Chapter 1095
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The soldiers on the Aberis side had broken into cheers. They were celebrating and hugging each other as the battle officially ended. The humans on the Ost Republic side were starting to break away, returning to their homes to report what happened here. Meanwhile, the Osterians seemed to be waiting for something.

I looked to Prince Edward as he bowed to me. “Ah… why so formal?”

“Deek, after today, your name will resonate. I’m afraid your actions and deeds outstrip my own. Will I be able to call you brother much longer?”

“You better,” I replied. “After all, your sister is now my sl- ahem, wife.”

“Eliana?” Edward straightened up. “If father hadn’t left on another journey, he surely would have made a bloody path to the capital to rescue Eliana two months ago. I fear I have heard nothing about how she is doing. Is she well? Ah… wife?”

“We did… um… a ceremony.” I laughed. “Before I came to the front lines. Eliana and I are now bonded. She is safe in the Ost Republic.”

I wasn’t quite ready to tell him his sister was my slave. That was a conversation for a day after we’ve had some rest and a drink.

“So, she is safe?”

Before I answered him, I sent a Slave Communication to Eliana, both telling her what happened and asking if she wanted me to bring her back to Aberis.

“Ah! D-Deek’s voice is in my head!” Eliana’s voice cried out in surprise. “So, this is what it is like for the slaves…”


“You seriously defeated the Demon Lord Aberis?”

“Yes, the human army scattered, and the Osterians do not seem to be a threat, I think.”

“Very well.”

“Should I come and get you?”

“Actually, no. I’m fine where I am right now.”


“I can do more good here. With the Osterian king dead, the country will be unstable. This is finally our chance to end the feud between our two countries. Furthermore, I can help you search for the whereabouts of Raissa and Faeyna easier here.”

“You sound very adult.”

“Wh-what are you saying? I’m a princess and a diplomat! I have responsibilities too, you know!”

“Yeah, I know…”

I had always thought Eliana was a pampered princess. However, she had been a political prisoner for two months, and even after all of that, she was still worrying about the people of the Ost Republic. Even in captivity, her popularity there had exploded, and she was seen almost as one of them. It was something I didn’t think anyone else would be able to accomplish like she did. In some ways, I admired her ability.

I told her to call me if there were any troubles, and then ended my conversation with her. Technically, only I could open a Slave Communication with one of my slaves, but as I studied Slave Master as a job, especially with a few levels of Advanced Learning equipped as a dungeon skill, I now realized that I could feel when a slave wanted to contact me. It might have been an aspect of Slave Empath, but it worked at quite a distance, so if there was an emergency, I would know no matter how far away a slave got, barring some kind of large division like a dungeon or being on the other side of the world.

I told Prince Edward what Eliana had said, and he nodded, taking it in stride. “Sister is a very capable woman. If she’s confident, then I will put my trust in her.”

I nodded. “Then that settles things.”

“Not exactly…” He gave an awkward look.


“Well, we have a lot of things that need discussing.” Prince Edward explained. “However, the thing of greatest importance to you, right now, is Chalm.”

“What about Chalm?”

“Your entire territory has become a dead zone.”

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