Chapter Twenty-Two
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“Welcome to your vampiric tour of the haunted hospital in the apocalypse zombie! As the first ones to enjoy our show, you will gain a prize at the end of the tour!”

I clap my hands, without making a sound though, urging them to follow me as Richard roll his eyes, a bunny Dylan hooping by my side with shining curious eyes.

“This is the inmate's area, where they held down the supernatural creatures.” I point out, stretching my arm as a presenter from a bizarre circus show.

We go to the second room, the door opening first to a contain area, having a space farther in behind silver grids. There were chains upon chains in there, coming from the floor, ceilings, walls, ticker then my arm.

“The werewolf compound. Everything was made of silver to make them weaker; even though it burned their skin a little. There are openings for gas as well on the sides if anything got out of control.”

I could see black lines covering Dylan’s features as he looks closer at the many scratches and dark stains that the cold cell had, marks of an untold buried past.

I simply went to the next one, feeling bitter as I remembered how I could hear his howls from my own prison beside his, which I deliberate passed, being the first door in this place.

I mechanically explained the last ones, my eyes lingering to the first pair of double doors, knowing far too well how it was inside without even entering it; there would be the same grids as in the others, I contain zone, but inside there would be a single metal chair bolted on the floor, with straps upon straps in it to hold the wrist, feet, arms, stomach, neck and sometimes head and mouth, until you could only blink.

Beside it there would be a pole holding plastic bags, various tubes waiting to be filled with red blood, a constant flow that would always have the creature thirsty, so thirsty, but far too weak to free himself, only watching the constant flow, to hear the sickening spasm of his own veins being emptied.


And over.

And over.


Given the minimal to survive.

Taken to the edge of unconsciousness.

There would be 121 tiles on the floor, a double faded green door that opens inwards, as well as the grid metal door, rusty in places, with 7 grids per square, with 40 squares making the grid division.

There would be no windows, no ventilation, and if needed an electric current could be activated over the grid or the chair, whichever they would prefer…

Only for that sickening feeling to overcome me again, like a bag being emptied, like a toothpaste being squished and rolled until the last drop.

And the thirsty.

Oh God the thirsty.

My tongue would be always numb from me biting it down, trying to find some relief.

I close my eyes, inhaling deeply, pushing the memories away as I turn with a smile towards my two humans.


Not yet.

But soon.

“So, this is the captives area, but I don’t think that your cure would be here… Perhaps in the labs? We will need to look more in there.”

I babble, turning on my heels as I can see the always attentive Richard staring at me, not even paying attention to the surroundings I was showing them.

It was 8 years ago, none of it matters anymore, not even revenge, even more, revenge upon who? They were already dead when I got out. Most of them at least.

I felt Dylan hand on mine, intertwining our fingers, but that only made me madder.

“I don’t need your pity.” I spilled out, taking my hand off from his.

Dylan seems shocked by my reaction, looking down at his hand, but I wasn’t in the mood to make up for it. Call it selfish, childish, but this place… these bitter memories made me want to retaliate at someone, anyone.

But at least I tried the best way I could to hold it in, fisting my hands on the side, my eyes traveling back to that first double green door unconsciously.

Richards, watching the whole situation unfold, approaches, but instead of going towards Dylan as I thought he would he passes us, going straight to the doors I was staring at.

“What are y-“

Before I could continue he simply goes in, making me confuse in more ways than one as I soon follow, frowning. Dylan and I enter at the same moment we hear a bang, and soon we discover what it is.

I just stood there, watching, my mouth open, petrified enough that it was Dylan who asked:

“What are you doing Richard?”

He was hammering the place down with his ax; which was a red sturdy one used by the firefighters. He started breaking the floor, easily since it was almost falling apart alone, then he rooked the grid door and pulled, almost getting it off the place since it was already damaged.

Then he went to the chair, breaking my frozen state, making me ask as well:

“What are you doing?” I say, so low that I thought he didn’t hear it, until he stops and looks up at me.

“Destroying the place.”

“Yeah but why?” I ask once he turns back to crashing the place down, now harder since most were made of metal.

“I saw.” He starts talking between swings.” That look you had – swing – in many soldiers – swing – before things went to shit.” He stops, supporting himself against the ax, making me look down at his sweaty neck, the vision almost making me purr.

“If you just let it like that it will eat you alive from the inside. And, believe me, no better way to forget than destroying some things.”

“B-but that will attract zombies!” Dylan says, but Richard only shrugs, back to breaking the place up.

“Samael can deal with them.”

That’s when I lose it, throwing my head back and laughing out loud, the whole situation messing my brain up.

