Chapter 30 – Combat Maids
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The dog was placed in my carriage, bound tight with a gag, blindfold and air element magic that isolated sound to remove his hearing. He had a completely defeated look on his face, he gave in and looked like the world was going to end when I introduced myself as the Blessed Champion of Lady Cassandra.

This bastard had one of his men hold Sister Thea's hands over her head, his waist shaking vigorously as he pushed her legs over her head too. The look of drugged satisfaction on his face as he got excited the more the children cried was engraved into my mind, the twisted body of a child who looked barely a year over ten and a young nun with her whole life ahead of her was also impossible to forget. It was impossible to forget how their bodies were abused by those greasy fuckers even after their deaths.

That young girl was by far the prettiest of the children, but what should have been something to give her pride and confidence instead attracted the attention of those monsters and lead to such a tragic end.

I had no intention of letting him off no matter how much pressure I would withstand, 'After all, I can afford to make a few enemies with my status. If I can't even fuck this dog over, then my position which is equivalent to a holy saint in western novels would be put to waste.'

Right now, I can use my status to help these kids and deal with the situation, but what kind of views do the nobles and powerful have of the common populous in this kingdom? Will it put a strain on my relationship with the Apicius family?

'If I say this is to help cleanly deal with the issue I was directed to by Lady Cassandra's revelation or whatever term is accurate, will they overlook it?' What made me feel most comfortable was that the knights showed no adverse reactions when I requested they all be brought to the mansion.

I sat by the carriage window with Sofia beside me as she fed me some snacks, opposite me was Gwendolyn removing my boots and massaging my feet, and beside her was Clarise who managed to show a perfect level of professionalism despite her restless personality. The three sat with poise and spoke to one another in low voices, mostly discussing the people they need to talk to so as to prepare things for the kids and who would be responsible for helping me change dress.

I then looked at the final person on the carriage who was trussed up like a chicken and bound further with a chain filled with some kind of magic. I looked at him and said, "Unlike most of those knights and the two mages, I am not yet able to use all, or any for that matter, types of magic. So if you fail to answer my question, you can only hope that you have a fetish for having your balls busted by a beauty like me... and I mean busted quite literally."

Clarise jumped from her seat immediately and grabbed his arms that were tied behind him and yanked him up. He winced and stood since the only other option would be having his arms wrenched out of their sockets.

Looking at him like this, I had to admit the fucker was handsome, if only he didn't have such a bad complexion (must be the drugs). I looked at Clarise in surprise, she then answered, "All maids in the mansion must learn at least the basics of combat. All maids know the simplest attack spells of the four elements and can fight bare-handed along with either the sword or the bow. Although some prefer to learn the spear or whip."

I looked at the three of them in turn, trying to guess who is good at what, 'A few days into this new world and I got myself 3 combat maids... Fucking awesome.'

Sophia answered my unspoken question first, "I specialise in using a bow and earth magic. I can make my arrows heavy and find my targets who are touching the ground easily, I tend to blast my enemies with arrows that are usually half a Libra in weight on average when imbued with mana"

The dog had a look of surprise as he turned his eyes to Sophia, I figured from his reaction that her level of ability for age is rare to find in a maid.

Gwendolyn was next, "I use a bastard sword and I'm not very good with magic. I am training to use aura at the moment and prefer the use of light magic to support myself in battle to blind the opponent or create low-level illusions... but it's not very useful against strong or experienced opponents, not to mention monsters that don't rely on their eyes. Sophia is a rare talent amongst the maids."

"Yeah, big sis Sophie keeps getting compliments from those grumpy old teachers and even the Head came over when he heard the rumours!" Clarise couldn't help but brag a little about her older cousin who was blushing slightly at the praise. The use of the word, Head, was meant for the leader of the household, another word used is patriarch or matriarch.

Despite Gwendolyn's words giving a feeling of lacking confidence or strength, the way she said it and her body language didn't give the impression of someone who was weak. Sophia's following words affirmed my thoughts, "That might be true, but most of the instructors claimed that Gwendolyn's dedication to the sword was on its way to showing results. She just needed a bit more time and some combat experience before she could use a pseudo-aura."

Gwendolyn smiled, "Thankfully, while I'm no genius, I don't have a lacking aptitude either so my efforts are bearing fruit as time passes. The real odd one is actually Clarise, her inborn speed and strength are something else."

"The Apicius family sure knows where to spend its money." The Hol- the ex-Holy Knight grumbled under his breath at the idea that a maid even more talented than Sophia was currently holding him in place.

"Yup! I was born super fast and while my strength isn't as special, I am still stronger than most soldiers so long as their level is within 15 levels of mine. I'm really bad at most magic.... but, but I worked hard so I can use fire magic really well now! I like to fight using bare-handed combat and the teachers say my reflexes are so fast that I haven't been able to learn any techniques against those at my level... but anyone fast enough to fight me is usually way stronger than me, how can I fight them when even one unlucky hit can kill me?"

I couldn't help but chuckle a little when what started off with her nose in the air as she bragged ended with her pouting adorably as she grumbled about her training difficulties. I comforted her, "Don't worry about that for now, I'll think of a few things that can help you with your training later."

"REALLY?!" She jumped up with joy at my words, her movements almost ripping that guys arms off, I was honestly flattered she trusted in my words that much and I had no intention of going back on those words, "Sure, it might take some time but I'm sure I can get it done."