Chapter Seventy-two
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Is easy to see that their situation is not as favorable as ours; having not so many fighting members in our group they ended up having to protect the others, but in such a crowded small space with an odd enemy to top that they all seemed to be trapped against a wall, literally.

Worst of all, none of them could see the black strings attached to the back of the floating creatures, attacking endlessly their bodies, only to make minor injuries that were easily ignored by the floating masses of goop.

I was going to help out, however one quick look outside changed my plans as I clenched my hands.

There were hundreds of them, rippers floating in the sky, all appearing to have come out of a contest of creepiest creature of all.

I could not fight them all, not with so many people to protect behind me.

“Hunthor! Change into our hound form and carry them out of here, I will buy you some time!”

“Sure brother!” I hear him shout after a bright fire explosion, not questioning my decision as he knew that there was no time for it, trusting that I knew what I was talking about and that I could take care of myself.

I jump up at the strongest creature who was blocking their way, a misty creature with a pair of shining eyes and small deer horns to the sides, accompanied by deer long floppy ears, which could be cute if it did not belong to such creature, its legs cracked in the middle and opening to the sides, making four limbs instead of two, staying in an odd angle like a weird crab, as the once deer appearance was ruined by horns like branches growing all over the misty goopy creature.

            He had only one string attached to him as he attacked with his legs, using them like long claws for they ended in some type of sharp hooves, pinching forward like sabers.

            As I run my shadow slides with me, my hound form taking shape in it, my hand clasping in the form of claws as I bring them up, slashing the air with them but having my shadow move as an extension of my own body, the talons forming from darkness and dropping down on the creature, but not with the size of my hand, but the full size of my gigantic hound form, the paw slashing the floating creature in half without even trying.

            It was enough to open a path out for my brother to burst in flames as his Hound Form came to view; or rather, his Cerberus form.

            And it is massive.

            His skin looks like rock with a tougher aspect to it, like lava solidified, with lines of red appearing here and there as if his own veins were on fire.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

            His three heads stood up with sharp eyes and razor teeth in his big mouths, and if he were to open then you could see a pit of fire inside his throats, a deadly cauldron for anyone who felt victim of his bite.

He had trained well, I will admit, and evolved quite nicely, even if in a somewhat normal build for Hell Hounds to follow, since most went like him to a fire only elemental type.

Yet his level overcame most.

I give a last good at his status, as it has been a long time since I did, proud of how far he came to.

Name: Palarran Hunthor Mìnaothon 

Gender: Male

Race: Cerberus Hell Hound

Age: 18

Level: 150


MP: 5210

SP: 2450

Attributes: Pure Fire

Titles: Younger Brother, Good Boy, Magic Holder, Graspy Singer, Fire Holder, Multi-Caster, Three-Headed Beast

Attacks: Claw 122, Bite 124, Swim 112, Tail Whip 133, Aim 253, Support 246

Magic: Presence Sense 135, Healing Saliva 133, Telepathy (Older Brother), Intimidation 65, Multi-cast 600

Fire Magic: Hell Cerberus Form, Fire Form 152, Fire Manipulation 152, Fire Barrier 152, Fire Arrow 152, Fire Whip 152, Heat Illusion 52, Laser Bean 152, Healing Heat 152, Fire Slash 152, Fireball 152, Fire Breath 152, Fire Armor 152, Lava Breath 152, Explosive Ball 152, Fire Invocation 152, Fire Levitation 152,

Resistances: Fire 302, Water 17, Earth 112, Poison 39, Illusion 4, Bleed 47, Cold 19, Fatigue 145, Hunger 146

Language: Hound Language MAX, Common Language MAX, Elven Language MAX

Ineptitudes: Sing -83, Stealth -89, Too good for this world

Status: Alert

I remember when I went to human society, trying to learn their ways, that one of the things I wanted to know about is how they saw and classified magical creatures, and one of these places was the guilds.

Each level up corresponds to a letter or classification, most meeting the same levels that were required to level up, which means that under level 5 you have the category of D class, level 15 is class C, and so on and on, making us class S, me class S+ since I was a unique kind of evolution.

