Chapter Sixty-Three
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Beyond all the joking and teasing I could feel that Leo was somewhat nervous, holding me tight and walking quickly with wide steps. I sigh at that, making he look down at me, so I just simply ask:

“What is it? What is bothering you?”

“Who said something is bothering me?”

“Your face is enough.” For me at least.

“Uhm, good to know that you pay so much attention to it.” I roll my eyes at that. He could not lose an opportunity to tease me now, could he?

After a strange silence, however, he speaks as we get closer to the bathroom door.

“Is… stupid, is just that for a second I forgot that you were immune to fire, and seeing all that lava pour down on you… it was just a silly worry.”

“Is not silly if affected you. But don’t worry, it takes far more than that to take me down; especially coming from my brother, uhm?”

I smile up at him as he opens the door, a small smile covering his lips as he nods.

“And it makes me glad to know you worry about me so much, but seriously can you at least let me clean myself in peace? I just need you to turn around…”

He stops, still holding on to me as a precious teddy bear, thinking about what I said, and grumbling back:

“If it is what you want then I’ll be a gentleman… This time.”

I huff in response as he opens the door sideways to the bath, making me stop talking as I catch a trance of a  smell that indicated that someone was inside; but who? All the others went to sleep…

Seeing my alert behavior Leo steps in with me, still carrying me as we got closer, hearing the sound of water moving as a black bareback comes to view from the person who was submerged in the water.

I narrow my eyes. It wasn’t someone that I knew, for sure, as the man turns his face towards us, barely moving his stiff and straight body.

Was he bathing or playing statue?

His eyes passed by us, uninterested, as he simply turns back as if nothing had happened, but I was left to be mesmerized by his odd yet enchanting appearance.

What was he…? He had a black coal skin that shined like petrol on the light, dark short blue hair combed back and white petrifying eyes, with only a black circular halo right in the middle, having an almost death ghostly gaze.

And yet his oddity had some charm, a brutal charm added by the scars on his body, on his eyebrow and lip. One more look, however, gave away as I stared down at his pointy ears.

A dark elf!

Beyond only hearing bad about his kind, Leo reaction was as bad as one would expect, opening his leg and ready to strike a good kick at his face with his powerful legs if the other one tried anything funny.

We stood there for a while, nobody moving nor saying anything, until he stands, letting the water run down his body and shamelessly climbing out of the bath.

That’s all I saw before Leo covered my eyes with his hand.

“Oi!” I could hear the other one moving, making me have a closer sniff over the damp humid place, and the usually metallic smell that covered his.

“No, Leo, wait! Is the Templar!”


The stoic behavior of the dark elf only makes me more sure that is him as I hear him shuffling in his clothes and simply leaving the place without uttering a word.


Just then Leo finally releases me from his grip, putting me down on a stool at the cleaning area, in front of some soap and a bucket that he filled for me.

I wait for him to leave as he promised… only that he didn’t, he just sat there on another stool beside me, a sharp gaze on me as his arm supported his chin up.

“One: What the hell? And two: Weren’t you going to be a gentleman and let me clean up alone?” Big emphasis on the alone there.

“You… you don’t even notice do you?”


“How can you make me so crazy for you and yet you don’t even realize the effect that you have on me…”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You, in the same day we start going out you simply ogle the first man you see right in front of me, top to the bottom, and still act like is nothing?”

Wait… he was… jealous? That… that’s new, I mean, with him saying as such, so directly and the open like this.

Of course I needed to make things worse for me… by taunting him.

“Oh… I see, well, he had a fine body alright, and exquisite features, how could I not look?” I smile up at him, giving back my own foxy smirk as his surprise turned to amusement and a glint of challenge turned his features into a predatory one as I could almost see the cogs in his head spinning, formulating his next schemes.

 His gaze was so intense that I blushed and gulped under it, suddenly regretting my taunting. He comes closer, his body covering mine and his face up close as I could not move back for my legs were still stuck on the rock.

He doesn’t say anything, which is more unnerving, as his face comes closer but instead of my lips he goes for my neck, firstly breathing his warm air over my skin making me have goosebumps all over as a wet sensation makes me jump and shiver at the same time, making him chuckle as he does that again.

H-he was licking me?

