Chapter 1: The Beginning Fight Fusion Warriors
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In a strange turn of events, Vegito battles someone whose appearance shares many similarities with his. Their fists clashed at a rapid pace causing ripples in the Air every time they did. The two fighters seemed to be evenly matched even though they had been going at it for a whole 2 minutes the longest someone had fought with Vegito without realizing they were out-matched. Has the fight continued it was clear that both of the fighters were even. Vegito places his middle and index figure on his forehead teleporting a few feet away from his opponent.

Vegito: I never thought I'd be pushed this far

???: true most opponents don't last this long

Vegito: you really are something I never thought someone could fight me at an even level in my super Saiyan 2 form.

Vegito: it makes me want to show you the difference in our power.

???: That sounds interesting Vegito bring it on

Vegito Lets out a loud cry has Vegito begins to power up everything around him shakes has his hair extends and becomes spiker.

Vegito: This is my full power super Vegito level 3

Vegito: dragon buster

Vegito pulls back his fist and punches forward releasing what seems to be an evolved version of the dragon fist.

Vegito: let's see you survive this Gogeta.

Gogeta: I'll do more than just survive Vegito

( a few weeks earlier )

In a lab, a man can be seen wearing a white coat as he watches a body floating within a tank filled with strange purple liquid

???: To think I'd come this far just a little more and my new body will be done.

our protagonist watches the body floating inside the tank while thinking about the events that transpired a few weeks back.

???:  sigh Though it's easier to collect ki from This world it will still be a pain in the ass to get the ki of those two .

My plans will start next week I'll host the first multiverse tournament and then when I collect enough energy from those two my new body will be done.

( A/n very short first chapter with a lot of mystery to make it exciting also this book will have reader votes from time to time to decide what will happen in the story I'll try to make another chapter before the end of the week.)

First reader vote: Should the mc be a reincarnate or  not ( picking not will not mean that the mc won't have future knowledge i'll just have to make it so that it's not from watching the show)

First reader vote: Should the mc be a reincarnate
  • mc should be a reincarnate Votes: 5 62.5%
  • no he shouldn't be a reincarnate Votes: 3 37.5%
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