The Awakened Academy
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Green Hill village had two formal academies, the first, was the basic academy where the most gifted youths from all the smaller settlements within the villages sphere of influence were gathered and taught basic knowledge until, they turned 15 and underwent the Awakening Ceremony. 

Those who survived the ceremony but failed to become Awakened would select a profession such as baker, blacksmith or farmer would begin an apprenticeship under of the professional in their selected field. On the other hand, those who were interested in becoming ordinary warriors could join the village militia and begin their training.

However, those who managed to become Awakened would enter the villages other academy, the Awakened Academy where all the awakened in the village were gained and taught knowledge related to the awakened world. Unlike the ordinary Basic Academy, the Awakened Academy was located in the middle of a small forest located a short distance away from the main village was the Awakened Academy. 

At this moment within lecture hall within the awakened academy one of the village elders who also served as an instructor in the academy stood in front the newly admitted class of 36 students but there were only 35 students.

As if planned the students were arranged in 4 group of three with Olivia Vine, Ben Strong and Jessica Grant seated in front of the class. If one looked at the elder closely, they would notice that he would frequently glance at the single vacant seat in front of the class in annoyance.

"As you already know once one successfully undergoes the awakening ceremony, they are called awakened, but anyone tell me why they are called awakened?" asked the elder.

"This is because the awakening ceremony allowed us to awaken our dominant nexus." Jessica answered.

"Very good, Jessica." the elder said with an approving nod.

"Most living creatures in the world are born with a special organ called the nexus but unlike regular organs that can be seen and felt the nexus exists a separate space from the rest of the body and can only be interacted with. Many believe that it was due to this reason that the nexus is dormant when we are born, this causes us to be unable to consciously interact with it." said the elder.

"Elder if we aren't able to use our nexus how are the village warriors able to become so strong. I have seen them carry heavy boulders and fight fierce ordinary animals like bears and lions bare handed." asked one of the youths seated at the back class. 

"Good question, even when it is dormant, the nexus is able to passively absorb spirit energy which in turn gradually strengthens our bodies. The reason why ordinary unawakened warriors could become decently powerful and fight dangerous animals in the forest with sufficient time and training was due to the fact that by repeated undergoing life and death experiences and these warriors were able slightly awakened their nexus allowing them to become much stronger than ordinary citizen that relied on passive absorb of spirit energy. However, this method has its limits and eventually they would reach their limit and if they wanted to become more powerful, they would need to undergo the Awakening Ceremony and gain full access to their nexus." the elder explained. 

"Elder why are there three types of awakened if we all have nexuses and what makes summoners different from warriors and elementalists." A slightly chubby girl seated in the middle of the class, casting an envious gaze at Jessica who was at the front. 

"Another good question. You see although we all have a nexus its location in our bodies is different which causes as to excel in the different aspects. For warrior the nexus is located in the heart which grants them powerful bodies, for elementalists it located in mind granting them powerful mind that they could use to connect with and control the elements. For summoners it's a bit special and the nexus is not 'physically' located anywhere in the body but is located in their soul. Due to this reason just like how warriors had powerful bodies, elementalist powerful mind, summoners have powerful souls. These powerful souls allow them to form contracts with other creatures which they could then be able to summon to fight for them." the elder explained. 

"Elder if we all have nexus and excel in different aspect why are summoner generally considered to be more powerful than warriors and elementalist." asked a young, awakened warrior seated behind Ben. 

"Another good question, I'm happy to see that all of yo...well most of you are taking your studies seriously." the elder said casting a look at the empty seat before shaking. 

"You see warriors have powerful bodies and excel in close combat, elementalist have powerful minds and command of the elements and excel in mid to long range combat. Despite their powers and abilities, they are still individuals and had their limits be it in terms of stamina and vital energy for warriors or mental and elemental energy for elementalists. Summoners on the other hand can be considered one-man armies due to the summons under their control. Depending on a number of factors such as the number, nature and composition of the summons a summoner could have virtually no weakness. A summoner could have one summon that excel in close combat, another or ranged combat, another for support etc, hence a powerful summoner could easily turn the tides of a battle." explained the elder.

"This doesn't mean that warriors and elementalists cannot defeat summoners. In fact, generally during Rank 1 realm warriors are much more powerful than elementalists and summoners as they are able to easily defeat them by quickly closing the distance using the powerful physiques. This is because elementalist fought by control the elemental energy, summoner using their summons, but each takes time during which they are relatively defenseless. During the Rank 2 realm elementalist overtake both warriors and summoners as they gain the ability to use powerful mid-range attacks using elemental energy. This just means that their abilities give them an advantage, but this does not guarantee victory only increases the changes." the elder quickly added when he noticed Jessica raise her head in pride as the rest hung their heads in sadness.

