Chapter Sixty-Two
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“Yay! Hurry up then! Please~”

I sigh. Indeed it has being a long time since I did it, but is not like he run out of entertaining these days, is just that he enjoyed the way I told stories, an idea that came from my previous life and their movies.

But it was understandable that my brother enjoyed this unique way that, as far as I know of, I’m the only one using.

“Which story do you want?”

“Yeah! Brother, you are the best!” I roll my eyes at that. Of course I’m. “But I don’t know… uhm… how about something new?”

“Oh, just like that, totally new uhm? Anything else mister demanding?” But of course he didn’t catch on the sarcasm as he really thought about it, a bright smile spreading as he turns to Seiroe, the younger twin, and says: “You could play some music on the background! Like, some drums to set up the mood?”

Seiroe did not know what we were talking about so my brother just confused him more by throwing information and demands.

So once I stand to prepare a few things, motioning for the bard to follow me and explain what I was about to do, he kept nodding from time to time, enjoying the idea with a bright smile curving his lips, making his white teeth shine in contrast to his darker skin.

“Oh, yeah, let’s do this!”

I just roll my eyes. Another kid to take care of now, sigh.

But I wouldn’t deny that the perspective of doing it with a bard as well looked very interesting, more… theater-like.

I wasn’t doing anything incredible or outstanding mind you, I’m just going to tell a story in a different fancy way, something I created first to train my fire control and evolved to something a lot more refined after my brother got the first taste of it.

“Come, come, let’s sit beside the fire.” I motion to them, walking over it and taking the pot out of the fire, leaving the square made of stones and sand clear of anything beyond the fire cracking about.

The first to come is my brother, followed soon by the rest as Aeglos brought some snacks from the table, and Ragnur embraced the drinks as half were empty and rolled out and down from his drunky grasp.

They are still going with this silly competition? I already can tell that the ones weak to alcohol are starting to flush and laugh a little out of contest; looking at you two Seiroe and Isa.

The Templar beside her was a wall of metal, so it was hard to tell… anything from him really.

Anyway, I put myself to work, quickly talking it over with Seiroe as we sat behind the fire on the opposite side of them.

I shush them, and once there was silence I begin to work, making the small shy fire burst to life vividly in a tall wide flame, instantaneously making my public stay alert to what I was up to, even the woman.

The fire bends and turns like a living thing, moving in symphony with my finger, like a conductor, as the strong almost white flame takes shape as my mind choose what story to tell, some determination covering my features as I knew what I had to do.

So I began, making the shape of a moon, the flames round and very white, the red on top as if the shaped moon was on fire.

Like a camera going away, the moon got smaller and smaller as tall buildings came to shape, standing tall above all, traced by a darker red.

“This story of a faraway land, another realm that no magic could reach, no monster existed, nor races, only humans and animals. As such, to survive, the humans evolved their tools, their technology, until they could make themselves fly” I say, showing airplanes, cars, guns, as I explained examples for them.

I glance over the flames showed me how attentive all were, as Seiro slowly hammered a drum on the site, only to set up the mood.

I start to describe the place and, on the contrary to what I thought, they are very intrigued by it, as a world without magic is their description of fantasy, technology seemly alien to them.

It was quite interesting to see, being somehow opposite from the majority back in my world; or at least I thought so; who loved fantasy movies, especially with elves and magic.

Now that’s ironic, I think as I glance to the two very alive elves in front of me.

“One may think, in a place where no monsters exist, that life was fairly easy for humans, but the lack of magic and their greed makes them hungry for more, more profits, money, and to survive in this metal juggle one need to fit in, to work, to submit.

So, for our hero.” Cheesy calling it a hero, but my brother liked the term, so I always made sure to put it on my storytelling. “It was quite difficult. He already started as an oddity, having no parents nor being adopted.”

I continue to tell my story in the form of a fairy tale, thinking too late that they would get bored by it; after all it was nothing thriller worth; but once I start to talk about the place, about cars, internet, cellphones, they get more and more into it, though probably more interested in the world than the story itself.

I look over them as the flames change again to a crowded street with cars moving about like, as my brother said, a “pack of metal monsters”, meeting with Leo’s eyes and soon realizing that they were on me from beginning to end, as if he knew what I was up to.

Knowing him, might as well.

So I tell them about the woman the hero didn’t love, but forced himself to stay with just to fit in, just not to be the one without a relationship with 26 years, of how from a loveless life a beautiful child was born, and how could so much love be felt for such a little thing like that.

Only for our hero to lose the child too.

