Third Arc (Fallen Heart) – 93. One Beautiful Morning I
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Third Arc (Fallen Heart) - 93. One Beautiful Morning I

The morning sun pierced the sky as Flare rode on her horse through Luminus City's streets towards White Moon Castle. She had just finished her patrol inspecting the city wall, and making sure of its safety. Several of her trusted soldiers were behind her.

Her appearance caught everyone's attention since she was the only and first female general on this Continent. So many people admired her. Not to mention her victory at Asteria, where she was able to capture Asteria's troops without costing a single Euphorion's soldiers.

"Miss General." A girl's voice made her turn to the origin of the voice. As soon as her sight caught the two girls waving and approaching her, she pulled the reins to stop her horse.

The girls gave her red flowers.
"For you, Miss General. I wish I could be like you one day," they said happily. Their eyes looked at her filled with admiration.

She took it.
"Thank you." Receiving something like this wasn't her habit either. Unless it was for Angel of course.

After she flashed a smile, she kicked the side of her horse and moved forward again, leaving the girls behind.

As she moved, her eyes fell on the red flowers, trying to guess why humans liked things that couldn't last long like that.

Seeing the general staring at the flowers blankly, her assistant decided to move her mount to her side.
"Appreciating the flowers, General?" her assistant teased.

Flare turned to her.
"Not appreciating, but observing it."

"Are you practicing your observation skills for General Frost?" the assistant teased again.

"Why that iceman?" she asked with a frown.

"I think you two suit each other. I mean... You guys are a good team. Don't you think about marrying him?" asked the assistant. It wasn't just her, many people thought Frost and Flare were a perfect match.

Flare chuckled.
"An elemental spirit like me does not know love. He is a friend, a comrade. Nothing more. My heart is only for the king and Euphorion. I am only his tool," she answered firmly.

"But the king treats you like humans. You are not his tool," said the assistant.

"Indeed... But that can't change the fact that we are spirits. We are bound by our duty and our loyalty is only to our master. Loving others will only make us betray our loyalty," she explained. That might sound pathetic to humans. But for her and the other elemental spirits, it was an honor.

Her other assistant moved her horse to the other side of Flare.
"What are you talking about? Are the girls trying to poison you with those flowers?" guessed the assistant.

Another chuckle came out of Flare's mouth.
"Why should I be afraid of it? I am immune to all poisons." Then she returned her gaze to the flowers.
"It's just... I don't understand humans. They like impermanent things. Then cry when it's gone."

The assistants smiled. It was a strange statement from a General like Flare, yet they could understand it.
"That's because humans have a limited lifespan. So we appreciate everything that can make us happy even if it's only temporary." The assistant pointed at the flower with her chin. "Like that flower."

"I see..." Flare muttered, trying to swallow what they were saying.

But when Flare was still busy with her thoughts, her assistant called her again.
"General, look!" she pointed at a snow owl that was approaching them. From the magic flow, Flare knew it belonged to Frost.

"Ah speak of the devil," said the other assistant.

Flare extended her hand. As soon as the bird landed in her hand a message entered her head. A smirk appeared on her lips and the flowers in her hands burned to dust. Yes, even though it looked cruel, Flare couldn't bring the flowers to the castle since they could contain poison. So she decided to burn it.
"We should see His Majesty, right away. I just got some good news."

The assistants sighed since the only thing that could make Flare show that expression was when she had gotten a move from her enemy.
"Yes, General." Then they spurred their horses.

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