Chapter 2 : a secret deal and mysterious ring ( extra short bonus chapter)
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( a day before the multiverse tournament )

???: to think you could make something of this caliber

A purple-skinned male with red eyes, white hair, and pointed ears With fairly tall and well-muscled in build stares at our protagonist rijen.

???: Stop playing around and give me the rings fu I didn't come all this way for small talk

fu: Don't be so serious rijen has long as you made a warrior befitting of being my secret weapon you'll get your rings.

Our protagonist rijen stares down the demon fu the man that currently holds the secret to his plans in the palm of his hands

rijen: we'll then does this meet your expectations

He says this as he stares at fu's right hand which holds a yellow marble.

fu: it meets and surpasses them getting you to build this for me was a great idea with this the rate at which I gather energy will be doubled

Fu: To think a genius like you was hiding out in such a miserable timeline.

fu: why don't you join me with someone like you around achieving my goals will be all too easy

rijen: Fu I said enough with the small talk don't make me release that thing cause if I do you will die

fu: sigh your no fun 

Fu: Here are your ring though the time ring makes sense taking this one doesn't even I can't use it.

He say this while handing our protagonist a time ring and a red colored ring 

snatching the two rings out of fu's hand our protagonist clicks a tiny red button that was attached to his wristwatch teleporting out of his and fu's arranged meeting area.

fu: interesting it seems another opportunity will soon present itself for now I need to try out my new toy.

saying this he pockets the yellow marble in his hands.

Fu: we'll meet again rijen.

And so with that declaration, the meeting between fu and our protagonist ends what could fu's new weapon be why does our protagonist need a time ring and another mysterious ring. find out next time on dragon ball beyond.

( another short chapter  I try to stretch these out as much as I can welp next chapters on Wednesday I'll make it at least 650 words all comment on if you want very short chapters but fast releases or 2 long chapters a week. Also, I'm trying to build the setting and plot along with the mc's motives and characters by revealing a little bit of information in each chapter )