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I'll try to create a brief outline as to what I'm thinking about right now. As the story progresses further I'll start to be more specific.

3 Types of Power in this novel: Magic, ki, and soul


Ability to convert outside energy ( no official name) into mana and store it inside the mana organ (no official name). Mana can be classified into 7 types, 4 common types, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, and two uncommon types, 2 rare types Light and Dark, and one misellaneous type, No type.  It is possible to physically augment oneself with mana but incredibly inefficient. 


Ability to convert outside energy into ki and store it inside the dantian. Ki is a different type of energy compared to mana and one can physically augment oneself more effectively than with mana.


Soul refers to the soul itself. Small amounts of soul power can be can be used by itself to use soul magic. There exists an overlap between some No Type magic and soul magic. Theoretically, soul has the largets input to damage ratio but it has large drawbacks. Most races cannot increase the amount of soul power determined at birth. Although small amounts of soul power can be replenished, a large loss in soul power will cause a permanent drop in soul power, and in some cases death. The biggest advantage of soul power is that it can be used by anyone.

After being used in multiple rebellions, the upper echeleons of all countries began declaring soul techniques as taboo, executing anyone who used them. Eventually, history was rewritten and soul technique users became regarded as criminals by all.