Chapter 13: The adventurers guild
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Diaphous  took a detour in the left wing of the mansion  and entered the storage room.

And he saw that looks shiny  , he went a closer and noticed it is mostly silver and gold where where the put item in.

He  decided to take the up object and when he did so he found a large big detailing each area of the home.

Diaphous opened the book and skipped 20 pages until he found that interest him.

He found the previous owner's , turns out it is a large bedroom with a bed that can hold 8 people.

Diaphous placed the box back and went to the room on the third room,

Diaphous in his mind

It says it on the 10th block and it hard not to miss it.

He found the room and spent night in the previous owner's room.

When day arose ,Everyone woke up at the same time but the girls noticed diaphous was not there.

So they started searching for him on the third floor:"Diaphous , Diapous , they said."

Eni bumped into first and the rest bumped into each other.

Mare fell and skinned her knee and screamed: Ow it hurts.

Sasa went  towards her and said: Healing , mare knee was healed quickly.

Diaphous: Are you three ok?

Sasa and eni: Sure

Mare: Am fine papa , she said with a smile.

Diaphous: Follow me , i found this circle and told them that it in this box is the details of the mansion.

Eni: That is a return circle , "you just thinks of where you wanna go and you go there  but you must make a circle there tho."

Diaphous rushed to the circle and thought of the adventurer's guild.

He arrived there and went to to the  guild receptionist for apply to be an adventurer.

He approached the counter and thought; There only 20 people here:

Receptionist: Hello sir how may i help you?

Diaphous asked: Can i become  an adventurer?

Receptionist: place you hand on this stone , this will  show your stats and what mana you hold.

Name: Diaphous

Class: Warrior

Blessing's: Valdaso  Blessing

Mana: 8,000

Class: F

Skills: Immortality , Contract of  message , skill copy , Damage resistance 

Magic tiers: 0

Receptionist looked at him with interest.

Reception: That will be 10 gold sir and here and it will automatically update  when you a quests, get skills and evolve.

Receptionist: Humans can evolve once either to a true hero or a demonlord so make good choices ok.

Diaphous: thanks lady:

Receptionist: Here is a quest  , this is a f class quest , you need to go and capture 5 bandit's attacking poor caravan.

Diaphous: I will accept it but  i am lacking  equipment.

Receptionist: There's a blacksmith 2 blocks from called geara , check him out.

Diaphous left the adventurers guild and turned around  than started reading , "Kingstown adventurers guild."

Diaphous saw asked: Where is the blacksmith.

Man: To the right in this direction just head 2 blocks up.

Diaphous did so and reached the blacksmith's shop.