Chapter 3 : vegeta vs majin goku vercious battle of rival’s
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( alternate reality: 105 age 776 location: earth north America )

Vegeta: kakarot snap out of it you're better than this

Goku: Vegeta we will end this here and now

Vegeta: Babidi's dead kakarot why are you letting his spell control .

Has Vegeta grit his teeth he exchanges blows with Goku. Though unlike their previous fights before this Goku intends to kill Vegeta this time.

Vegeta: Kakarot it isn't like you to surrender yourself like this is your will so pathetic that you could be so easily manipulated by a dead wizard.

Goku: shut up Vegeta you wouldn't understand I have no reason to live it was me I killed Gohan, chi-chi, goten, trunk, even Bulma. I have nothing left.

Goku: don't act like you could forgive and try to reason with me I failed as a father and has the hero of earth. I killed your wife and son don't pretend that you could forgive me.

Vegeta: True one of use will walk away from this dead but I wouldn't ever lower myself to your level, not the way you are now this isn't you this isn't the kakarot that pushed me to reach even greater heights the one that I strived to beat I refuse to let someone I considered a rival stoop so low if we have to fight to the death then at least show some pride KAKAROT!!!

vegeta: the way you are now killing you for myself and family would be bring me no satisfaction.

After saying this Vegeta charges towards Goku delivering a voracious uppercut. The punch connects with Goku's face causes him to step back.

Goku: shut up Vegeta you have no right to lecture me about pride were was your pride when you feel under Babidi's control and released Majin Buu.

has Goku says this he releases a rapid  barrage of punches towards Vegeta

the battle between Goku and Vegeta rages on till sunsets.

both Goku and Vegeta send a punch toward each other as both punches connect.

both Goku and Vegeta power down out of super Saiyan 3 which Vegeta had recently just managed to access.

has both fighters take their stance and stare at each other just like back when they first fought.

Goku: Vegeta this will be your end you will die here this is retribution for your selfish actions Ka-me-ha-me-ha

vegeta: i will not hold back kakarot Galick gun

The attacks clash with each other resulting in a beam struggle.

( Majin Goku  p.o.v )

I as our attacks clash I thought what was the point of it all? Was this my miserable attempt to vent my rage by letting myself fall into darkness?

I'm weak this all started because of my weakness back when I fought buu if I hadn't used that dark power implanted in me by babidi if I had used my strength this all wouldn't have happened.

I'm a fool only after losing something do I realize this back on Namek Gohan and Krillin died because of me. Then later during the cell games, I forced Gohan to fight the cell when he wasn't ready it was my fault that he was forced to uses a self-destruction technique to kill him. I was stupid I forced my ideas on my son not to think about the fact that he didn't like to fight. Yet after Krillin and the others wanted to revive everyone I had the nerve to stay dead and leave my son without a father just to yet again force them to fight buu.

( A/N: this didn't happen in cannon it just to set up a situation where Goku a pure of heart person would become a Majin

I'm a fool that's the reason babidi used all this magic to implant that darkness in me before He died. Yet knowing this I still used that power in the fight against buu thinking I could overpower babidi's magic.

It was my fault if I hadn't lost control everyone would still be alive my sons would chichi Krillin Yamcha tien all of them would be alive.

All I'm doing is blaming this on Vegeta I just mad that he was the only one to survive i'm pathetic Has I think this I feel weird. It was like I was sinking into the darkness.

( general p.o.v )

Has the beam struggle between Goku and Vegeta continued for a while? It seemed that both warriors were not going to let up until Goku lets out a yell of pain. in a similar fashion to babidi awakening Majin Vegeta's hidden power. Goku's power skyrocketed as his body subconsciously powered up to Super Saiyan 3. His beam overpowered Vegeta's beam kill Vegeta in the process.

looking at the destruction in front of him Goku's hands shook not with joy but with despair. He had hoped killing Vegeta would give him some sort of relief from his guilt but he didn't it brought him even more pain.

rijen: my how I love the sight of a person in despair.

our protagonist rejin smiles while looking towards majin Goku

rijen: though I must ask is this really what you wanted majin Goku the death of all your friend and acquaintances.

Goku: who are

rejin: I'm the only one in the position to ask questions here majin Goku because I'm the only one that can give you something you desire greatly dragon balls

rejin: With those, you could do it over and bring back everyone you killed

Goku: what don't lie to me how could you have dragon balls I killed Dende

and destroyed new namek you having dragon balls is impossible.

says majin Goku has he think back to when the dark energy took over him and he rampaged across the universe.

rijen: well of course the dragon balls I talk about are not from this reality.

rijen waves his hand and a red portal appears in the back of him.

follow me into this portal to participate in my multiversal tournament if you win then you'll get the dragon balls

And with that our protagonist and majin Goku walk through the portal what other fighters will take part in the tournament who will win find out next time on dragon ball beyond.

( A/N: I did the backstory for one of the alternate reality fighters that participate in the multiverse tournament I know the idea of majin Goku is really popular so I created a setting where he would exist.  How many multiverse tournaments do think should happen. how many fighters should be in these tournaments. who should participate in them ( The only limit to participants is that they can't be stronger than ssj4 Gogeta has I plan on having another multiverse tournament in a later arc so at least 2 of them )  Tell me your opinion in the comments?