Third Arc (Fallen Heart) – 104. The Royal Couple’s Night Walk III
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Third Arc (Fallen Heart) - 104. The Royal Couple's Night Walk III

Her answer stunned him. Slowly, a smile appeared on his lips.
"You're right. We don't need a reason to fall in love," he admitted.

On second thought, he was the same as her. He fell in love just because of that brief encounter and secretly harbored his feelings even though he thought she had betrayed him. It was something irrational. Surprisingly, he couldn't shake off the feeling.

Gently, he took her hand and gripped it. Their eyes locked with each other. A soft smile on their lips. The actors' voices were getting fainter in their ears. Even though that hall was full of guests, they felt like... it was just the two of them there.

He had to admit Chancellor Allan was right. He never thought simple activities like this could bring their relationship closer.

But that moment only lasted for a few seconds. A scream from the stage broke their sweet moment.

"You! How dare you take over my position!" shouted one of the actors. Anger was evident in his voice. His hand gripped a sword that was aimed at another actor.

The royal couple had to admit the actor played his role well since if that didn't happen on the stage, Angel and Rose would think it was a real thing.

Oddly enough, even though from the actor's costume, he should be playing Angel, he pointed his sword at another actor who played another Angel.

A frown was on both of their foreheads.

"A plot twist?" Rose muttered under her breath. Her eyes were on the play.

Although the real Angelus Raizel was only one, she guesses the opera house changed the play due to the old rumor that Angel wasn't the real Reinheart. That was why it used two actors.

Although this was just a theatrical play, both of them had to admit that the opera house was very bold to alter the story. Moreover, there were a lot of nobles there.

"They even used a real sword," Angel whispered. Surprisingly, only that actor was holding the real sword. Another actor's sword was just a prop.

Even though Angel and Rose felt something was wrong with the play, since they didn't know the real script, they decided to keep quiet.

"It's not my fault! It was you who made that mistake!" said another actor.

The royal couple noticed the fear in that swordless actor's eyes and it made them frown in confusion. Moreover, even though they rarely watch this kind of play, that actor was clearly out of character. He acted cold like Angel before, but he looked panicked now.

"Please calm down. We can still talk about it," said the actor who played Ilex. The woman who played Rose hid behind him. While the other extras also looked scared.

Rose and Angel also realized they were all out of character.

"This isn't right," Angel whispered. His eyes were on the play.

"Liar!" roared the actor. He suddenly swung his sword in anger. It was a shabby movement for a real swordsman but the actor used his real strength. It was enough to frighten the other actors and actresses.

"Argh!" A scream of pain escaped from the mouth of one of the actors when the sword managed to make a deep scratch on his arm. His blood dripped onto the stage. He gritted his teeth, holding the pain. His hand held his wound.
"Please stop! Don't do this!" he screamed.

The guests were stunned by the play. Their eyes were fixed on the two actors who played their king on stage. One of them was in pain. While the other looked angry. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

The play was so realistic for them. Even the blood looked like a real one.

In that instant, the royal couple realized this was not a play. This was a real thing! That actor tried to kill his friend on stage! In front of everyone! And the fact that there was no one to help them was a sign that something had happened backstage!

"We have to help him," whispered Rose. But how? The elite soldiers weren't here and both of them were undercover.

Analyzing the situation briefly, Angel quickly came up with an idea.
"Are you interested in being a part of this play?" he whispered.

Rose frowned.
"What do you---" Her words stopped as she caught what Angel meant.
"Ah, I get it. Let's do it."

A smile appeared on his lips.
"Alright. Since we don't have a script, we'll go full improv."

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