Chapter 6 – I guess she has Albinism
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Sybil was on her way to the library, and once again waited at the bus stop. As cliche as it was, there was a child that kicked his ball into the street and a truck was about to hit him. Dashing into the street she managed to push the kid out of the way, only for the truck to swerve and crash into the traffic pole. They were both safe, except for another truck was incoming, a shadow of a pole was falling on her, and a trunk that had fallen out of the first truck exploded next to her.

The kid got up and ran away, while Sybil was blinded by the trunk's dust explosion, oblivious to the weird glowing circle shining at her feet.  Right as the truck and the pole were about to hit her with a flash of light Sybil was gone. the clanging of the pole hitting the truck where she had once stood. 

Where was she summoned?
  • A Demonic summoning by exotic cultists Votes: 0 0.0%
  • A Hero summoning from a suspicious country Votes: 1 25.0%
  • A Queen's dying breath of life and magic Votes: 2 50.0%
  • A Beastman colony looking for a teacher Votes: 1 25.0%
  • An Alley behind a pub where some magic materials had accidentally mixed with sewer water Votes: 0 0.0%
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