Chapter 3 ~ Phased Intrusion (3)
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Large multi-layered buildings, he was in awe at the sight of what is in front of him.

Wrapping her hand on his shoulder, Sonia keeps on sighing over and over again ever since they step foot outside of the house, “Haa… why can’t we be in the same class? Uwu…”

Glancing at her awful expression, he chuckled, “We can still meet again, right?”

“Obviously, duh…" sighing, "See you later, sugar. God, I need some right now…”

Sluggishly leaving to the left direction, he on the other hand, went to the right side. Somehow, he knows where to go, and when he reached his class.

All eyes are on him.

“Yo, Glen. She’s here.”

A young man nudging on another young man with an extremely stylish-looking hair and a superbly dashing look.

‘Is he another one of this girl's acquaintance?’

He only glanced at him without saying a word.

‘Doesn’t seem to be it, had it been, he would’ve come and greet me.’

As he walked past the many seats and ended at the one beside the window, he notices quite a couple of glares coming from the group of young women on the other side of the room.

‘What’s wrong with them.’

Notices a slight discomfort with the uniform he’s wearing, he sat down while putting the bag he carries to the side of his chair, and then loosen his collar a little.

‘So this is the place I’ll have to regularly visit.’

‘Hmph, why does this woman even bother to study when her life is in danger. Does it even benefit her at all?’

‘All I know is that knowledge would prove useful only if it aligns well with your goal. But to acquire even the slightest chance to accomplished a well-rounded academic feats, it takes years to achieve.’

'Not to mention, the amount of experience needed to make them be any of use.'

‘There’s just no time.’

Not long after a teacher walked into the room, the lesson started. A few hours passed and as the teacher said his farewell to the classmen, Tia narrowed one of his eyes down, ‘What in the world was that?’

‘I knew what he was teaching us, but I couldn’t comprehend them. No, I should’ve expected that it would be like this. This world has its own rules.’

'Odd, I should've at least knows a bit of what he was saying given the fact that he was referencing a lot from the past lessons.'

‘Hm, but more importantly, you’re saying that there’s no magic here?’

‘Impossible. Every realm I visit has always had some sort of magical energy flowing in the air, they resonate from the earth and breathe from the sky, and even though this world has it thin, it doesn’t mean that there is none.’


“Well well, look who’s here~” the hand that has smashed the table belongs to the young woman who glared at him earlier, “Are you okay, bun? I really thought you weren’t going to class today after that thing happened.”

‘Another acquaintance? Hm, but why do I feel an odd hostility coming from her?’

“What are you–”


Certainly, rain wouldn’t come pouring down with a roof above his head but there’s definitely water flowing down his face.

“Hahahah, come on, Hannah,” another young woman appeared on the other side of him after throwing something out the window before resting her elbow on his shoulder, “Obviously, there’s no way that someone with a grade like her would even think to skip even a single day on this prestigious school.”

‘What is this… feeling.’

“Bwahaha, why didn’t I think of that. Thanks, Moria. Because of you…”

‘This emotion.'

As she lowers her upper body and looks straight into his eyes, she whispered, “… I remember why she’s such a coward.”

Now he knows the reason behind his chest tightening so harshly.

After done mocking him, she and the other woman, accompanied by a few other women following from behind are walking out of the classroom but not before talking to the man in the front, “Hey, Glen. Wanna go to the cafeteria together?”

He glanced for a moment to the wet Tia, and then said, “Sure.”

They left while linking arms together and left many eyes stuck onto Tia.

Some are smirking, grinning as they enjoyed the show. Some are not caring, as they continue to mind their own business.

But there are some that have a hard expression on their face, a pity.

‘I see.’

Brushing his wet hair and looking at his hand, ‘So that’s how it is.’

He gripped it tight, ‘How lucky.’

‘At least right now, there’s nothing I can do,’ lifting his body, ‘But there’s one thing I know for sure… this sorry state of mine will not last very long.’

Him standing up only shocked a few people in this classroom, but when his murderous aura is vividly leaking out of him as he walked out, shivering cold, many felt it in their bones.


“What the—”

“W-What was that?”

His bloodlust was thick enough to the point that it was a hazard, felt by the entire classroom. Some are confused, some are shivering in fear, but none of them know exactly where it came from.

Walking on pavement in the courtyard.


Taking a bite of a well-balanced sandwich.

*Munch *Munch

As he looked at the coins and paper money in his hand, ‘Delicious.’

‘Definitely not the best food I ever had, but for a commoner. This can be considered as a blessing, and even then, it doesn’t cost as much.’


As he licked the last taste of crumbs left on his soft thumb, he walked to an empty grass field and sat underneath a tree where no one is around.

“Seems to be a good place.”

Resting his head on the tree, he then closed his eyes and enters his deepest within.

It was dark, even his body is non-existent in this world, but when he concentrates even deeper and attain the focus needed.

Things began to light up.

Multiple objects with the appearance of a dying sun are connected by multiple strings of dim light, they have appeared in this limbo-like world. In this darkness, they are the only ones that exist.

There are two sides of connections, the left radiates the color of the sun while the right-side objects are ominously dripping black substance as they radiate the color of blood.

On the last object at the edge of these two connections, they are linked to the bottom side of a whole new object. Shaped like a jagged sphere, and they’re dimming in the color of a cold fire.

“I see.”

His voice echoes, and it’s not his.

“So, they are still here.”

“With enough energy, I will be able to get my hands on them again, and when that happens, everything will return to how it used to be.”

“But how do I fill them? The energy required to fill these stars has always come from the many lives I took with these hands.”

“I don’t have any kind of– no wait, that thing…”

He resurged himself back to the real world and quickly grabbed the pitch-black diamond that he obtained from the graveyard, ‘The alternate way to obtain them.’

‘But it’s tiny.’

‘No, this is even smaller than I thought. Decent gems should’ve at least had 20 times the energy of this.’

Sighing, ‘No matter. At least, this should be enough to unlock the base for both the Origin and the Abyss stars,' which are connected with one another.

Gripping it tightly, ‘Hm, I can’t crush it with my current strength. Guess I’ll have to use another route for this.’

Holding it together in his palms, he held it tight and close his eyes again.

The gem appeared in the empty world and he selected it to be sacrificed in order to get the base object – the upper center star – to light up.


When the gem’s energy is being sucked in by the object, the latter started to roll. At first, it was slow, and as the gem continues being absorbed, the roll started to became rapid.

Fast enough to lit the object in flame. When the fire gets brighter, it split into two halves. The left part became a sun, and the right part is coated in blood.

When part of the black substance touches both the blood and the sun, it dripped to the jagged sphere at the bottom. It rotates rapidly as more and more of them drop, and it stops... when the jagged sphere lights up into flames, blue in color.

Returning to reality, his eyes opened wide, revealing the deep cold fire lighting up brightly in his irises. Narrowing one of his eyes down as he let smoke coming out of his mouth, “Haaaah. Success.”

He stood once more with the new spirit running through his veins. The gem in his hand, the pitch-black diamond, dissipates into the air.

... And do you know what's gonna dissipate into the air next?

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