Third Arc (Fallen Heart) – 95. One Beautiful Morning III
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Third Arc (Fallen Heart) - 95. One Beautiful Morning III

Flare and the others' eyes were fixed on the royal couple. Their clothes were a little messy and their shock was evident on their faces. Even Angel couldn't cover it.

Assuming what they were doing, Flare decided to deliver her report later.
"Forgive my impudence, Your Majesty. I will come back later." She bent her head in sorry.

But before she left, Angel spoke.
"It's fine, just say it now," he ordered, trying to regain his composure. Then he turned to Sarah and the others.
"I'll have my breakfast here," he said. This had happened in Zephyrus before, but it was an act. While this one wasn't. So he couldn't help but panic.

"Yes Your Majesty." Without further ado, Sarah and the maids left.

Flare entered the room and closed the door behind her. But upon the etiquette, she chose to stand a bit away from the royal couple.

Angel brushed his hair backward, just to make it a little tidier, and exhaled a long breath.
"I know it's a bit awkward, but I didn't do anything to her," he explained. He knew he didn't have to. This was his castle, he could do what he wanted. But Flare knew of the agreement, he didn't want her to think he had broken it.

"I see..." Flare replied. Her trace of disappointment was clear.

"Angel," Rose called him and he turned to her.

"Can you help me to get up?" said Rose, moving her stiff muscles slowly. She felt like she just went through a tough military training yesterday.

Angel did her request.
"Should I order the royal doctor to examine you?" he asked.

"I'll be fine soon. I just need to move my muscles a bit," she reassured him.

"Just tell me if you need one." A trace of guilt was clear from the tone of his voice. He realized he had done something inappropriate to her last night. He returned his gaze to Flare.
"What's your report?"

"It's from Frost," Flare replied, making sure she had permission to say it in front of Rose.

It was enough to make Rose turn to Flare and ignore her stiff muscles.

"Tell me. Maybe the princess can tell us a thing or two about that." He decided to let her know.

"Our Dark Agents detected some suspicious movement from South East Zephyrus, 20 kilometers from our outpost. Although he wasn't sure, he guessed it was the lady. She might be trying to build a new hideout there," Flare reported.

"Are there any good resources around there? Or is that place perfect for an ambush?" he wanted to make sure this was her real hideout.

Flare shook her head from side to side.
"Weirdly, no. Their location is deep in the forest and far from any towns and villages. Also, there are no significant resources there. Only a small river," she explained.

"That's weird." Although he understood it was a good hiding place, at least the rebels needed access to food and other necessities. She turned to Rose who was deep in thought.
"Do you have a thought about this?"

"I'm not sure. But... I thought about the old competition. ," said Rose doubtfully.

Angel frowned in confusion.
"A competition arena? In the middle of nowhere?" he said in disbelief.

Rose exhaled a long breath.
"My grandpa liked the view so he decided to build an arena there. He said apart from the competition arena, it could also be used as a training ground for our secret soldiers. But before the arena was completed, the rebellion broke so he had to cancel it," she explained. It ended up spending the budget in vain.

"I understand his reason. But, how can they get supplies? Isn't sending it by road too risky? The bandits and the rebels could snatch it easily," Angel asked again. He guessed there should be a secret passage or something.

And his guess was right.
"There should be an underground tunnel under it. But my grandpa destroyed it before he decided to close the place," she explained.

"That is a perfect place for Ivetta. Can you tell us the exact location?" asked Angel.

"I'm not sure. But it should be a few kilometers to the South from the crossroads," she said.

He turned to Flare.
"Did you hear her? Tell Frost the location and investigate the place."

"Yes, Your Majesty." After Flare bowed, she left.

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