous soul who asked for nothing in return. On his travels he would bed women and men.

Eventually a name came into Lucifer's mind. A certain king of demons... could his demons have also come with him? Lucifer's curiosity was far-reaching. Eventually he ended up in a small town called Bedford. He was in an underdeveloped age, so he'd either have to wait a century or two until he sees some precious cars or copious amounts of molly. Although he could always go forward in time Lucifer preferred to enjoy life rather than rush it.

Lucifer walked into a bar and admired the atmosphere of sin. A bunch of drunken men giving away their inhibitions and prostitutes everywhere. Lucifer was in pure bliss.

A certain child caught Lucifer's attention... well teenager? Lucifer had a hard time identifying. All beings that are not eternal looked little more than incessantly young to him, and he wasn't particularly attracted to children. In fact, he had grown to hate them after rumor started that he bit the head off of babies. He shivered feeling disgust. Lucifer made a calm approach behind the child that the people tended to avoid.

"Another one keep" The teen slurred.

Lucifer put his hand over a glass and the teen groggily turned to him. "wuh?"

"I'm not one to infringe on others freedoms, but alcohol will affect you in your formative years" Lucifer's warm smile brought no solace to the teen who fell their head to the bar and cried.

"Buh, I'm too hundrad" She slurred out in a sob.

Lucifer was pulled back. "Preposterous" He retorted.

Although... maybe these people were free from the curse of an age-ly death. A curse his father had put on the humans. Lucifer thought to himself and decided to pry some more information.