Chapter 1098
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I frowned, looking up in the direction of the taunting call. The man turned and ran while I wasn’t looking. However, his ears weren’t very good, or perhaps his home was in that direction and he had no choice because he ended up running in the direction the voices had come from. I watched with curiosity as he made it about fifty meters when suddenly three women appeared from behind a building and grabbed him. He screamed as they tackled him to the ground.

These women were attractive girls, but they wore cloaks over their bodies hiding much of their figures. I could only just make out their faces. Two of the fairies held the man down while a third walked up to him. In her hand was a long whip.

“Well… well… well… look what we have here.”

“P-please… I need to get home to my wife and dau-” He stopped in mid-speech.

The lead girl’s eyes brightened. “A daughter? How interesting. I was just going to borrow a bit of your life force, but since you’ve got a daughter.”

“No! I misspoke!” He started to cry. “I don’t have a daughter.”

“Hehe…” She slapped the whip. “Tell me about this daughter of yours.”

“I don’t!”

She reached out, a long fingernail dragging down his cheek. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll suck you dry, and then find your wife, and I’ll suck her dry too.”

“P-please, no!” He shook. “She’s only six…”

“Oo… young…” One of the women laughed.

“Boss likes them young.” The third girl added.

“She’s just a little girl! Please don’t take her away!”

“You’re not in a position to bargain!” The woman snapped before looking at her the other two. “Strip him naked.”

“Ahhh!” The two subordinates used their sharp nails to cut away at his clothing.

I just stared at the scene with a blank stare. What the heck was I looking at? This was a roving band of women? They were so pretty it was hard to take them seriously, but they seemed to have taken over the town. More than that, they were acting like gang members or some kind of mob unit. What was this talk about sucking him dry, and why were they interested in little girls?

I decided that watching the guy get stripped naked wasn’t going to get me any answers, so I started to walk toward them. As I got closer, the lead woman who was watching the other girls strip the man finally noticed me.

“Eh? Another one bold enough to be out?” She muttered.

The other girls looked up from their tasks, seemingly easily distracted. “Huh? Someone else?”

“Ooo… it’s a big one.” Another said.

“There is… something alluring about his energy.” The lead girl looked on curiously.

“I want to suck him!”

“Me too! I want to suck him as well.”

As I got close to them, the leader threw a finger pointed right at me. “You! Big boy! Consider yourself lucky! You’re about to get sucked by three of us at once!”

A complicated expression appeared on my face. They seemed to have no awareness of the phrasing they were using at all.

“Master, yo-you mustn’t agree!” Alysia declared.

“Who said I was going to!” I shot back.

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