Chapter 4: The start of multiversal tournament rijens true intentions revealed
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Has our protagonist rijen walks through the portal he is greeted by the sight of 14 fighters each of which had extremely potent ki. In this situation, any normal person would have fainted but rijen walked forward with confidence Has the 14 fighters turned to look towards him he steps atop a stage and walked towards a microphone stationed in the middle of it, and began his speech.

rijen: welcome one and all to the multiverse tournament you 14 fighters have each been selected from your respective multiverses or timelines to participate in it.

rijen: has all of you have probably guessed by now this tournament contains a lot of strong fighters but in my opinion having 14 of you fight in matches 2 by two would take too long so I decided we play a game.

after saying this rijen points toward a screen with the picture of a planet on it

rijen:  this right here is the black star-planet it's a plant that is specifically used for battles that could damage other planets around the solar system the plant itself is strong enough to withstand each one of you duking it out at maximum power the special constitution of the plant also makes it so that the power you use to fight on it doesn't affect other weaker plants.

???: hmm interesting such a planet exists though it's hard to believe that a mere planet could contain my full power in all its perfect glory.

Though a little annoyed by the interruption our protagonist continues with his speech.

rijen: I will give out 7 dragon balls to 7 of the 14 fighters here the other 7 fighters' jobs will be to fight with one of the 7 holding the dragon balls and take the dragon ball. the condition for entering the tournament is one dragon ball that will be your ticket of entry into this tournament.

rijen: easy rules to understand right we'll those are the only rules anything else is free game weapons killing anything at all.

After saying this our protagonist hands out seven dragon ball to the seven contestants

rijen: All contestants please step in this circle.

has all 14 contestants step in the circle a blinding flash of light engulfs the entire area.

Has the figure of all 14 fighters disappear.

rijen's body begins to shake uncontrollably as he takes off the cloak that he wore during the entirety of his speech. Has he did his appearance that seemed to be a mix between that of Gogeta and Vegito was revealed.

rijen: Shit this body keeps aching for a fight I should limit my contact with those fighters or I might just go out of control and attack one of them.

rijen: Why do Saiyan instincts have to be so troublesome when I turned myself into a Saiyan by modifying my body with the cells/DNA of Vegito, Gogeta, kefla, and Gotenks this isn't what I had expected.

( A/N : << >> this represent the characters thoughts

<< The instability of this body forced me to body switch with one of my clones to escape having my body explode. For a week I had to go about planning this tournament in that body if it weren't for the fact that the body-switching machine forces people back into their original body after a week then I wouldn't have switched back until I created the machine I needed to keep using this body without exploding from energy overload. I need to work on gathering enough ki to create that device and get this body's ki increases under control fast or I'll explode and die if only it wasn't so hard >>

( welp that's today's chapter I will be working on the mc's back story soon so tell me in the comments if you want him to be a reincarnate from modern earth or not. )