Chapter 7 – Melantha
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Melantha coughed, blood spewing from her lips. From various angles, blades of all different kinds had impaled her, and there was signs of burn marks all over her. Using the last of her magic, she crawled, using her own blood to form a circle. Channeling her magic and the last of her lifeforce she sent it into the circle and it began to glow brightly. With a sudden flash a girl showed up. She was enchanting much like Melantha but in a different way. In contrast to Melantha's Purple hair and red eyes, the girls hair was almost pure white, and under her hair shown some bright pink eyes. She looked around in shock upon seeing Melantha and seemed to be looking for some sort of help.  

"Child, I do not have much time left."(Melantha)

"Ahh?! What do I do, what do I do?! Your bleeding a lot, what do I do?! Um is there a doctor or someone nearby?!" (Sybil) in a frantic voice

"Hahah, no child everyone I trusted has betrayed me. If you want to know why you are here, go to the library. All of my feats are in there." (Melantha) Said while coughing. 

"Why would anybody do this to you? I mean you seem like a perfectly nice lady." (Sybil)

"I was retiring and there was a scuffle on who I would choose. All you need to know is I hope you can save the country. Our country had strained tensions with the humans country, and they may attack, all I ask is to protect the civilians, they haven't done anything wrong." (Melantha) before the light left her eyes and she collapsed to the floor. 

"Oh my god lady?! hello, Oh geez oh geez did she faint?! What do I do?!" (Sybil)

Sybil then started running in the direction of a library as the lady had told her, maybe she would see someone who could help her, but she didn't see anybody, except for a few bodies on the ground with slashed throats and missing heads, and Sybil fought the urge to throw up. She failed and threw up the contents of her lunch on the floor and panted, out of breath from running and vomiting. There was a huge doorway and through it was tons of books, but meanwhile Sybil didn't know how to get back. 

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What next?
  • Continue searching for someone to help the lady Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Look in the library for medicine or treatment guides Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Notice the flashing icon in the peripherals of her vision Votes: 2 50.0%
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