Chapter 1091
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I stared at the blood-covered demon lord, trying to determine if there was something I was missing. Was he trying to trick me in some way? The man I knew was clever, conniving, and powerful. To be fair, he wasn’t exactly weak. He’d probably be able to suppress any normal soldier, and even put up a fight against many generals. However, he was slightly weaker than even General Nova. Perhaps that was why he had never attempted to suppress the other man and instead had tried to trick him.

“Alysia?” I asked someone I thought might know.

“While brother and I were both trained by mother to fight, he didn’t have as much of an aptitude for it. Perhaps he was relying on other means to obtain his power, such as obtaining a god soul. I wouldn’t know how the power and knowledge of the demon lord play into it, but this is about the power I would have expected from him.” Alysia explained, sounding just as uncertain as myself.

The Demon Lord Aberis began to laugh, his voice harsh to the ears. He seemed to be brimming with confidence, only causing me to wonder even more if there wasn’t some other part of his plan.

“Go ahead, Deek Deekson. Strike me down. End my life.” He chuckled. “If you think this will be the end of things, you will be mistaken. I will return. I always return. I have been on this world for thousands of years, and I will continue to be long past the time you’re done. You may stop me today, but you’ll always be wondering where I will pop up next. It’s an inevitability. At the moment of your death, you will look up and see me standing there, grinning down at you, and you will know it was I who orchestrated your demise!”

“Master, what should we do?” Alysia asked.

“I am the Great Demon Lord Aberis!” He yelled out, removing all doubt from those who were still fighting the truth. “I am the son of the Demon King and the future ruler of the world! Bow before me! Cut me down! You can try, but you will fail. You will always fail because I am immort- geh!”

I cleared the distance and stabbed him with Alysia, running the blade right through his abdomen while he was still in mid-speech.

“You stabbed him?” Alysia seemed surprised.

“You stabbed me…” Lord Aberis seemed to be in disbelief as he looked down at the blade sticking through his stomach.

“You were taking too long, and weren’t getting to the point,” I responded defensively. “I reckoned I’d just go for it and see what happened.”

“S-see… see what happened?” He let out a laugh which ended in a cough, spitting up blood. “You are far more foolish than I ever could have predicted! You’ve given me exactly what I wanted! Once I’m released from this mortal coil, my soul will find a new body. I will come back into this world, and I will get my vengeance on you! I hope you’re ready to lose everything. Perhaps I will possess your woman… hmmm… maybe Eliana? How does that sound? Maybe I’ll possess her baby, and maybe I won’t. You’ll never know. You’ll live the rest of your life always wondering if your own child won’t one day betray you. Hahahahahaha!”

“Are you still talking?” I responded, not even the least bit worried.

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