Chapter 34: Present
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Unfortunately, I don't possess mind-reading abilities. I could only settle with watching Kasa use magic the rest of the day.

Some of the magic she used was intriguing. For example, she created balls of light, healed small cuts, and even made the entire room turn dark. My favorite magic was when she made a bird out of fire. The combination of the flames and the birdlike movement of the magic made it a surreal experience. In another timeline, perhaps I would've been able to do the same.

However, what was most interesting was how Kasa could use spells continuously for at least 5-6 hours. I'm not sure how much mana each spell takes, but I would've thought using spells continuously would've at least made her tired. On the contrary, she had enough energy to summon multiple balls of light while walking with me to the mansion. Perhaps the spells are easier than I thought, or Kasa has an abnormal amount of mana.

I shook my head, 'This isn't the time to focus on that, I need to figure out specific plans for the future.'

Instead of thinking of a long-term plan and executing it step by step, I decided to make small plans that I could execute interchangeably. I hoped this change would prevent my plans from going awry because it would be easier to change individual plans, but I wasn't convinced with my reasoning. The real reason was probably because I wanted to try something due to how poorly my plan regarding Kasa turned out.

Out of everything I need to accomplish, the most important immediate task was making sure Kasa doesn't get mad at me before she leaves.

'In that case, I'll just focus on how to deal with her until she leaves.' In addition, I also had to find a farewell present for her.

When I thought of the excuse I used to diffuse Kasa's anger, I kicked myself.

'Why couldn't I have just said that I was making her a present, she wouldn't have cared either way.'

Recently, I had lost a couple of big silver coins to the princess and now I'll lose more money because of Kasa. That money was one of the few possessions I personally owned, and wasting it felt like I was parts of my soul. Unfortunately, in this situation I have to bite the bullet.

As a result, I spent the next couple weeks visiting Kasa. My routine was mundane, I woke up, visited Kasa, reread books, and watched her use magic. The only deviation occurred on my birthday, when Kasa spent the whole day talking to me. While I welcomed the change of pace, celebrating my birthday in this world was depressing.

Currently, it was a couple of days before Kasa's birthday. Instead of staying with Kasa, I told her I was going to buy her present. She insisted on coming with me, but I insisted on it being a surprise. As I walked to town, I kept looking behind my shoulder.

My budget for her present was one big silver coin, hidden inside of my shoe. Although walking around was awkward, because the coin kept moving around my foot, it brought me a sense of security. I was carrying a lot of money, and I wasn't sure how fast I would receive protection from the person tracking me.

When I walked to the entrance of the shopping district, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia. The bustling streets, the constant traffic of people and carriages, and the smell of the streetside food stalls reminded me of my previous life.

As I walked through the market, I couldn't find a shop that sold magic items. I entered a variety of shops, but the minute I asked about magic items they gave me a strange look and told me they didn't sell them.

I also noticed the changing demographics as I went deeper into the district. There were more horse carriages, and fewer food stalls. The store employees were nicer as well, since they explained why I couldn't find any magic tools.

It turns out selling magic items required a license and proximity to a magic association, and this district was too far away to qualify.

I was disappointed I couldn't find a magic tool, and realized it would take too much time and effort to go to a store that sold magic items.

'Since I already came this far, might as well get something.' I thought to myself as I entered a jewelry shop.

I hoped a piece of jewlery would make her forget my original promise. 

Entering the jewelry shop, the first thing I noticed was the number of security guards they had. Every other shop I visited either had one or zero security guards, but the jewlery shop had 5 near the entrance. I wasn't sure of their strength, but they looked intimidating. As I walked through the store, looking for a piece of jewlery, an employee greeted me.

"Hello, are you looking for your parents?"

I instantly chuckled, sometimes I forget how old I am myself. I smiled at the employee and responded.

"No, I'm here to buy a present."

"Oh my apologies, you're more mature than you look. I can help you out.  How much money are you willing to spend, and is your present for a boy or a girl"

"It's for a girl, and my budget is a big silver coin."

"Take a seat right here and give me a few minutes."

The employee left and came back with a tray full of rings.

"Would you be interested in any of these?"

I gave him a wry smile, "I would prefer a pendant as opposed to a ring."

He gave me a look of pity, apologized and brought back a tray full of pendants.

After examining the tray, I picked out the pendant with a silver chain and black stone as the focal point. I thought it would be a good fit because it resembled Kasa's eye and hair color.

By the time I had left the shop, it was turning dark. I could only hope that Kasa would like my gift.