I clench my teeth at the foreigner sensation of his affectionate actions, my breathing racing up with my heartbeat as his hands went to my waist and pulled me closer to him, locking our bodies together as he keeps licking his way on my neck, nibbling and kissing here and there, making me worry that he would leave a mark.

But Leo’s sneaky predatory side was on as he kept my full attention to his kisses, making me gasp in surprise as his hand reached over my lower back and pulled on my tail ever so softly, making me lose my shit.

“Another weak spot hey? I love how sensitive you are to my caresses…”

If I trusted my voice right now I would have told him to shut up, but he did not stop caressing my tail as he speaks, scrapping the top with his nails, then the bottom, making me grip his back firmly as he started pulling and stroking in an up and down motion, as he had done with my member before.

The memory only makes me blush harder, feeling constricted under this rock.

I was a melting mess under his touch and the nibbling on my neck and shoulder as he gives little bites on the soft skin, going further down to my collar bone only to find out that my left nipple was exposed; but not for long as he covers it with his mouth.

“Ah! L-Leo, wh-what-!

He hugs me closer, bringing me to his lap only to feel his hard member being constricted by his pants poking my lower region as he kept caressing my tail and back.

All I could feel was his wet tongue passing over and over the tip of my sensitive nipple, and when I thought that it could not get better he starts sucking it, giving little bites and pulling it only to lick some more, as if kissing it.

 I could not think straight as he keeps caressing me, but I was wakened up when his sneaky hands went further down my back to a very sensitive area.

“No, w-wait up Leo I-I have something that I w-want to talk first.” He was so caught up in what the was doing that he did not even look up at me, making me bite my lower lip and somewhat say in a louder voice of what I intended to: “ I-I too have memories of my past life!”

At that he stops, a frown of curiosity on his features as I went on blabbering nonstop, not giving him a chance to meddle in or continue his caresses:

“I remember when I was not a hound, a time when a was a human, but not in this world, in the one I told in the fire, it was all real, but some parts are still fuzzy for me and some I could not make sense of but I-… I just thought that I should let you know, that… that, especially after you open up for me, that you told me that you had rebirth, that you never backed down from telling me the truth, that I knew I had to tell you, that you had the right to know, that-that I should not start this relationship with lies and-“

“Shh, is alright, I get it…” He says after I run out of breath, hugging me and patting my back in smooth circular movements that made me relax under his touch.

“You know, I really, really want us to work out.” I say, thinking I’m being too cringe and needy, but giving no fucks to it as I wanted to be transparent for him, for the most part. “So I feel that we should talk… get to know each other, I don’t know, is just that… I once went on with a quick relationship and it all ended pretty bad, is just… I want to take this slow, ok? To… to enjoy it to the fullest…”

I lower my ears at that, thinking of how much of a nuisance I’m being for him, how I’m not taking into consideration his feelings, how silly of me was to avoid this.

Shit, I knew a relationship would only end in troublesome thoughts and worries.

He talks very close to my ears, his warm breath making me shudder. “Is alright, I understand, I want to enjoy every moment too, is just that I want you so much… and I mean it, not only with your body, but I want to mark your mind with my smell, I want you to only have eyes for me, to only want my touch, to enjoy it… I guess you can say we are both very selfish of our wants and needs… But we can make this work, we will make this work.” He says, pulling back and looking me in the eyes, his golden ones shining with determination. “Because you know what? Problems, discussions, different interests and needs may arise, but in the end is part of what love is, is to forgive, is to understand, to respect each other and yourselves. No one is perfect so no relationship will be perfect too, but beyond all that one thing for sure is that I’ll never leave you, I’ll never betray you, because I love you very, very much.” I’m left stunned by his words as his thumb caresses my lower lips and jaw, making me lean on his warm palm and resting my face there, humming in response.

After a comfortable silence that he starts petting my hair and ears, he gives me a peck on the lips and stands, walking with small steps toward the exit, hesitant to leave, as he turns around one last time to say:

“I will be waiting for you at the veranda, we can chat there my little hound.”

He turns and leaves me to clean myself, for the first time making me agree, thinking that his words were true… that I was his hound as much as he was my elf.

But not little though.


Oh ho! Things are getting interesting… uhm, should I put a warning of light smut in this chapter? I think it takes off the surprise a little…

And owwww, they are bounding, how sweet!

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