“Come on now Richard, if you wanted to show off your ability with the ax while all sweaty I can think of many other better ways to do that…” He just raises an eyebrow at that, seemly getting used to my teasing. Is that a challenge dear wolfy?

“But, really, Richard, you will put your precious Dylan in danger only to break this place up?”

“No, I’m ensuring that you are up to the task not with your head in the clouds. Plus I like destroying things. Come on now, join me.”

 I frown, again, and you know what? Fuck it. I always hated this place, and I could easily deal with any zombies that came here.

I went straight to the chair, hammering my fists down the metal; this fucking thing was the most uncomfortable that ever existed I tell ya. Then I broke the grids, throw against the wall, kicked the remaining of the floor, and somewhat… that made me feel lighter, not in the way that not being alone, having there here has done, but in a way of… letting go of the past, making this exist only in the past, in my memories.

I guess I’ve been always scared of returning here, of waking up one day strapped down without a way to escape, of feeling so impotent, so miserable… those who fear only death do not know the horrors of being alive.

Dylan sighs. “Zombies incoming, you two brutes.”

The slowpokes came mostly from this building, and as it has been locked down long ago there were only a few to be deal with, nothing much, cut cut slash cut.

Yawn, I say, not even good for having fun anymore, like killing a turtle, or a snail, without the protection of course.

We move on, leaving a mess up room behind, going deeper and deeper into the research area, passing very dark halls that had no windows; fact covered up by external walls on the outside; as all doors were ripped and broken from when the subjects escaped.

Once we truly arrive in the most private dangerous part the humans stop to look around, harder as they only had one flashlight, and not even a good one at that.

On the sides there were circular tubes, some smalls holding meaty parts bubbling up, many hiden now for the once green liquid they were in turned brown or black, but the disturbing ones stood tall on high-to-ceiling tubes, having more form as well; torsos, legs, arms, you could almost make a shape out of the pieces of pulsating meat.

“Oh God…” Dylan says, but prompts to him for he doesn’t throw up.

There were tables everywhere as well with tubes, containers, books, papers scattered about, computers with more than one screen, telescopes and on and on. I point to one end, showing each door as I speak:

“At the end there there is the director’s office, next is the test rooms were they would strap the subjects down, but I doubt you will find anything useful there.”

I look the place up for zombies; not that I needed with my earing; and once I give my thumbs up Dylan goes as a dog out of the leash, stealing Richard’s lantern as he messes the papers up.

I stay beside Richard, watching the whole thing unfold, suddenly very bored, and, of course, when that happens my mind tends to wander to far more pleasant thoughts…

“You would do a fine lumberjack.”

He doesn’t say anything, and I try to hide a smile as I continue:

“Though I think the classic ones use too many clothes, you know, for a job that they sweat all the time; maybe just the pants, the straps and the cap would do just fine...”

The image of Richard cutting logs with his chest exposed made my lower head stand on alert as his brought the ax up, giving a godly view of his abs, and brought it down, showing off his toned arms, making pose while resting the ax on his shoulder and cleanin his sweaty forehead.

Uhm uhmmm.

“But an ax is a slow tool to cut the tree down, you know, you need to go in, and out, in, then out of the wood all the time until it falls, I , however, prefer the chainsaw; it hammers down non-stop at the right spot, mercilessly until it gets what it needs…”

Richard grumbles but I know he is paying attention to what I’m saying; and not the censored version. I chuckle as a comfortable silent befalls on us.

“So… “ I start, again, earning a grunt from him. “Are you still mad about the master thingy?”


That brought a needle stab on my heart. I nod. “Ok then, I won’t do it again.”

Sensing my distress, however, he starts to get uncomfortable, balancing his weight to one leg to the other.

“But…” He said, almost inaudible, making me hum in response. “The rest I was ok with.”

It took me some time to realize that he had said, but once it downed into me it caught my breath as a crooked smirk curved my lips up, making me want to repeat all of that here and there.

“… I found it.” Suddenly Dylan says, interrupting and coming back towards us, not as happy as I thought he would be; but oh well, we could discuss that later, for now I only wanted to go back home; and maybe find some new costumes to play with them, uhm.

“Let’s go then, no time to waste.” I simply say, turning around and humming as we finally left this forsaking place.

There are far more interesting things for us to be doing right now…

“Care to take that shit eating smile off your face?” Grumble Richard, which only made my smile wider.

Yes, there are far, far more interesting things…


I always finish the base for a chapter and I’m all like; damn, Samael needs more kinky jokes on this one lol

Oh, and I have a quick question this week, hehe:

Would you guys want a heterosexual/GL story in the future? Or pure BL for life?

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