Funny how most creatures didn’t even pass level 100, and most strong humans reached only 60; though elves reached level 120 for living much longer.

The last hero that I know of was level 150, and we already surpassed that; that just how strong we are.

“Up you all, now!”

My brother lays down as I use my Shadow Tentacles to pull them up and on his back as his three heads keep conjuring fireballs at any incoming goopy monsters, destroying the strings together in the explosive process without even realizing it.

I try to put Leo too, but he dodges my shadows and gets closer to me.

“I’m staying with you and that is not up to discussion!”

I wanted to argue with him but I see the deer-like shadow that I slashed before starting to mend together, his parts all outside after the blow of my gigantic paw.

I only have enough time to take Shu out of the ground and throw him to one of the twins as my brother bend his hind legs and jumps farther away into the back, running towards the woods as his body disappears between the foliage.

Relief that I did not have to worry about them anymore I turn towards the entrance, the garden being overtaken by those creatures, on the roofs, on the floor dragging themselves, over the sky and everywhere I looked.

The flying ones, as if being swinged midair by the string, where threw towards my brother, trying to give chase.

“No gonna happen buddy!”

Since my hound form would be an easy target against so many enemies I use my humanoid form, however using a trick that I learned from years of fighting; a half form between my shadow form and my humanoid form.

It was as if I was wearing my shadow like a cloak as the black mass followed my movements and stretched over my arms and legs, increasing the ledge of my limbs and making me jump higher as if my big hound legs where boosting me up.

As I’m in the air I pull my arm back and swing it forward with all my strength, my shadow stretching more and more as my clawed paw cut the air in their direction, so fast that a swooshing sound accompany the movement, cutting the creatures in half as the pressure of the movement pushed them backward, out of the garden.

I drop on the floor and see Leo carving with expertise runes over the trees, his dagger moving with the skill of a master cooker as, in a blink of an eye, a barrier was raised behind us, enough to stall these creatures.

But I trusted my brother would not need that, even more with us stalling them.

A fangs full smile curves my lips up; it has being a long time since I had a good fight like this, the excitement making my heart speed up and a slight tremble runs through my body, my eyes scanning the battlefield as I raised my lip in a snarl.

For a second it is as everything had stopped, the adrenaline rush making me aware of the sound of our breathing, a last deep breath being take as my fingers get rigid and, as a string being released hell breaks loose all at once; All the closer creatures jump at me, no one on one politics as the puppets attacked me from the ground, the sky, both sides.

Bring it on.

With a quick smooth move my hand goes up, bringing the shadow from the ground with it and crushing its victim as the other hand punched outwards the next, ending with me breathing black fire up close the face of the goopy creatures, no screams of pain nor rolling around to extinguish the flames as they were simply get consumed by it, melting into a puddle of goop as the strings were burned to a crisp with it.

All attacks from both sides go so fast that is almost impossible to see me between the body of the creatures jumping and attacking, covering my field of vision as I slashed, dodged, attacked and burned them up without mercy, covering the once pristine garden in black goop in no time.

As if aware that throwing those low-level creatures at me and Leo would not work they start to retreat, but only a few steps, as if waiting for something.

That’s when, from the back of the group, more creatures surge, black misty ones with a powerful look to them.

But that’s not all.

I recognized one of those.

And that made me widen my eyes in horror.


Author Note:

The classification: SSS; SS; S; A; B; C; D; E

(( * level’s up ))

5* E // 15* D // 50* C // 70 B // 100 A // 150* S // 300 SS // 400 SSS // 500* Unique

Author: *walks in the studio* Oi have you finish recording the extra yet? We are already late for Halloween!

Author stops, looking at the scene unfold in front of her as someone screamed:

“Oh, no no no, it won’t fit, I can’t take anymore, let me cum ahhh!”

Author closes the door slowly and retreats, glad that nobody noticed her.

A life crisis passes her mind and she sighs; what have I done?!

Leo: Art.

Oh boy.

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