Chapter 40: Ailsa Again (2)
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As I walked to Ailsa's carriage, I observed the guards following her. When Saven noticed my gaze, he turned around and smiled at me. I wondered how he could smile at a child after robbing them. Perhaps I was visiting the wrong place to find criminals.

On the other hand, when the elf noticed my gaze he stared at me until I averted my eyes. While he was facing me, I noticed he had a religious symbol from the religion Crynunis. Unfortunately, while I had read an encyclopedia-like book on religions, I didn't remember much about the specifics of Crynunis. From what I could recall, elves born in the elven kingdom usually followed it.

When we finally arrived at the carriage, I couldn't help but worry. To me, it looked like an ordinary wooden carriage that a wealthy commoner would use. I saw a few carriages resembling it while I was buying a gift for Kasa.

I started hoping the person tracking me for Duke Pendle would interfere before I got on.

Unfortunately, my wishes don't come true in this world. I found myself sitting in the carriage to the opposite of Ailsa. The guards she brought were surrounding the carriage on the outside.

As the carriage started moving, I thought about how I should reply to Ailsa's questioning.

Assuming she asked my reason for visiting the prison, I had to create a lie that would fool her. Unfortunately, creating a lie for Ailsa wouldn't be as easy a lie for Kasa. Because of Ailsa's age and upbringing, she's more mature than Kasa and would have experience dealing with lies. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Since my lies would, presumably, be better than before, I might not have to support them with many auxiliary lies.

At the same time, I wondered if I had to lie to her. Since her last punishment was a blessing in disguise, maybe this punishment would be a blessing as well. As a result, I decided to refrain from deciding whether I should lie.

Despite my decision, I was still putting a bit of thought into thinking about a lie.

To get more information, I tried to strike up a conversation with Ailsa.

"Princess, may I know where we are going? I'm worried the Duke will be concerned if we leave for too long."

"Stop speaking to me in that disgusting tone. You'll know of our destination when we arrive."


Unfortunately, it looked like Ailsa wasn't in the mood to converse, and it looked like she didn't change since I met her. Perhaps my original assumption was misguided. Ailsa probably acted politely when she was forced and had this attitude otherwise. Since she wasn't in the mood for a conversation, and because I didn't want to force a conversation, I began looking out the window.

As I looked observed the scenery and watched people slowly disappear into the background, memories I thought I'd forgotten flashed by. 'Nostalgia is a better way to pass the time compared to thinking of lies.' I thought to myself as I began to daydream. From the memories of my previous life, I began reminiscing about the happiness I felt from the first time I ate ice cream in a car, and the nervousness I felt when I began driving a car. From the memories of my current life, I remembered the first time I entered a carriage ride in this world, and the excitement and disappointment I felt when I learned I couldn't use mana or ki. A wry smile appeared on my face

Unfortunately, I was too engrossed in my little world to notice we were headed to the outer parts of town.

I was finally awakened from my daydreams when I saw the carriage passing by a wall. I was shocked at what I saw when I looked outside the window. We are outside of the Pendle territory and began to enter a forest. As the carriage went deeper into the forest, I wondered if I would die here.

I shook those thoughts off immediately, realistically, she wouldn't try to kill me right now. After all, she doesn't have an alibi. By the same reasoning, I don't think she would maim me either.

But then what is her purpose for bringing me here?

I had no clue, but every scenario I could think of was foreboding.

Finally, the carriage stopped. I let out a deep breath and began leaving the carriage after Ailsa.

As I was exiting, I stumbled and almost fell. Thankfully, one of the nearby guards caught me.

As I looked around, I realized there were more guards around the carriage than I originally thought. After the guard put me down, Ailsa had a conversation with two of her guards. After some whispering, the two of them nodded and left. Ailsa then told me to follow as she walked into the forest.

I didn't want to follow, but I had no choice.

While I followed Ailsa, I wondered why this was happening to me. Right after I thought I was free of trouble when Kasa left, Ailsa arrived. It seemed like trouble wouldn't leave me in this world.

I shook my head, 'Instead of moping around, I need to figure out a way to get out of this situation.'

We were going deeper into the forest than I anticipated, and I could barely keep up with Ailsa's pace. My legs were starting to give out as I forced myself to not fall behind Ailsa and her guards. While I was trying to take my mind off the pain in my legs, Ailsa began speaking to me.

"Have you received a proper noble's education?"

"Your highness, you would be pleased to hear that I've received an education when I grew up."

Ailsa stopped in her tracks. She turned her head around and looked like she just saw her mortal enemy.

"Cease with that tone and language." As she spoke, she pounded her fist into the ground and created a crater.

To be honest, I forgot about her warning earlier. Nevertheless, I quickly corrected myself.

"I apologize, I didn't mean to offend you."

"Do it again and suffer the consequences. I will ask you once again, have you received a proper noble education?"

"Yes, I did."

My statement was not a complete lie. There were some books in the library that dealt with education. While I may not remember everything, I certainly remembered enough to fool someone. Perhaps it would've been better to say the truth, but I was reverting to old habits out of anxiety.

"Ho, that's interesting, I didn't think someone like you would receive such an education. Perhaps you're lying to me?"

"I would never be bold enough to lie to you."

"You certainly were bold enough to ignore my first warning. Or perhaps, you simply didn't put any weight on my words. Maybe, you thought it would be irrelevant since you would never see me again?"


"Well no matter, I was at fault for not being thorough last time. This time, I'll make you understand the weight of my words. I have an exceptional healer nearby after all."

She pointed to the elf on her right.

I grabbed the back of my neck and started scratching it. My mind began to work at speeds I didn't think possible. Before I could say anything, Ailsa spoke again.

"Rorik, what is a Noble's Obligation?"