Chapter 1182
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First, my soul ended up combining to form a yin-yang or god soul. Then, my sword ended up becoming a mixture of miasma and mana to become a god sword. Now, my dungeon followed the same course. Was it because of my soul that the things bonded to me were also starting to change? It probably wasn’t so simple, but at least it was consistent.

“What does this mean for the dungeon?” I asked Elaya as I considered what this would mean for our futures.

“It appears that the fairy spring and miasma spout have both been absorbed into the dungeon. It will no longer consume mana, but will constantly grow on its own like an independent world.”

“What are you saying? Are you suggesting we created a new world?” My eyes widened. “In time, will the dungeon separate from the Fairy Plane world?”

“I hadn’t considered such a thing.” Elaya bit her lip thoughtfully. “The possibility is there.”

“Do you mean like the Twilight dungeon?” Xin asked.

I nodded. “That’s what I was thinking. Except, when the twilight dungeon broke away from the Fairy Plane, the dungeon wasn’t self-sufficient. Over time, it slowly used up all of its mana until it inevitably popped. If my dungeon was able to generate its mana, then couldn’t it theoretically continue to grow until it became a world of its own?”

Was it possible that this was how worlds were created? I had always seen dungeons as a source of destruction, but perhaps they could also be a form of rebirth. Either way, such a thing couldn’t happen easily. The circumstances needed to cause a dungeon to evolve were extremely unlikely. Furthermore, to have the kind of growth where it ended up as its own world would probably take thousands if not millions of years. Even if it has started, I didn’t expect this to happen in my lifetime.

This led me to even stranger possibilities. It didn’t pass me by that the Faerie Plane was mentioned in earth lore. Fae’s, elves, dwarves, fairies, and various other creatures I’ve encountered all existed on this planet. I had originally thought that this was because of the video game-like nature of this world.

However, what if it was something else? What if Earth had once been connected to this world or vice versa. When I went to Earth, there was no notification that it was a dungeon, so maybe it was the original. At the very least, it was humans who seemed to be the first invaders and the most prevalent in the fairy plane. Was there a dungeon that once connected Earth and the Fairy Plane? Did it still exist?

“What can we expect in the future?” Alysia asked the question we were all thinking.

“I do not know,” Elaya admitted. “Such a thing… I didn’t even know it was possible. I believe that this gives our dungeon a chance for infinite expansion. We could probably make use of it on the surface.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“With access to a mana dungeon, then we can spread it out over the land, basically taking over the surface around Chalm. We’d be enriching it with vast amounts of mana and making the land extremely fertile…”

“We’d also gain governance over the land. We could make buildings and adjust landscape with a thought, and anyone who entered the city would be within my awareness.”

“As Master says…” Elaya smirked.

“That kind of power…” Alysia said uncertainly.

I shook my head. “I’m not willing to take away the citizen’s agency like that.”

“I mean no disrespect, Master, but the citizens have already lost their agency.” Elaya declared.

“My means of freeing the citizens was no different than yours. Since you are my master, then you have governance over everyone.” Xin added.

I closed my eyes. It was true. They were still technically under my karmic control. Every citizen in the city was my slave. No, it was worse than that. Slaves at least knew their place. It was like everyone in the city was a sleeper agent I could activate at any moment. After thinking about it briefly, I nodded to myself.”

“For now, the dungeon will grow through the mansion. Xin and Selena might not be connected to the dungeon, but they’ll still depend on the miasma to survive. The dungeon will need to be protected too. Let’s first rebuild this city, and then we’ll discuss the future. I need to find my girls too. I need their strength now more than ever.”

Miki should know of a way to free the citizens. I’ll start there.