Chapter 22 – Talking to the In-Laws
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After a tongue bath just like the previous time, all the semen was licked up by the excited and grateful maids. After that, my body was cleaned using a wet, hot towel before I was prepared and dressed for the morning.

Many of my clothing was Victorian or traditional gothic style but others included maxi dresses or sun dresses. Almost all my clothing were dresses but with something this big for a body as small as mine... it's hard to find trousers or something similar where a bulge wouldn't show.

At least, their available basic unisex clothing or the few male clothing would look indecent if I wore them.

I managed to request certain types of clothing, they would be tailored and prepared within ten days.

I haven't had time to get information on this world and the situation with the Corrupted, my main focus has been the language and the spear. Today was the same in the morning: I was dressed, taken to eat in the large dining room, followed by some free time and then going to study until midday.

After this, however, the arrival of someone broke the usual routine. This person was Joan's father, the master of the house and from I've managed to gather, one of the most influential men in the kingdom.

For tea, both Joan's mother and father joined me. I was eating some cake and fruits while sitting outdoors under a canopy, the cool wind and clear skies made for perfect weather to be meeting my future in-laws. That didn't stop me from choking in surprise when he appeared out of nowhere and introduced himself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, young lady, my name is Maximus Adrian Apicius. I am the father of Joan, my apologies for not coming sooner to express my gratitude for saving her life." He said before taking a seat across me, mother-in-law also showed up just after that.

"Helen, come here and take a seat." Patting the seat next to him, he looked at his wife who was instructing one of the maids to do something. She came over and sat down, still graceful despite her stature, "Lilith, it's wonderful to finally be able to converse with you. Viscount Smoke told me that you have finally reached the standard of a level 10 speaker of Avalanian. You have reached a point where simply conversing with others will help develop your linguistic level further. It was distressing not being able to thank you properly till now." Her tone was sincere and I smiled in response.

"It's okay. Joan helped me a lot when she found me, it was the deity who sent me to her. But the Great doesn't change that it was Joan who helped me when I was so lost." I was so friggin proud of myself for learning Latin so quickly. My words sound awkward and broken but it wasn't hard to understand.

They stiffened for a moment, secretive eye contact between them was noticeable because they were shaken. I guessed that this was one of the things they wanted to hear about, telling them so easily must have caught them off guard. It was a good way for me to notice that they had agreed on certain topics beforehand. "How were you chosen to be a deity's champion? And what did she tell you for you to choose our daughter? I would like to hear whatever there is that you are permitted to tell us."

I found it interesting that they called deities, the 'Great'. As that thought passed my mind, I said, "There isn't a lot to say. I was close to death because I was indirectly hurt by a deity's battle. I was chosen by the Great Cassandra to be her Champion and healed, she said that changes are happening in the battle of the world and Blessed like me would be needed. I was the first Blessed with my kind of blessing in this world and more would follow in the future." Champion is the title for any who was chosen by a deity and Blessed would be someone with powers the directly fight against Taint.

I stopped there to organise my words since just saying all that took over five minutes, I had trouble with my level 10 Avalanian. I was also alert that they knew that I know English, or at least a language with roots in 'Latin' that may or may not exist in this world. Plus, I'm not sure if the way I have been acting made Helen suspicious of my 'amnesia' and lack of knowledge.

"This... If your words are true then I must go to see the king immediately and hold a world *******. A new form of Sin will appear amongst the Tainted! We have been fortunate that the only taint we have had so far was 'blo-" He froze suddenly, his expressionless face suddenly twisted and he took a deep breath before asking, "Did Joan also have this taint? Was her illness the new taint all along?"

"Yes." I heard a new word I didn't understand but I could guess that it was a word for a meeting or something. "My blessing reacted when I met her, so I knew she was the one who the Great wanted me to save."

"Is she cured?" He had a dark look on his face but it eased after hearing what I said, I replied, "I'm not sure, Mr Apicius. It was clear she was feeling better, but I'm not sure if she is fully cured."

I truly had no idea how to gauge whether she was still tainted or not, was she cured? Or did letting her drink my cum simply help relieve the symptoms? My blessing is still low-levelled so it's hard for me to believe she was better already. He nodded his head at my words and finally got to the point of what he must have wanted to ask, "I have heard of your fond relationship with my daughter, as well as your... unique body and gender. Are you interested in getting engaged to Joan?"

I was left dumbfounded by the conclusion of this little interrogation.