Chapter 1180
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“Take us down!” I pointed toward the entrance to the dungeon.

As we made our way down, I could see people emerging from the city. It seemed that we had been seen by those in the city in the air, and they were coming to meet us. A few people were pointing up, but no one seemed to be hostile. It looked like the city was calm at the moment. Xin must have been able to take over the de-angering of the population. Perhaps, Elaya had given the key to how before she released her from the dungeon.

When Selena reached the entrance, she let go with her talons all of a sudden. I landed on my feet without issue, but I moved quickly as Faeyna let out a scream, just managing to keep her from being dropped on her head. I shot Selena a look, who whistled innocently before landing just enough distance away that I couldn’t yell at her.

“Master, I think you should return to the dungeon.” Elaya declared.


“You don’t need to worry, it’s safe now. You can bring everyone with you.”

I decided to take her word for it. Xin approached me still holding onto Alysia. As soon as she got close to me she turned into a ball of light and escaped Xin’s hand, flying into the back of mine. Xin let out a cry.

“D-daughter!” She wailed. “Leaving me so suddenly…”

“M-mother’s love is scary.” She whispered to me. “Please don’t give me to her again.”

“I see…”

I tried to think about how scary a mother’s love could be. I supposed Shao could sometimes be scary, so I figured it might be something like that. I took Faeyna’s hand, causing her to blush slightly, and then I gestured for Xin to follow me. Selena stepped forward as well, seemingly curious. We stepped through the dungeon.

As soon as I stepped in, we appeared in a clear field much like the one I had first started in. However, this time, there was absolutely no rain and the sky was bright and sunny. It might be a bit too sunny, as the light was blinding my eyes. Wait for a second… that light wasn’t the sun at all.


I didn’t run or curse. Instead, I braced myself as the glowing orb suddenly dived down. However, instead of entering me, it went into Faeyna instead. She let out a little cry of surprise, but she didn’t show any signs that it hit her. After a few moments of her eyes being closed, she opened them again and smiled.

“So, the power of the dungeon merged back into me.” She sighed.

I had been thinking that I would end up with another blessing. However, it wasn’t so much that the curse was destroyed as that the reason for the curse subverted. As a result, there was no longer any curse. Faeyna reabsorbed the energy from the dungeon. By the look of it, she had also ended up gaining a bit of strength because of this. I wasn’t too worried though, because some text had appeared in front of my vision too.

{You have reclaimed the dungeon, Deek’s Dungeon.}

It looked like something remained of my dungeon after all. That’s when another piece of text appeared.

{Your dungeon has gained sufficient lore. It has started to evolve.}

What’s this then?