Born alone in the world only to be left alone once more. Hopefully not dying alone… I did not mention being gay, nor when I discovered it; that was something that only meant for me and Leo to talk about; but as I kept talking, moving the flames in some sort of television substitute, I thought how all made sense now… why I could not love her, the mother of my child, how I could not find anyone for the prime years of my life, how I felt… suffocated.

It was silly even… thinking I was the one suffocating myself.

By the time I was talking about the latest memory Isa and the younger twin had fallen asleep; him on top of the drum; part caused by the alcohol in the air, as the Templar and the older twin took them to their rooms and stayed there, leaving only a drunk Ragnur, an attentive Leo and a sleepy Hunthor to watch as Aeglos worked as a sofa for him, his back straight as his hand patting my brother’s ears and head.

I finish the show without telling the end; which was handy since it did not have one; for almost all were already asleep, except Aeglos and Leo, of course.

Seeing that Aeglos was occupied with my brother, I take the time, and the courage that I still had, and called Leo out quietly, saying:

“We… we need to talk.”


I lower the flames to give a darker look to the place, managing to have Ragnur in a deeper sleep, but my brother was still stirring uncomfortably on Aeglos lap.

I stare at him, stopping the flames, and dash forward, grabbing Hunthor arms and taking him off Aeglos lap before anyone could react; But before I could do anything more my brother vomits all over me… throwing up lava.

At least it doesn’t affect me as it would with the house and Aeglos lap, so I sigh that the outcome was the one with less damage… until I fill some breeze brush over my lower parts.

…Lava is very corrosive on clothes… isn’t it?

I put my bother over my shoulder and bolted to the door, which was thankfully still open, and run straight to the pond just in time for him to throw up again.

Pew, I think, cleaning the sweat from my forehead as my brother was still asleep with half his body underwater, unaware of the danger he just put the others through.

I stay still, taking deep breaths and controlling my boiling anger from surfacing as I watch the sky and stars passing by so I would not focus on the fact that I was naked covered in lava; now rock, mind you, which will prove to be hard to take off and clean myself from; and that my brother almost put our hideout on fire.

Or Aeglos even, though I could not care less about him; he really needed something to cool of down there…

Sigh… That’s all I have to say, really, too tired to even bother anymore.

Aeglos and Leo follow us quickly, walking beside the pond and kneeling down.

“Are you guys ok?” Asks Aeglos quickly, looking for any signs of injury, but I just wave him off, still holding my brother above the water.

“I’m fine, we are fine, don’t worry, probably all that alcohol did not  go well in his stomach, sometimes it can combust inside us and is really uncomfortable, sigh, he knew that and yet went on with the game until this point… silly him.”

“Ah, thanks to Mother Nature. Here, let me help you.”

Before I could decline Aeglos surprises me by simply entering the pond, carrying less about getting wet and simply moving up and taking Hunthor from my embrace, making me frown and narrow my eyes as he gets out of the pond, glancing quickly over Leo who kneels by my side and extends his hand to help me out of there.

“There is no need.” I say to Leo, slapping his hand away, my eyes ruminating in search of Aeglos over the foliage covering the pond “And hey! Aeglos! Wait up, I’m going to make sure he is alright and-“

“He is already gone.”

Sneaky fox!

Cheater Elf!

Little brother thief!

Inconsiderate prick!

And I can’t walk!

Wait, I can’t walk?

I look down over my body and see that the lava, in contact with the water, became as hard as a rock, hugging my body as if wanting to make a statue out of me. And that… included my legs.

“Uhm…” I was looking down, about to break it with pure force, until I remembered… that I was naked under it; and Leo was beside me just staring me down.

“Can you… just turn around and give me some ti-“Before I could continue Leo scoops me out of the water, his arms dripping water as he ignores my protests and carries me back inside on his arms as I feel my behinds being a little to… airy.

“Put me down! Just turn around! Go away! I can take care of this myself!”

“I bet you can.”


“You said you wanted to talk. So let’s talk.”

“Not like this!” Not while I’m at this pitiful state only because you can’t avert your eyes for a second yo-you brute!

“Alright, alright, we will talk, just put me down on the bathtub, leave, and find me on the balcony where we were, ok?”

He stops, looking at me with raised eyebrows, as if amused by my extreme reaction to the situation we were in, making me puff in annoyance.

“You don’t expect me to beg now do you?”

At that he laughed.

“Why? Are you that scared staying alone with me?” I could almost read the naked part under his lines.

“Scared? Me?! Never!” He hums a response, not buying it. “Just wary.”

Of course I was, after all, it was too soon to let him have his way physically.

Wait… Was I already considering a when?

I was so baffle at my own thoughts that I did not realized that he had already arrived at the bathhouse, only aware once Leo opens the door and walks in.


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