Chapter 42: The training
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Diaphous left the inn and went towards the barracks.

Sarah clarke saw him and hugged him then asked.

Sarah: Can you tell them they ready but first?, "please attack them."

Diapshous: Form a shield wall.

The newbies heard this and formed up.

Diaphous rushed at  them but got knocked back,

Diaphous: Heal , now this feels a little better.

Everyone , please follow to the the next area.

Recruits: Yes sir 

They followed him  next to a hill.

Diaphous: Now everyone  , half of you will be on one and the other will attack from wherever they chose.

I will lead this side due to they lack of a bit of  combat.

Recruits: We only lack combat experience cause we were captured.

Diaphous: Ok now let's go other there.

Man: let's form the separate front tier  formation.

Recruits: Yes  sir.

They  formed then it appeared they all stood 3 feet apart and they are apart by 4 inched.

Man: Advance!

The  force under his command did so.

Diaphous: Hold phalanx and push against them when they crush into us.

Recruits: Yes diaphous.

Diaphous: This will be a bit harder with all of them being women.

After a period of waiting , the two sides met one another but diaphous side gave more impact.

 *Impact- *Impact* *Impact*

Man: Retreat!

Diaphous: 9th tier spell sky  eye , 9th tier spell area of fire.

As the men turned around they saw flame wall around 40 km.

Man: Why now , we make our last stand here.

The recruits turned around and clashed once more.

After the match was over  , the wall disappeared.

Sarah: He is quite interesting but  he won due to pressure from his side tho.

That man has no idea of how various warfare works.

Enri overheard and said.

Enri: Even if you are right , they did their best , they have different tactic but it may to give them many victories.

Sarah clarke: And cause of them , it is hard to give up such ways but diaphous proved something today.

Enri: Thinking is new tactics is the key to success.

Sarah: Yes , their lack of willingness to change or adapt made them fail this match.

But in time they will improve in their weak points.

Enri: You may be right about that.

So enri left sarah clarke.

Sarah went to the training zone and told the newbies.

Sarah Clarke: I will be taking over  your training from now on , in three month when you win one round.

You will be fully equiped with the equipment in the barracks.

The barracks can only hold 5000 troops so only 2950 more be hired to defend here.

Recruits: Yes mam 

They went trough the same training but with  a new spell they never knew.

Sarah Clarke: Unique skill: Dimensional warfare.

After that this went on for two months.

One day diaphous went there a nd saw this.


New unique skill: dimensional warfare

He went back to the inn and started eating with the girls.

After he is finished.


   *Step* *Step*

Diaphous went to the counter and made a request.

Diaphous: I would like  70 cheese , bread , chicken , beef and fish.

Yuiko tumara: That will be 350 gold.

Diaphous place the money on the counter and went back to the room.

He spent the day with the girls.