Third Arc (Fallen Heart) – 149. Independence Day V
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Third Arc (Fallen Heart) -  149. Independence Day V
Once Rose and Claire moved away, Angel returned his attention to the noblemen and spoke again.
"What do you want to talk about?" he said straight to the point.
"It's about Asteria, Zephyrus, and Draconis, Your Majesty."
He frowned, indicating he didn't understand their point.
“Your victory has expanded Euphorion's territory greatly. You even managed to make the kings submit to you. So we are thinking about helping you, Your Majesty,” one of them explained.
"Help me to?" he asked for their clarification. Even though he had caught on to where they were talking, he decided to clarify it so there would be no misunderstanding.
"We are thinking of helping you to manage some of those territories so that it can provide more benefits to Euphorion," another said with a calm tone.
“That is a vast territory and you are already busy with your duties, so we took the initiative to offer our help, Your Majesty.”
“What kind of management are you talking about?” Once again, he pretended not to understand. If he refused directly they would dodge, so he wanted to make them think logically and point out their mistakes. He knew all of this happened because of their greed.
“Territory Management, Your Majesty,” stated one of them shamelessly.
"I heard that some of Asteria's territories are very suitable for agriculture, if we can develop it, I'm sure it will give us a lot of benefits," another tried to negotiate.
“After all, they've already ruined your years of hard work to build Pearl Gate City. It was Euphorion's largest trading city and it wouldn't be easy to build a city like that once again. I think the three kingdoms should pay more than this,” the nobleman said.
"So, what's your advice?" Angel simply asked.
“I think we should take some good territory and make it ours. We can say that it is compensation for the war,” advised the nobleman.
"Yes. They have agreed to compensate you. But compensation can be in any form. So logically, a territory is a form of favorable compensation for us," added another.
"True. But if I asked for it, I'm not sure the king would let it. The nobles and the citizens would disagree and put up a fight. Wouldn't that start another war?" asked Angel. It was something logical yet they completely ignored it.
“Even if it has the potential to create another war, I don't think they will be able to defeat us. Our soldiers can take their capital quickly. They should be able to take two or three small areas easily,” one of them reasoned.
"Yes. Of course. Euphorion is a powerful kingdom and conquering them once again will be something easy. The question is, do you want to go to war?” Angel's gaze turned serious. The coldness was evident from his gaze. “Or does this mean you are asking me to go to war again?” he added straight to the point. His intimidation was clear from the tone of his voice.
The question was enough to make the nobles panic. Their hearts were beating fast even though they had prepared everything well. Even thought of all possible answers from the king. Of course, they knew the consequences, but this was something good for Euphorion so they decided to try their luck.
"Of course. I don't mind sending my soldiers," answered one of them in a slightly trembling voice. Which was followed by a nod from the others.
Angel let out a short mocking chuckle in response.
"I think you misunderstood me. I didn't say to send your soldiers into battle," he explained. Again his gaze turned serious. "But you," he pointed out his meaning clearly.
“What do you mean, Your Majesty?”
“War is a big deal. I don't even want to do it if it's not because of this kingdom's sovereignty. If you're not ready to face what's on the battlefield, you shouldn't be proposing war,” he explained.
It made the three of them press their lips.
“Soldiers have lives and families. Just like you and me. Either ours or theirs. Keep that in mind,” Angel scolded. Then without further ado, he turned and left with Cley.

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