"What about at the higher ranks like Rank 3 and Rank 4?" Ben Strong suddenly asked.

"First of all, you are all still only at the initial/beginner stage Rank 1, Novices, you still have pass through the intermediate stage, advance stage and peak stage before you can even attempt to breakthrough Rank 2, Veteran. A few of you would struggle to achieve Rank 2 let alone Rank 3 or 4 so there is no reason for you to worry about the higher ranks now. In fact, the village head is the only Rank 3 Elite expert in the entire villages, even the heads of the noble families are all only Peak Rank 2 experts." the elder calmly explained not bothered about the fact that the less talented students looked slightly depressed at his words. 

The elder didn't feel guilty as it was better for them to realize just how far they had to go before they became arrogant and overconfident and eventually lost their lives. Each awakened was a very valuable assets to the village and he couldn't allow them to waste their lives on fruitless endeavors. 

"However, to answer your question its complicated even at the higher Ranks a sufficiently powerful warrior or elementalist could defeat a similarly ranked summoner if they possessed enough skill and combat experience. Always remember that victory in combat depends on a number of factors not just raw power such as combat experience, equipment and even terrain." the elder explained. 

"Elder, you mentioned that the reason warrior and elementalist are able overpower summoners was due to the reason that it takes time to for a summoner to summon a summon. However, guardian summons can be summoned instantly, and my flame bear is a mutant elemental beasty which means it has not only a powerful body but will gain the ability to use elemental attacks so do I still have this weakness." Jessica suddenly said causing the elder explained feel a headache coming on. 

"Has anyone seen Aaron today?" the elder suddenly asked trying to change the topic.

"I saw him this morning." said one of the youths.

"The last time I saw him was during the morning physical training session." answered a brown-haired girl. 

"I saw him heading towards his usually spot in the forest on my way to class." answered a thin lanky boy. 

Hearing this the youth all displayed mixed reaction, some snickered, some sneered in distain, and some shook their heads in apparent disappointment and sadness. However, despite their varying reaction one thing was common among all of them were jealous and envious of Aaron. After all, not only was he a summoner but he was also the son of one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. The only thing that soothed their jealousy was Aaron's F grade talent that made it nearly impossible for him to become truly powerful despite being powerful or how wealthy or influential his father was. 

"He is probably slacking off again." someone whispered.

"He's been skipping class continuously for a week, already, hasn't he?" said another youth.

"What has he been doing anyway?" asked the lanky boy. 

"I once sneaked up on him when he was and saw him sleeping in the sun light." said a cute petite girl.

"I heard some of the villagers saying that he has been talking himself more and more frequently. He has also been seen cursing suddenly especially after looking into his book summon after he woke up from his frequent naps in the sun." one of the youths said, sharing some of the gossips that was quickly spreading in the village.

"Ah well, I can kind of understand his actions, after all the blow he suffered must be very severe and traumatic. Going from someone hailed as a genius for so many years and becoming a summoner to suddenly and unexpectedly ending up a useless F-grade talent with little to no chance of becoming truly powerful. How sad." said one of the youths in a mocking manner.

"As if that wasn't bad enough but not only had several A grade talents appeared at the same time as him but another more talent summoner appeared as well completely overshadowing him. If he had been the only summoner to appear then maybe the village could have investing resources into finding a way to increase or mitigate his talent." said one the young girls genuinely.

"I hear that the council plans on hiring a summoner from one of the cities to come mentor and train Jessica." another girl suddenly cut in. 

As the discussion amongst the young students got louder and more animated, the academy elder's brow deepened into a frown before silently shaking his head. In the classroom filled with lively teens the empty seat couldn't help but stand out and become an eye sore. 

"It's been month since the ceremony, but he is still so dispirited and hasn't managed to overcome his depression. It seems that I must have been mistaken by him, how could someone with such weak willpower be a genius!" The elder thought in disappointment and slight anger.

The elder had tried several times to assist Aaron but with he refused to listen to him did whatever he liked. He would frequently skip class and spend all his time sleeping in the sun, this caused the elder in charge of teaching no small headache. Unfortunately, he couldn't do anything to him as he was the son of one of the most powerful and influential man in the end village and probably the scariest woman in the village. There was nothing he could do to their son without paying a terrible price.

"Forget it, despite being a summoner he is just a F grade talent. If he can't even withstand this sort of blow, then his will is weak and fostering him with that kind of weak temperament will just end up wasting the village's limited. Just let him waste his parent's resources, who knows maybe they may come up with something." The elder's thought his heart was filled with disappointment towards Aaron and his actions.